RIP Malaysia Vasudevan

(Younger shot of Malaysian Vasudevan. Image source:

From theStar:-

Veteran singer and actor Malaysia Vasudevan died in a private hospital in Chennai, Tamil Nadu yesterday. The 66-year-old Malaysian-born is survived by his son Yugendran and daughter Prashanthini, who are also playback singers. Vasudevan was admitted to the hospital a couple of days ago after a cardiac arrest.

He left for India to find a career in Tamil movie world several decades ago before getting a major break in the movie, 16 Vayathiniley in which the song Aattukutti Muttaiyittu became a hit.

Vasudevan who received a Kalaimamani award from the Tamil Nadu government several years ago, has sung more than 8,000 songs in different languages, including 4,000 songs in Tamil. He has also produced movies and has acted in about 85 movies.

The first time I heard M.V was in the movie “Kizakke Pogum Rail” where he sang the song “Kovil Mani Oosai”. He was in par with the other great singer from the 70s, 80s – SP. Bala (some even say he was better) and went one step ahead – he was also a good actor too – acting the villain in the 1980s movies.


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