“Using the ATM” 101

(If you do not know how to use an Automatic Teller Machine or ATM, I suggest you shoot yourself in the head. Just kidding! Picture source: http://www.ecu.edu.au)

Sooner or later, I know I need to do up this post. So as usual, let me start with a scenario:-

Its pay day and someone wanted to borrow from you RM300 urgently. You looked into your wallet and noticed that it contains a pitiful RM10. “Not a problem” you say to yourself, “I will just go down and withdraw the cash from the ATM”. You have an appointment that evening and you need to rush back home. “It won’t take long” you remind yourself as you walking down towards the ATM.

The queue at the ATM was long but calculating that it will only take about 30 seconds to do cash withdrawal, you gather that you will probably spend no more than couple of minutes queuing.

After couple of minutes later, you noticed that the queue has not moved. You look up and noticed 2 college girls inside the ATM area, trying their card several times and looking lost at the ATM screen. Despite noticing the rather agitated queue, the girls continued “trying out” their ATM card. To add “salt to the wound”, they casually chit chat as if there is no one else wanting to use the ATM.

Have you come across such scenario? Did you feel like barging in, grab hold of the 2 idiots by their necks and throwing them out so that the rest of us can use the ATM peacefully? Ya, I feel like doing so on many occasions. Perhaps the bank should place a large notice near the ATM which states “ATM is only for smart people, dumb people please stay far, far away”. They should.

There is only one ATM at my workplace and the queue can be very long especially just after pay day. Despite that, I would say the lonely ATM is very reliable – it has cash most of the time and does not break down that often. Connection is fast too. I don’t think I need to reiterate on how to use an ATM for cash withdrawals and other transactions. “On screen” instructions are clear and easy to follow and you can always get the bank staff to assist you when you “doing it” for the first time.

But for this post, I would rather like to classify the various “odd” ATM users that I have come across over the past years. Perhaps you are one of them…who knows.

1. Balance Information Non Believer – A very flashy title indeed but it is nothing more than a person who doesn’t trust the ATM. When you have withdrawn cash from the ATM, the machine normally prints out a small slip which contains the amount and the balance after withdrawal. Some idiots though do not believe the balance stated in the slip, so what they do next? They enter the ATM card and navigate to check on the screen to compare the balance. Some do it several times to double or triple check the balance (in case it changes when they are not looking).

2. Missing ATM Card – Normally the ATM is kept in the pockets or the wallet so that it can be quickly retrieved when doing an ATM transaction. Not the case for one idiot who I encountered last week. After queuing for couple of minutes, this idiot walks into the ATM area and start looking for his card in his briefcase. Only after taking out his documents, tidbits and stationeries, he managed to locate his ATM card and then do the transaction. He later walked out with a “nothing had happened” face.

3. Paying Bills – I pay my bills via Internet Banking and the ATM is only used for cash withdrawals. Not some idiots who I encounter right after pay day – they will hold a large stack of bills to be paid via ATM. Don’t these idiots know how to use the internet banking or the regular post office for these kinds of transactions? They had to monopolize the ATM for themselves to do such transactions. If the queue was long, they should at least stop and allow the others to use first before queuing to do the rest of the payments. But being a typical selfish Malaysians, they don’t – they rather complete all task in one go no matter how long it takes.

4. Chatting room – Some ATMs like the one at my work place has this glass room when one enters to use the ATM. Now using it is one fast task – as I calculated not more than 30 seconds for cash withdrawals (unless the machine has connection problem). Now if you include 2 people who are busy chit chatting away in the ATM like the one I experienced recently, it is going to add time to complete the transactions. Some take it to the extreme by “discussing” loudly on how they are going to spend the money that their parents had just transmitted the hard earned cash to their account.

5. Foreign Workers – This is the worse that I have come across and more than often it is the “Banglas” who are making my ATM usage miserable. Foreign workers do not read and understand English or Bahasa Malaysia so whatever they see on the ATM screen is alien language to them. So, they will be left staring at the ATM screen, waiting for some “divine intervention” to help them out. Sometimes it is not one person but rather a whole bunch of them. Often such help comes in form of fellow workers who are also confused as they are or sometimes from disgruntled ATM users who have been queuing patiently.


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Just married!

(A visit to the temple last night and the fact that Yvy is getting married in 2 weeks time inspired this post)

I was on leave yesterday.

