Sweet Bangkok Taxi

Day 8 in Bangkok

You may have heard of Hanzel & Gretel story but have you ever wondered that a house made of sweets & candies can come in other forms too?

We saw one in Bangkok. We finished work late, dropped by KFC along the busy Silom Street (Bangkok’s equivalent to New York’s Wall Street) to “tapau” our dinner and flagged down a cab for the ride back to our hotel. The taxi was a bit old unlike our previous rides with Altis and Vios.

However, when we entered the taxi, things started to “brighten” up. The dashboard was full of sweets and it even extended up to the door sides. The driver was jovial enough to talk about his little work of art. It was indeed to see – in fact, we felt that it should be even portrayed as a tourist attraction.

* How will you feel when you are sitting facing a sea of sweets? It is rather difficult to concentrate on the road – you rather will be checking out how many flavors are there on the dashboard

* There is even sweets for the back passengers in case you are seen enough of the sweets and decided enough is enough and you want to take sweets instead. We did not take up the offer though.
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