Hulu Selangor Poser 3

UPDATE: The link to post at Putera MIC is dead now but the paragraph is reproduced verbatim below. Perhaps someone at Putera MIC noted the “problem” and took it down. But still enjoy the original paragraph below – still a classic.

Kind of waiting for this type of nonsense to crop up sooner or later…

One can flower up their leaders to some extent but I guess this kind of flowering has gone over the roof.

From Putera MIC (please ignore the various spelling errors, all in one paragraph and grammar mistakes by them):-

Why P Kamalanathan is the correct candidate for Hulu Selangor?

Chief Kamalanthan has been active in politics since age of 18 year’s old where grownup from grassroots to a position where he is now. Kamalanathan’s Chief of Putera MIC is equal to a battalion’s of army, he has assist many youth’s to a correct path, helping poor students to achieve their ambition. He is a man who really cares for the people. Being like a big brothers to friends & family s this man has made few program which made most of our indian festival in limelight. He has organized National ponggal celebration, Muruku for charity , Forum’s for IPTA and IPTS students , the most record attempt program was doing kolam at up of the KL tower. Such a program’s made MIC and putera MIC top in flash news. We dont just talk, please see this images and link that we have provided.

Let me highlight what I thought was really weird:-

He has organized National ponggal celebration, Muruku for charity , Forum’s for IPTA and IPTS students , the most record attempt program was doing kolam at up of the KL tower

(The MIC man hard at work – 20 more murukus and you will get to stand for Parliament seat? Ya, right! Image source: Putera MIC)

Is this what Hulu Selangor voters really need? A guy who is good in organising events revolving murukkus and kolams? Nothing else to talk about this man?

Putera MIC bloggers may have good intentions but their act of trying to flower up their Putera leader for the up-coming elections seems to have gone the wrong way. What is Kamalanathan’s achievements when it comes to economic problems, social problems, etc. Telling that he had “assisted many youth’s to a correct path” is too general. I too have “assisted many youth’s to a correct path” – can I stand in for the Hulu Selangor by-elections as well?

Kamala is not a household name for many of us. So, if MIC is intending to introduce the man based on these “achievements”, then I have wish them, all the best. They going to need every scrape of luck they can find.

Looking at this, Pakatan Rakyat’s Zaid have far better qualities than the Putera MIC chief. Then again, with Samy Vellu still at the driver seat at MIC, one is not surprised. Again, it is the question of getting quality representatives for the people and seriously, Zaid Ibrahim has a lead on this.

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Snippets – 16 April 2010

(The one that got screwed for Hulu Selangor by-elections, both Samy and Palanivel – Image source:

Kamala vs Zaid

After some ‘interesting’ delays and threats of sabotage, BN finally decided on their choice for Hulu Selangor by-election (I am pretty sure G. Palanivel did not back off so easily, after all, didn’t the MIC branches in Hulu Selangor threaten sabotage if Palanivel did not contest the seat?).

Kamalanathan is young and one of the newer politicians coming into limelights but he is still MIC and he is still Samy Vellu’s picked man and a win for Kamalanathan means a win for Samy Vellu. This is something that the voters in Hulu Selangor have to consider when deciding whether to give that young man a chance to serve.

PKR MP Resigns

Before we consider the “merits’ of the state assemblyman for Bakar Arang in Kedah, Tan Wei Shu’s decision to resign, one need to consider this – what a PERFECT TIMING to announce the resignation! With 2 by-elections at hand, Tan Wei Shu picked the right time to make the announcement. That in effect puts a bad image on Pakatan Rakyat (see how BN manipulating this news). Good going, Tan!

And just look at reason given for resignation – another internal conflict within the party member (or in his words “certain leaders in PKR had used him for their own interests”). What a cock a mania bull shit is this?

TheStar quote him saying:-

“….saying that I’m incapable and not doing my work, when I have a proven a track record in serving the people for the past two years”

If he has the backing of his constituents, why he just quit talking cock and remained as an ordinary state assemblyman and continue with his ‘good work”? Internal pressure may exist in any environment – you can complain about it to the leaders at state level and if that fails, probably bring it to the leaders at national level but that does not mean you quit the party and cause one seat less in the state assembly.

But then again, this could be a blessing in disguise for PKR to continue with its housekeeping before the next general elections.

(The right message for many motorcyclists who think their helmet-less kids on their bike is crash-proof)

Motorcyclist & Kids

I had encounter with another idiot on the road last night but this time with a motorcyclist who had a child sitting on the front basket and had no helmets.

He was waiting at an inner lane, waiting to cut across the main lane. There were other cars at the inner lane, patiently waiting for the traffic on the main lane to clear for them to cut in. Not this motorcyclist – he was so impatient waiting, he decided to cut in just when I about to drive past this inner lane junction. If I had not braked hard, it is likely that the child would have been under my car, probably squashed to bits.

Good thing I managed to brake hard and the motorcyclist missed my car. Before I could get down and give a piece of my mind, the idiot sped off with the kid still sitting on the front basket.

What is it with motorcyclists and their reckless act of taking children along? If possible, don’t take kids on motorcycle but if that is not possible (especially for some poor folks), at least get the kids children helmets and be extra careful when riding the bikes (no sudden moves).

Myprocurement Portal Boo Boo

Interesting revelations of the information listed in the portal been made by PR’s Tony Pua and one wondered just how much of public fund went down the drain with hiked up contract amount (see the report here).

The Government however reverted by saying that there are typo errors and will be taking the steps to rectify them. That sounds good but where is the typo error? Basic language, perhaps spelling and grammar errors? Or on the contract amount itself? We hope that it is on the contract amount because some of the amount stated is worrying.

Contract amount like this:-

According to Pua, there is another contract worth RM77,920,599.20 which has already been highlighted in the Malaysian Insider, a project to build a hostel for 200 male and female students at SMK Kuala Jenderis, Hulu Terengganu which was awarded to Rafa Sepakat Sdn Bhd. He (Idris) said that, in Hulu Terengganu, it is actually cheaper to buy a RM380,000 luxury bungalows for each of the 200 students

Typo error or is this just a tip of the iceberg on cases of misuse of public fund?