It was not that I wanted a break from work because of work related stress but I took the day off because I wanted to collect the keys to my new house. However there was some delay on the release of the loan from the bank, I had to postpone to another day to collect it (damn, I am getting more anxious day after day).

Anyway I had the whole day to spare. So I woke late, played computer game, played with my son before he had to take the morning shower and continued my reading of “The Da Vinci Code”. I only have another 50 odd pages to go and the read through “The Da Vinci Code” has been one heck of a ride. I agree with some, the story is too real to be dismissed as “fiction”. I should finish reading it by tonight and then perhaps blog about it next week (ha ha).


My son’s favorite area to run around – temple courtyard. Picture taken couple months ago at a temple in Banting.

So, whenever I am on leave and I am at home (busy playing computer games), it only means one thing in the evening – it’s time for prayers in the temple. So, choosing to go either to the 130 year old Amman temple or the 130 year old Perumal temple in Puchong, my wife decided for me – we go to the Perumal Temple as there was some special prayers for that night. After having a tough time getting my son to dress up for prayers (imagine 2 adults chasing 2 year old kid running naked around the house), we arrived at about 7.40 pm. Praying in the temples always gives me this calm feeling, so I did not mind the large crowd. My son on the other hand, was eager to run around the temple compound.

Just then I saw them…

A couple, a newly married one – I know because I saw the guy was still wearing the “minjji” or toe rings on his toes. They were holding hands, looked hopeful of their future and seemed happy to be in the temple. I noted and I was about to open my mouth to tell my wife when she remarked “Ya, I saw them too”. I was wearing those “toe rings” on my toes when I got married couple of years old but I had to take them off when my toes became too fat big to wear them.

My wife jokingly said “I pity the girl” I asked why and she said that after few years, probably she will realised that her husband’s attitude will change – they may not hold hands that often, the husband’s concentration will be on the kids more than on his wife and etc. That is the fact of life. I looked at her one kind and she said that it is just a joke. Hmm…not convincing enough but then she has a point. My outlook towards married life is a bit different from the time when I just married my wife. One big shift of direction is my son – who demands full attention from both of us.

I must have been lost in my thoughts when my son pulled my shirt asking me to take him nearer to the cows tied down in the temple’s courtyard. He grabbed hold on my fingers and started walking towards the cows. That is when I saw the newly married couple again – busy “concentrating” on each other. They might as well enjoy it whilst they can.

Once they have kids, they will be too busy for themselves. So Yvy, enjoy married life – trust me, it will be fulfilling.

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So what’s next, Pak Lah?

At first, I did not know how to react to these headers in the newspaper – “The media more credible than blogs” and “Article 11: Stop the forums

I agree that the mainstream media seems to be more credible than blogs as blogs post are sometimes can be a mere opinion posted by anonymous writers. You are reading one right now. Some blog posts are written based on hearsay, other blog post, political preferences or prejudicial act. Some “evil ones” do not even allow the readers to comment on the post so there is no avenue to counter the content of the post.

But then again, does this mean the mainstream media carry the gospel’s truth and as such the rakyat should just shut up & agree with it?

We all know that the mainstream media license are renewed on a yearly basis and if they intend report something “bad” on the Government, they need to be prepared to tone down the story or don’t publish it at all. Otherwise they may have difficulty renewing license the next year.

So, the question for the mainstream media is “Are they telling us the whole truth or heavily censored snippets?”

The spate between NST and the Dr Mahathir’s camp over the last few months have dented the credibility of NST especially when it is made clear that some of the “earlier” stories published in the paper was not true. There was little reporting of the recent UPM students fiasco in the mainstream medias despite of the strong video evidence.

“If someone makes a racist remark, do you need to put it in the press, even if it is true?” asked Pak Lah.

But let me ask Pak Lah this question “What if racist remark was made by someone in the Government or made by someone in the ruling political party? Should we just take our hands and close our ears & eyes and act as if such statements were not made? What if such person who made the racist remarks continues to make racist remarks, knowing very well that it will not be reported by the mainstream media?”

If you are not been living on the other side of Mars, you will probably realize that most of the racist remarks from people in the Government or ruling political party. In fact, they seem to be more racist than the average rakyat who have other important things to worry about (like increased electricity bills & fuel price).

Are they? If you need to ask the question, ask this:-

What about the guy who held up a keris and made statements that got the other races concerned?

What about the MP who referring to Indians as keling?

