Alternate View

TheStar reported:-

The family members of a detainee who was found dead in a police station barged into the Serdang Hospital mortuary to view his body, claiming he died after being assaulted.

They took photographs of the body, claiming there were wounds and injuries on his body yesterday.

Had a quick chat with a buddy on the incident of a car thief died whilst in custody and it was interesting to see things from the other end.

No proof of the suspect is a criminal

The police do not simply arrest people unless there is something to start with. It is not logic for the police to simply arrest anyone based on the color of the skin and culture. Besides, Kugan had led police to the recovery of 15 luxury cars from a warehouse in Puchong that were being prepared to be shipped overseas by the syndicate

Why use torture?

You think the suspect will simply tell the truth of his criminal activities without any coercion? It will be stupid to assume that the criminal will answer if he is asked nicely.

The police have no rights to torture

The criminal has no right to steal and make life miserable for those who the car been stolen (waste of time and money to prepare paper works, chasing on the insurance claims, police reports and others)



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