It’s About Time, Right?

(Gosh, to be frank, lately I could not find the right time for the blog – we all have been too busy with work and with several deadlines looming over our heads, time seems to be running short)

(The protest that kicked Hosni Mubarak of Egypt from the helms of power. Other countries are facing similar protests too. Image source)

You have been reading about the trouble brewing in the Middle East – we really don’t care who will rule over who, because at the end of the day, it is all about the People’s Power but this is the part we are really interested on:-

The Government will maintain the current fuel price for RON95 at RM1.90 and diesel at RM1.80 despite the escalating global oil price, Domestic Trade, Cooperatives and Consumerism Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob said.

It will instead discuss with the Finance Ministry about alternatives to cushion the increase, he said.

“The Government will retain current prices and look at other options or alternatives even if the Government’s load increases.



As tensions escalate in the Arab world, oil prices have gone up, sparking global fears that the costs will be passed down to the people.

Fears over higher crude oil prices, hovering around US$101 yesterday as political unrest in North Africa and the Middle East heightened, have sent stock markets tumbling around the world.


The bad news is that the worse is not yet over – Libya’s Col Gaddafi is set to provide a strong resistance and Saudi is yet to experience the same resistance that is troubling the other counties.

But let’s leave Middle East for a second, shall we?

One thing is sure – we are going to face crisis in the future and we are going to see the increase of the price of crude oil moreover when the supply is insufficient to meet the global demands and Malaysia run out of the high quality oil. The question that we will be facing then would be – how prepared we have been when this happens.

Are we looking into the alternative energy source in a more serious and concerted frame of mind? Will we see more incentives for highly fuel efficient or hybrid vehicles on the road? Unfortunately at the moment, there is no national regulation that dictates minimum fuel efficiency of the cars on the road. In recent years, there have been some incentives on hybrid cars by the Government but it is still not enough to see a wider use.

There is a greater use of NGV as compared to 5 years ago but the sale of NGV in this still controlled by Petronas and it is not offered in all of their petrol stations. Same goes to bio-fuel stations around the country.

It is also assuring that Proton is working on electric cars but on the overall, electricity is also generated mainly on coal and oil instead of alternative source of energy like solar and wind, so it is still bad for the environment. Heavy usage of electric cars means longer and heavier recycling load on the national grid. So, what about solar panels that can be installed by residents and who can contribute back to the national grid.

Improvement of public transportation has always been in the Government’s books but change does not come overnight. In June 2010, the Government proposed MRT for the city of KL and it is expected to take about 6 years for the project to be completed. (we have yet to come to the issue of cost yet).  The impact of the MRT on the traffic congestion and our dependent on the fossil fuel is yet to be determined.

We need to think of the alternatives right now, not when we are stuck in a fuel crisis when things go wrong in the Middle East.

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