The mornings here can be cold – too cold to be standing by the window and see the motion that is taking place at the clean lonely streets below.

(This shot was taken at about 6.30 am – I had just came out from a warm shower and decided to check out the horizon – there is always interesting to see the sunrise. Sometimes on different days, there different colour and pattern)

(The sun is almost up but was gladly blocked by a building – the mountain at far looks spectacular)

(The same photo as the first with some changes to the photo temperature and added vignetting effect, thanks to pointers from Visithra from V-Eyez Imagery)

But it is one of the best spot to be standing for a beautiful sunrise over the horizon (sunsets are on the other side of the apartment).

I have plenty of high resolution photos taken for my photoblog which will be promptly updated in due time.

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