In Memoriam

Safiza Binti Rahman

She was my ex-colleague and had passed away on Sunday morning after losing battle with leukemia. She was in the early 30s – a mother to a very young child and a loving wife. She was diagnosed with cancer last July and although I could not meet her during her treatment, she did send me a message saying that she has started her chemotherapy and the treatment was progressing well. According to the doctors, her cancer was at an early stage and the chances of recovery were very high.

She was not aware that she had leukemia until (in her words) had a sudden attack sometime in May 2006. With a son less than a year old, her world was devastated but her will to fight was strong. Further with a big group of friends, she had a good moral support to beat the odds.

When I was in the bank, Safiza was transferred from Islamic Banking Division and blend in our group well. She was funny (with great sense of humor), hardworking and one of the few that stood against the boss when things was not right. She had the honors of being the first in our division to tender her resignation and went on to a more promising career. Motivated by her, a couple of us including myself took steps to resign and move on in our careers. We soon realised that the grass was indeed greener on the other side of the fence. She kept in communication after she had resigned and one of her greatest joy was her son.

She will be missed.

Al fatihah…may God bless her soul Tag: Personal


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