Was the Sultan Right?

(Man down…man down. In the chaos following the tear gas release by police upon thousands of protesters near Istana Iskandariyah, in Kuala Kangsar, an unidentified man is seen lying in protest on the road with vehicles avoiding him. It is all very new for the silver state – marches, police and tear gas – Image source:  Choo Choy May / Malaysian Insider)

Read Malaysia Today, Malaysiakini and many other websites and the general consensus is that the Sultan has made a mistake and BN (being BN) had formed an illegal State Government.

There has not been much arguments supporting for the BN and the Sultan’s action other than of course from the BN politicians and the mainstream media (both of which is known to have very low creditability)

Let’s consider the facts again:-

The Speaker of the Assembly said that the 3 assemblymen had resigned and the EC upon the notice from the Speaker is duty bound to hold by-election. Instead of this, EC went beyond their powers by start questioning on the validity of the resignation and held back from having the by-election.

The Sultan then called 3 frogs and then 28 BN assemblymen and decided the MB lost the confidence of the “assembly” but an assembly does not consist of BN assemblymen alone. Why the PR assemblymen were not called in too? Is the palace the right place to question the assemblymen? What was transpired in the palace?

The right procedure for the removal of the Menteri Besar would have been a vote of no confidence in the Assembly which the Sultan had bypassed. The fact that the swearing ceremony of the new MB was rushed despite sense of illegality and protests tells a whole different story.

There is no clear majority as PR & BN has the same number of votes and can the 3 frogs be trusted again? They have lost their moral grounds and have become a major shame to the people of Perak.

Now Pakatan Rakyat is taking their fight to the courts but will the courts be credible enough to decide a case that involves a Sultan who was an ex Lord President?

Read the excellent legal analysis at Perak Crisis – Unsolicited Legal Opinion for interesting grounds on the situation.


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