What about the MP who shouted racist several times when a legitimate issue was raised in the Parliament?

What about the guy who spent two days calling for women (muslim or non muslim) Parliament staff to wear the tudung?

What about the issue of getting non muslim policewomen to wear tudung all in the name of “uniformity”?

What about the group of people who have been going around demolishing Hindu temples?

What about the writers who blamed the Indians for the Kampung Medan clashes?

I agree to the question “if someone makes a racist remark, do you need to put it in the press, even if it is true?” Racist remarks are dangerous and if not used at the right time and place, can put the country in chaos. But there must be active steps taken by the Government to curb and punish those who make the remarks to show that such acts are not tolerated in the multi-race country. Instead we have such people who made such remarks walking off scot-free and still in a position to make more remarks. On the other hand, people who are concerned with the possible intrusion into their beliefs and practices are consistently being told to shut up.

Article 11 is such an example – where the pitfalls and shortcoming of protection of the minorities in law and current practices of government calls for a serious concern.

The court and the government failed to address the issue. That is what most of us perceives the situation to be. So if Pak Lah wants us to drop the subject, no problem, we can do that. We don’t want to drag things further anyway. It is just that I would like to know what does the government tends to do about the issues raised. Act like nothing have happened whilst the rights of the minority slowly erodes away?

In the parting, I like what Aisehman said in his blog:-

“If you follow Pak Lah’s reasoning, a blog is sensationalist even when it exposes the truth, while the mainstream media is credible even when it hides the truth”

Pak Lah, any comments?

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Learning to Relax Again

For the last couple of days, I have been going through some tense moments.

I had to do an internal training for some new staff and I was mentally prepared for it. It is not like I was doing the training for the first time. I have done numerous training both internal & external so I had this one more or less covered. But what I did not expect to have an experienced system consultant to be sitting in during the training. On the first day, as I was showing the new staff the features of the system, the system consultant pointed out on some of the mistakes that I did – there are some errors in the way I explained some of the system features or had it completely wrong.

Pointing out my mistakes was not that bad – it was good because I learned something & corrected myself and I avoided teaching the wrong things to the new staff. I am not sure what happened next but somehow I got panic (or rather nervous). At times, I became unsure whether I am saying the right things (even though it was) or showing the right menus. Perhaps I had too many things in my mind. Unfortunately for me, this system consultant sat in my class for the whole 3 days of training and she did point out new flows and some internal parameters that I was not aware off.

I would have wished that she was not in my class but the fact that she showed the correct flow and gave critical information made worth my “little embarrassment” in the class. I was smarter with the system flow by the time the class ended.

Yesterday was my final day for training and I felt that some pressure had taken off from my shoulders. I definitely learned on the system but somehow went astray in relaxing. I forgot to take deep breathe in and breathe out. So for that night at home, I decided on something that less tense (which meant I need to stop playing Football Manager 2006). Someone left “The Da Vinci Code” novel at home so it made sense to start reading it whilst having SP Bala humming away some 80’s Tamil songs in the background. I guess I would have read till 30 odd pages yesterday into the thriller and I was already hooked to the story.

This morning, I woke late – it was intentional. It is surprising how an extra 10 minutes of sleep would do to your system in the morning. I was slow thereafter. Took breakfast leisurely and watched the morning news. I walked up to the car with a slow pace and even had the time to dust away the floor mat. Queue jumpers and road hoggers did not bother me today – I know I was early and there was no need for me to rush. I stopped at the Projet petrol station – the fuel tank was full so I checked on my tires instead – all four of them. Stopped at the junction and took my time to cut into the traffic.

I was still early, so I checked my mails, prepared replies. Checked my RSS Feed and smiled at some of the “juicy” and funny posts. There were plenty of work on my desk but I was cool about it.

I am learning to relax again.

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It’s Ice Cream Time!

Kids love ice cream, don’t they and in the current hot spell, there is no doubt about it. Even the adults are jumping into the act these days.

Whenever we hop into Tesco Puchong, my son would cry out for an ice cream from the McDonalds counter and most of the time we will oblige to the request. It’s cheap, quick and convenient – we will end up finishing it before we reach our car. But for the last few weeks, we kind of ignored his “hand signals” to stop over the McDonalds counter. He had slight flu and we don’t want to aggravate it by buying him an ice cream (I was also not feeling well but that’s a different story).

