Why BN Lost?

BN never learn, does it?

From Malaysiakini – interesting quote from Zam Zam (“anti blogger” Zainuddin Maidin, ex Mis Information Minister):-

It is not that they love PKR or PAS more that they voted against me. The Chinese showed their resentment because of the economic backlash they often complained about. So, PAS and PKR should not be overly proud of their win (in Kedah). The people may have to pay a price for their decision.

Despite the loss, the BN politicians are still threatening Malaysians.

As I was sitting in front of the TV, watching the election results coming in, I was amused to see the commentators in TV looking shock and uttering in disbelief the drastic losses by the BN. Even the BN politicians look disbelief and resorted to have “special” post-mortem as to why BN had the worse defeat in history.

For me, the reasons for the BN’s loss was so clear on the wall, so much so, the various defeats & lost of majority counts of the big guns in the BN was expected from far. Now that MIC, MCA, PPP and Gerakan (the major losers this time around) want to sit down and dissect the reasons behind the lost, it is little wonder whether they will find it – moreover when the “reasons” been clear even before the election.

Take an example of MIC – Samy Vellu was so boastful of an easy win and continued to discredit Hindraf and the call for fight for Indian rights. He thought the Indians will remain stupid and “living in caves” to know what’s really happening in the country. He thought the Sungai Siput seat was already in the pocket before the voters went out for voting.

He must have thought that he will have a great birthday party cum celebration party and when BN has been declared as having two third majority in the Parliament, he can hold Pak Lah’s hands and say “Indians are still with MIC and BN – Makkal Sakthi is rubbish”. In the end, Makkal Sakthi buried MIC for good.

So, why did BN lost heavily this time around? To sum up, the reason can be described in one word – “ARROGANCE

Having hold of the country for the past 50 years, the ruling party have become nothing but spoilt & arrogant and in light of Malaysians Malaysia, they continued to fire up racial uneasiness and divide & rule concept. Of course, Pak Lah’s “sleeping” skills and his tendency to let the country to run on “auto-pilot” quicken the call for change. And on 8th of March, the Malaysians did just that.

Let’s recap just some of incidents where being arrogant against Malaysians was the settled fashion of the ruling party:-

Tear Gas & Water Cannon against peaceful rally such as BERSIH & HINDRAF (Probably the ultimate act against Hindraf is when the children rallied to hand over roses to the PM – they were thrashed out by the police as if they were carrying something dangerous)

Demolishment of 100 year old Indian temples and high-handed treatment on the devotees who protested (The Selangor State Government is well know for this tactics – thanks to them, the state now fell to the opposition)

Clear act of mismanagement & corruption but no action taken against the officials (Pak Lah all talk about fighting corruption was as clear as a bullshit when nothing was done against the AP Queen Rafidah and the Port Klang Free Zone fiasco)

Treating the Malaysians as irrelevant when it came to toll hike protest (The Government was bent in showing that they are the boss and the people are the servants when the Government brushed aside the call for review of the toll agreements. Samy Vellu had a cheek to threaten Malaysians with OSA – he ended getting whacked in this election)

Threatening Malaysians whenever the Government is clearly at fault and being forced to response (Just before the election, unnecessary threats against Indians and Chinese were made. Threats against Malays have been on-going earlier. Of course, this is something additional to the usual threats of revoking the citizenship and sending back the Indians to India and the Chinese to China. Malaysians decided to revoke the “MP membership” of many BN politicians this time around)

Telling Malaysians that the Government does not need the support of the Non-Malays to continue to be in power (ya, thanks for advice, in this election, the support from the Non Malays swing-ed to the opposition and presented them with 4 extra states)

Lavish purchases and wastages of public funds (Do we really need to send a tourist to the space? Do the PM really need to buy a new yatch and plane? Does he really need to go for “non work related” overseas trips now and then?)

Little Napoleons let loose and create havoc (We all know by now that the Zakaria “Palace” still remains standing – what more you need?)

For more, look at the poster in this post

So, let’s not waste time with the BN wanting to “reinvent” itself – Samy Vellu looks like will remain with MIC (good luck MIC! That spells death to MIC). Let’s work with the opposition and get Malaysia back on its track. We have wasted time and resources with arrogant people till now.

Enough is enough.


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