Police in News

(Mat Rempit – the menace of society who deserves the severest punishment in the book – Image source: http://antkillingghostofsparta.wordpress.com)

After the recent death of a young boy in Shah Alam, the police has been in the news for the wrong reasons.


The official car belonging to Selangor Chief Police Officer Deputy Comm Datuk Khalid Abu Bakar has been stolen

This is shameful, if you ask me.

If a police chief’s car can be stolen just like that, imagine the fate falling on ordinary, defenceless citizens. Of course, the police managed to retrieve it 48 hours later – unlikely from hard investigations but rather because the car thief had panicked (there is a note that says “sorry PDRM it was a mistake”).

That also shows that are still plenty of work to be done by the police to combat crime in the country – they should get their priorities straight.


A policeman has been detained for allegedly shooting a teenage Mat Rempit during a chase along Jalan Jelebu here, early Saturday.

In the 3am incident, policemen in a patrol car were allegedly taunted by the motorcylist, who kept weaving in front of their vehicle.

He refused to stop despite being repeatedly told to do so, and it is believed a policeman opened fire

After a “similar” incident in Shah Alam, this policeman should have been more careful when using the gun as the last resort.

If I had my say on this, I would have probably awarded the policeman for trying to book the filth of the society called Mat Rempit. But since tension has been flying high since the similar shooting incident, choice of weapon is wrong in this circumstance.

If I had been the policeman, I would have just rammed the Mat Rempit with my car; leaving the Mat Rempit mained for life (the police could have also charged the Mat Rempit with reckless riding) and said that the Mat Rempit crashed into the car (which makes it a better defence).

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2 thoughts on “Police in News

  1. This i can agree. Should have just rammed into the rempits or even more painful, overtake them, get out, use their nightstick and bash their helmets as they speed by. I’ve see rempits crashing left and right from this improvised clothesline move from wrestling.

    Sigh. The police need to keep their firearm in check. It’s like the pistol can be used for anythg nowadays.


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