(No matter what was said about him, he is still the force behind the biggest change in the last general election. Image source: The Time)

Well, Anwar Ibrahim is in the running for the Time’s Top 100 people and even though you may not be a big fan of Anwar Ibrahim, having him shortlisted for the top 100 is a good publicity for the opposition and Malaysia in general (not many Asians in the list). At any given day, it is still better than having some BN leaders in the list.

Click here to vote for him

On the other front, very much back home, the voice of UMNO – Utusan Malaysia decided to be “patriotic” and published a highly seditious article called “Bangkitlah Melayu”.

The title of article itself is harmless and to anyone who has read the details, it can mean many things (just like the concept of One Malaysia).

But dig further and a more sinister impression comes out in the open. But before one goes further, RPK jumps in and says what Utusan is saying is “mathematically” impossible. Of course, it will be more impossible if Malaysians decide to be Malaysians instead being a Malay, Chinese, Indian and “others”.


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