Hindraf & MIC

(Stubborn till the end – Uthayakumar on the day he was released. Image source: TheStar)

It is good that the government had decided to release the 3 Hindraf leaders, namely the very stubborn Uthayakumar so soon.

Perhaps the recent fiasco in Perak Assembly warranted the earlier release. Manoharan’s decision to quit could have been another. Whatever the reason may be, the 3 Hindraf leaders are out in the open and this means a whole new ball game for MIC.

Interestingly a poll was conducted by NTV7 last night (during the news) and the question was “Should Hindraf cooperates with MIC?” and at the end of the program, the result of the poll was revealed – 93% said NO.

As I said, it is going to be a whole new ball game for MIC, now that the key Hindraf leaders are out and the fight of these 2 champions for the Indian community is only going to get more interesting .


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