Clueless Sam

Oh well, the starting did seemed promising for MIC and MIC was on the way for resurrection:-

MIC president Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu is a good and persuasive speaker in Tamil where, working relentlessly in Bukit Selambau long before nomination day, he was able to win back a large number of Indian voters.

In the general election, the bulk of the Indian voters deserted the MIC and the BN got only about 20% of their votes but, led by Samy, the BN was able to win back another 20% of their votes.

(From theSun)

But when the result was out, Samy Vellu looked lost and remarked:-

“Kira-kira 30 peratus sudah memberi sokongan kepada calon BN tetapi saya tak tahu macam mana di saat akhir kita boleh kalah. Mereka balik memberi sokongan kepada calon lawan”

(Translated as “About 30% (of the voters) have given their support to the BN candidate but I don’t know how in the last minute we lost. They (the voters) came back and supported the opposition”)

(From Malaysiakini)

After all these months, this guy still clueless on what is going on with the state of the country and the direction of Malaysians these days. And seeing MIC and Samy Vellu got whacked again in the election shows that the political party is still in the wilderness.

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