Last weekend was an exception though…

It was a hot afternoon. We were watching TV and all the sudden my son walked up to me with a picture of an ice cream from his “ABC Book” and keep saying “Ise Ise” (aka ice). It was clear on what he wanted. So I asked him “Danesh, do you want ice cream?” and he was quick to reply “Ssss” (that’s yes for him). In fact I was thinking of having ice cream myself and so did my wife, my parents and my siblings. So I went and bought for everyone cone ice cream. The first to take hold of it and take a bit of the cold chocolate was my son. He had his mouth firmly on the ice cream even before my wife could tear away the wrappers.

Luckily my wife had the good sense of taking off my son’s shirt and pants before he had an ice cream on his hands. He was so busy with it that he did not care much of the drips of chocolate and vanilla on his face, stomach, hands, drypers, the sofa and my shirt. He was busy not only with his own ice cream but also mine & my wife’s ice cream as well. He must have thought it is different flavor. By the time he finished, he was in a big mess but seem satisfied.

He behaved well when my wife bathed him moments later and took his afternoon nap without much fuss. Perhaps because he had a good treat or perhaps it was because I promised another ice cream if he behaved well.

Either way, he was a good boy when ice creams are around. Hmmm?

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“Fine” UPM Students!

If this is the kind of quality that the Government is pushing in the local Universities, then we are screwed!

The source does not say what the issue is and what of the cause of the ruckus by idiots but reading into the comments in the YouTube, it was commented that the Chinese guy (with the signboard) was actually collecting money for charity. Those guys were keeping their cool (Mahatma Gandhi would have been proud of them) in the midst of “monkeys” trying to provoke a fight.

The fat a##hole with the short pants and orange shirt should have picked someone of his own size and stand like a man to fight. Instead he acts like a big bully, trying to intimidate a smaller built and obviously a peaceful person. What a coward! I hope he is bashed up by some gangsters or run down by a big truck on his way home. He does not deserve a place in the university or in society.

When thousands of brilliant STPM students are left out without a place in the local universities, morons like the ones in the video are taking precious place and making a fool of themselves, the university and of course the Government. Perhaps they were taking cue from some “keris” wielding politicians.

Enough said…have a look at the video (courtesy of Merdeka Review) and decide for yourself.


The original URL for the video is here

UPDATE: The Sensintrovert has more in his blog here 

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Unwanted Gift from “Burners”

I seem to get flu on a regular basis these days.

Perhaps once in 2 months, my nose would be stuffed with phlegm and I will be having a bad headache throughout the day. Normally after a visit to the doctor and handful of antibiotics, vitamin C and flu tablets, I would recover. When talking to the doctor on this, she would always reply “It’s the weather – drink plenty of water”

It’s the weather” – why I am not surprised?

The haze is back no thanks to the Indons and some selfish idiots, right here in Malaysia. So, with the stuffy nose, it tends to get worse – my nose has this stinging feeling as well. There is nothing much in the papers on it yet. At least not in the front pages last the time. Perhaps it is because everyone is so busy with the rollout of tenders under the 9th Malaysian Plan or the fact that Pak Lah just came back and everyone is waiting for his direction (as usual).

Indons will be busy with the earthquake & tsunami rescue efforts, so you can forget about them having the time to enforce the laws on the open burning. Worse come to worse, you can expect them to say sorry and put the blame on the Malaysian companies in Indonesia as being the main culprits. So, what’s new?

That leaves the rest of us having to breathe in and out the polluted air. Those who are driving and work in air conditioned offices faired slightly better than the rest. My dad had to cut down on his morning walk and my wife hardly opens the window. Luckily my son is adapting well.

Just being curious, I wanted to know the Air Pollutant Index (API) as at this morning. So, I clicked on the link to the DOE’s website and guess what? It took a very long time to open (despite broadband, almost 500 seconds to be precise) but in the end, it did open. I clicked on the link for the API reading as 19th July 2006 and another long wait ensued (I hope the department had submitted request for better servers in the 9th Malaysia Plan).

The API links eventually opens up and when I click on the July links – it opens up March figures. Someone must have screwed up the hyperlinks or intentionally hide away the July figures. After several tries, I managed to get the July reading – 66 for PJ (it was 56 back in January 2006). Hmm, still classified as “moderate” by DOE standard but one look out of the window does not seem so – haze looks bad.

The haze is here to stay and stay for a long time…damn!

Read also: When Government thinks is the best time to reveal the daily API?

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