Spotlight on African Menace

(Still remember the audacity of Africans to fight the local authorities in Mantin? Does it not count as a serious threat to national security? Image source)

Whilst we welcome genuine Africans students to come over and get their higher education to better themselves and their country, we do not want criminals in disguise as students to come over and start creating problems and commit serious crimes here. And regrettably the number of menace caused by these Africans seems to be on a worrying trend.

From Norman Fernandez (via OutSyed The Box)

In recent weeks, newspapers have been highlighting, police and immigration raids and arrest of Africans in Malaysia. In some instance, the Africans while trying to evade arrest were brazen enough to attack the police with metal rods. The temerity of them! Clearly Africans in Malaysia have moved from being a nuisance, to a menace and now they are fast becoming a threat to national security

For some time Malaysians have been watching with great uneasiness, the growing influx of Africans into Malaysia. It would seem that many Africans are purported coming into Malaysia as students but in truth many of them are using this merely as a conduit to enter into this country, either to misuse their visas, overstay and become illegals or be involved in crime. Harian Metro in October 2006, reported that Africans have gone from being customers at brothels to running brothels with some earning up to RM1,000.00 per day. If that is not surprising, Utusan Malaysian on Sunday December 18, disclosed of an African who arrived in this country with only clothes on his back and then went on to build a RM400 million five star hotel back in Africa all from the money earned by cheating people in Malaysia.

Africans after arriving have moved on and created mini colonies in areas around Kuala Lumpur, Selangor and Negri Sembilan. With their loutish and boorish behavior, they are not only a nuisance but also a disturbance in many neighbourhoods. In short they have become a menace

We have to admit that Malaysia has lost the fight against Indonesian immigrants either illegally entering Malaysia or overstaying. Let us now not lose also the fight against the Africans. Apprehending Africans is not the job of the police alone. People seeing Africans staying or being present in their neighbourhood ( unlike Indonesians, Africans are easily identifiable) must call the local police station and if no action is forthcoming call the Ketua Polis Negeri. If all attempts have failed then email me at Whatever do not do what the dumb assed Senator Datuk Paul Kong Sing Chu whose advise was “the best is to totally avoid them”. Really ?

I leave you with a chilling comment posted by a Nigerian in the Malay Mail Online “ I assure u (sic) that one day Nigerians will begin to contest for political posts in your country and if u (sic) are not careful they will gain victory, it has happen in so many places and Malaysia is no exception”.

Malaysians take heed… we have been warned by Africans themselves !

The question is what is Malaysia – the authorities and the Malaysians as whole (the menace would not grow without some locals in collusion) is planning to do to curb this menace. It’s high time we relook at the extent of our hospitality when it comes to Africans who commit crimes and become nuisance to others, tighten the immigration laws and ban them outright from this country if they failed to meet the very stringent immigration requirements. We need to keep up the enforcement (like this) and with biometrics facilities in places, it will not hard for us to enforce the laws and banning the troublemakers from the country.

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19 thoughts on “Spotlight on African Menace

  1. Living next door to vice


    Tales of unruly behaviour, sexual harassment and drugs abound after foreigners had ‘taken over’ a condominium complex in the Klang Valley.

    THE signboard at the club house in the leafy condominium complex in Cheras, Selangor, read: “Let’s make this our home in the hills”. It flattered to deceive.

    In front of the club house was a parked police pickup truck packed with riot gear. Inside the clubhouse, several policemen were on duty.

    At 12.30pm, no Malaysians – except for the police and security guards – were seen at the condominium complex while a handful of Africans were shuffling about.

    The joke among residents of Venice Hill Condo – consisting of eight condominium towers – was: “If you took the ‘en’ out of ‘Venice’, you would have ‘Vice Hill Condo’.”

    Hub of controversy: The joy of living in Venice Hill Condo has been disturbed after an influx of foreigners.

    On Saturday, I was in the living room of a 44-year-old Malaysian who has lived in Venice Hill Condo for 12 years. Hannah, as she wanted to be called as she feared for her safety, invited three Malaysian neighbours to relate to me their experience of living next door to Africans.

    “Prior to late 2009, the African population was small; there were only pockets of them. And we really did not take notice of them,” related Pang, a 56-year-old businessman who refused to reveal his real name.

