Classic Tamil Comedy 2

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Well, what a week it has been. Hindraf leaders were caught under ISA, peaceful protestors caught within Parliament compound and all seems “OK” with the Government. Is someone thinking that such issues can be swept under the carpet and can be forgotten about it?

So, as a break, here is a comedy scene from the Tamil Movie “Gentleman” – between the two funny comedians, Goundamani & Senthil. Although it is not exactly one of the “greatest” comedy out there but I think Senthil’s act of “thinking deep” in the scene:-

(Opening scene – Senthil sitting with a glass of tea in front, smoking heavily and looking deep in thoughts. Goundamani pass by but stops near Senthil but Senthil is still in deep thoughts)

Goundamani: Dey, what are you thinking?

(Senthil brushes away the question, still not realising that it is Goundamani who asked the question. But soon realise it after Goundamani take away his cigarette)

Goundamani: I have been watching you looking at the glass of tea since just now. You think you are a big researcher? Doing a research on a single glass of tea?

Senthil: No brother…actually I am been thinking how to drink this tea

Goundami: Is it? Now look…take the glass like this, put it near the mouth like this and drink it like this

(Goundamani casually takes up the glass of tea and start drinking. Senthil gets nervous but keeps silent)

Goundamani: This is how you drink the tea

Senthil: You already drank the tea?

Goundamani: You done your research? Now get off from this place

Senthil: You already drank the tea?

Goundamani: Of course

Senthil: Actually a lizard fell into the glass of tea, I took it out and been thinking whether to drink it or not.

(Goundamani starts to vomit out the tea)

Senthil: Brother, I heard that if you drink the tea where the lizard had fell, you will die in the next 5 minutes. So, are you going to die?

(Goundamani spits out on Senthil)


4 thoughts on “Classic Tamil Comedy 2

  1. Thanks. Had a good laugh. Is it really true, that if you drink tea laced with a “palli” you die in 5 minutes. What about cockroaches, I see a lot, and now, I wonder. Ha..ha.


  2. I love both these guys. They were the only reason for me to watch tamil movies at one point in time. aarvidi, I’m not sure about lizards and roaches but you may want to give it a try……………LOL


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