On Time! Maradona

In case you missed this during the Argentina – Nigeria match…

(Maradona after his team one up – note his hands. Image source: (AP Photo/Luca Bruno). More photos here)

Maradona with watches on both hands!

By the way, the Nigeria goalkeeper, Vincent Enyeama was a class on his own against the agile, fast and skilful Argentines. We should have been at least 5 up against the Nigerians – damn!


One thought on “On Time! Maradona

  1. The only thing good about the Nigerians was the goalkeeper. He fell down at the right place , at the right time for the right reason. The other Nigerian players were falling down at the wrong time, wrong place and wrong reasons.

    Of course, Argentinians are known for their wit against huge tall opponents, even during Ortega and Batistuta’s time. I miss both of them very much. Of course, they didn’t have Maradona coaching them during their time. But now the team does have the legend to coach them and they seem to appreciate that in good spirits.


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