Red Screen

Perhaps it is just one of those days not worth mentioning…

(I hate too much of RED! Image source:

Just when I thought I could sit down and start my work, the graphic card on my DELL laptop decided to give up and turn anything that is black into red.

I can still do my work, surf the internet and communicate with friends abroad but seeing too much of red is just too unbearable for the eyes. The good thing is I still have my personal laptop which has been passed to my “HEO” couple months ago as my backup as the technical support staff is working on getting the graphic card replaced.

In the meantime…my photo blog needs a much needed update of new photos, so I am busy sorting out the hundreds photos from the last trip but I am still struggling to get this done with my “not my usual hardware” (different OS, software, etc).

Hopefully technical problem can be sorted out as soon as possible.


4 thoughts on “Red Screen

  1. Maybe newer ones have it red instead of blue screen.
    Mine is still blue when that happens.
    Usually the HDD issue with indexes.


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