Helping to Enforce

If you managed to catch road offenders ‘red handed’, like the one on the top, on camera, please help to clear the road of these offenders by emailing the photo of the offenders in the act to

Please include time, date, location and other details that will help the authorities to enforce the law on these selfish road users. Together we can make a big difference and make driving more pleasant and safe.


6 thoughts on “Helping to Enforce

  1. sometimes i would drive over the line if I’m on the left lane so that those cutting queue on the emergency lane won’t be able to pass (but of course, I’d get the honkings and the fingers – they actually drove on the grass to overtake me!). lol


    1. I did that several times – blocking the queue jumpers on their track but they did not dare to honk or show me the fingers – not when the driver (ahem, me) look like a gangster who is holding a large baseball bat on standby. Either that or because I was showing them the finger and daring them to make the move. I did get that “stare” though…ha ha


  2. I sent the details to JPJ early in the morning and within an hour I received this reply from them:-

    Jabatan ini mengambil maklum dan mengucapkan terima kasih di atas aduan yang dikemukakan. Dimaklumkan bahawa Jabatan ini telah mengambil tindakan sewajarnya dengan menghantar Notis Panggilan Temusiasat di bawah Seksyen 114 Akta Pengangkutan Jalan 1987 kepada pemilik kenderaan tersebut untuk siasatan lanjut. Tindakan selanjutnya akan diambil hasil dari temusiasat yang akan dijalankan mengikut bidang kuasa Jabatan ini. Sekiranya pemilik gagal hadir pada tarikh yang ditetapkan, pihak Jabatan akan menyenarai hitamkan kenderaan tersebut bagi memastikan tindakan selanjutnya boleh diambil.

    Pihak Jabatan akan menghubungi pengadu sekiranya memerlukan maklumat lanjut bagi membantu pihak kami menjalankan siasatan dan aduan tuan akan diproses dan disiasat mengikut peraturan sedia ada.

    It feels good to know that the people who thought that they can get away with it is actually is not getting away with it and if found guilty as charged, they will think twice before jump queue by using the emergency lane


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