Quality of Enforcement

(Will enforcement of laws in the Bolehland be any different if the ultimate head of the enforcement agency is Lord Vader himself? Image source: http://www.electexiles.wordpress.com)

When we are caught with our pants down, we correctly deserve it

As you all know that Malaysia has been re-blacklisted for human trafficking charges and those walking along the corridor of power are left clueless:-

Malaysia will get the United States to explain why it has been re-listed in its blacklist of countries perceived to be not doing enough to stop human trafficking, said Home Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein.

(From theStar)

And in Malaysiakini, this is what was reported as to why the re-listing was done:-

Malaysia has comprehensive laws to deal with human trafficking but proper enforcement and successfully securing convictions is urgently needed, said United States ambassador to Malaysia James R Keith.

The fact is whilst Malaysia is a much developed country than some of the country famous for human trafficking; the issue of proper enforcement has been a pain in our butt for some time now.

It does not take a genius to figure it why. Just look at our police department – one of the key enforcement agencies in Malaysia. In the recent fiasco in Perak, many left to wonder why the police was busy getting themselves involved in what clearly perceived to be a very political affair. Don’t they have some serious case to solve and some criminals to catch?

Another example – look at MACC (the so-call enforcement of anti-corruption laws); it has become nothing but a laughing stock when it comes to enforcement. Just how many big fish they have caught recently?

Or the over-zealous enforcement department from the local authorities – those enforcing parking laws, hawker cleanliness, illegal building structure and more.

That’s right folks; talk of enforcement in Malaysia is pointless. Even simple rules that need to be enforced, are sometimes left unattended – what about enforcing the no-drive on emergency lanes?

So, can we blame others when they look at Malaysia and claim that our enforcement efforts as…not enough? It is high time for some politicians to wake up.

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4 thoughts on “Quality of Enforcement

  1. this report by US is false…

    they are undermining our credibility as a nation…

    *** proceeds to form a 10-man panel to come up with own report ***


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