THR Raaga Morning Prank

(The ever funny Anantha! Image source: THR Raaga)

Ha, these guys are still rocking…

Now they have a segment where they will call someone and play a prank on them. Of course, they work closely with the person’s relatives or friends to do the prank (and be polite enough to ensure things don’t get out of hands). The pranks are pretty harmless (most of the time) – the DJs will act as someone who is looking for work or a place to stay or need counselling, etc.

A couple days ago, they played this prank and it was a classic in the making!

Anantha called someone (can’t recount the name) and asked about a house which is out for rent. This guy (let’s call him the house owner) was working outstation. So this house owner confirmed that his house is for rent but since he is outstation, he requested to fix another date to meet Anantha and show the house. When Anantha asked whether he can go and see the house since he is “nearby”, the house owner said that he is keeping some goods in the house, so it will be better if he has cleared and cleaned the house before Anantha takes a look at it.

At this moment, Anantha passes the call to Uthaya…and the real fun starts

(No joke complete without Uthaya! Image source: THR Raaga)

Uthaya informs the house owner that since they were desperate for a house, they have broken the lock for the house (he stress that lock breaking is part of their daily work – hinting, hinting) and been staying in the house for past few days. This caught the house owner by surprise. Uthaya then says that although they could have kept quiet and stayed in the house, they did not feel it as right. That’s why they called the house owner to “negotiate”.

Uthaya then pulls a fast one by saying that they need house owner to pay them to move out otherwise they will sell off the goods that the house owner been keeping in the house. Further, Uthaya claims that they have cleaned the house and bought some new furniture’s, so they expect to be “reimbursed”. The house owner at first speaks very angrily, then softens and tries to negotiate. This was getting funnier by then – Uthaya playing the bad guy, Anantha the good guy and the house owner, well little bit helpless.

Whilst talking to Anantha and Uthaya, then house owner then realised that they are playing a prank on him for he recognised the voices from somewhere.


By the way, the prank was setup with the help of the house owner’s wife who supplied the necessary “information”.


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