Old Photos – Part 1

Feeling bit nostalgia today…

I was digging up my photo albums and some of my favorite photos have always been the old black & white ones. There are 2 reasons for it – one: there is not many of them (having a camera a privilege back then) and two: people always then to look their very best (and stand straight) when their photo is being taken.

For Part 1, let me talk about this about this photo here:-

In the photo are my parents (my dad is carrying me and my mom carrying my younger sister), my elder cousin (the one in the “navy” suit – gosh, it was fashionable those days), my young uncle and 2 great uncles (the cool dudes with the black specs).

I am not sure when this photo was taken but I guess it was when I was 4 years old. That means this photo was taken sometime late 1970s. It was taken on the way to Tanjung Malim (my great uncles’ hometown) – you can see the old Toyota or Nissan (I am not sure) in the back (I wonder how did all of us cramped up inside).

The great uncle on the far right passed away in an accident in the early 90s but the other great uncle is still around. The last I saw him was couple months ago and we have a great time chatting about books (he is an avid readers of books, magazine and literatures).

I still recall the 2 of them riding a big bike from Tanjung Malim to our old house in Old Klang Road almost once every 2 – 3 months and bringing the fruits from their orchard (they were in a Felda settlement and had this huge orchard and palm oil plantation). They will come in the morning and leave in the evenings. The thing I liked about them is that they always wear the black specs and that made them cool (just like the dudes in Men in Black movies).

My dad is very close to these 2 great uncles and very often we celebrated Deepavali and New Year in my great uncle’s house. So, my brother and I had a wild time joining up “forces” with the uncles’ sons running loose in palm oil plantation and climbing up fruit trees. Life was much simple and fun back then.

Part 2 to follow suit…


5 thoughts on “Old Photos – Part 1

  1. Very cool photo. It made me think of my old family photos. The old black and white photos do have a certain charm that is missing from the current high resolution digital cameras.


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