    The resident of 12 years continued: “Then, there was an influx of Africans and this place was called ‘Mini Africa’ or ‘Kampung Lagos’ (former capital of Nigeria)”.

    Pang estimated that about 74 out of the 1,339 condominium units were occupied by Africans. And there was an average 10 people occupying a unit.

    “Our place has gone out of control. We did not know whether they were living here or not because they were treating the condominium as a hotel,” he said.

    With the new foreign neighbours, came public rowdiness.

    “They would drink outside the club house and when they were drunk, they would fight among themselves,” related Pang.

    Hannah interjected: “It was the first time I saw a woman beating up a man.

    “They would also line up – the length of two cars – their liquor bottles in the middle of the road. It was like a joke to them.”

    After several cases of sexual harassment by the African men, local women and children feared going out of their home.

    Almost none of the Malaysian residents, according to Hannah, patronised the swimming pool because the foreigners would “take off their trousers and shirt and swim in their underwear”.

    “Some of them would rub their crotch in front of you,” she added.

    Two of them, Hannah said, sexually molested her 46-year-old neighbour in the lift.

    “They sandwiched her as she was about to get out of the lift and they rubbed themselves against her,” she said.

    Traumatised, Hannah’s friend locked herself in her home for two weeks and refused to lodge a police report as she could not identify the assailants.

    Fazli Mohammad, a 39-year-old magazine editor who has lived in Venice Hill Condo for a decade, said the foreigners would hug and kiss in public, even in front of children.

    Pang interjected: “You can find local, African, Thai, Indonesian prostitutes loitering outside our condominium tower at night.”

    Fazli’s most ghastly experience with the foreigners was when a man wearing boxer shorts jumped down from the fifth floor into the balcony of his fourth floor unit.

    His wife and children screamed when they saw the man, who was fleeing a police drug raid, rushed into their living room.

    Luckily, it was noon and Fazli had just returned home. When the man saw him, he jumped from the balcony.

    “I saw him slip and fall. The police caught him and he later died,” he said.

    Around December last year, the joint management committee brought in Rela to beef up security at the condominium complex.

    “It was a period of peace and quiet with the Rela’s presence,” said Pang.

    “Besides controlling the foreigners, the Rela members did a good job of preventing crime (car theft and burglary) and stopping a woman from committing suicide on Christ-mas Eve.”

    The Rela members, Pang said, in their checks found drugs, fake US dollars and bullets in the condo.

    Then on March 31, Onochie Martins Nwankwo, a 35-year-old Nigerian who allegedly tried to rape a 50-year-old woman, died after being assaulted by Rela members.

    Since his death, which was followed by a standoff between the police and Africans armed with machetes, knives and iron rods, an uneasy calm has descended on “Vice Hill Condo”.

    Some residents are expecting worse to come.


  2. As an honest black american male who is married to a malay female, looking to immigrate to Malaysia to live an honest life and to start an honest technology business in IT enterprise networking this really disgusts me royally. In fact it really burns me up to the point i am livid with rage! I had spent most of my life dealing with discrimination and racism in the usa and now it looks like i will have to go back in time to the 60’s in the usa dealing with discrimination and racism all over again, getting dirty looks from others, people telling my wife that i am bad because i am black and no good, being kept down to the status of an ape and denied certain things because of my race…etc.
    I was looking forward to my move to Malaysia to get away from this crap in the usa, even though tensions have eased well over the years here. Now i’m not so sure.
    Why the hell are all of these damn nigerians coming to Malaysia in such huge numbers anyway and why isn’t there any security measures being done to either reduce or stop it. Personally i think immigration should keep taps on all foreigners entering and leaving much like they do in Canada. What burns me up more is while not trying to be racist myself but what the hell is wrong with these nigerians and other africans going to a peaceful country just to start trouble? They are ruining my favorite country and I am seriously outraged. I have about as much anger towards these nigerians and other africans as much of the citizens of Malaysia do, maybe more anger since i am an american who’s been through this kind of crap before. I’m not going to be ashamed to admit that these nigerians will make an honest black person like me look like a bad target because i know i will be grouped along with the rest of them until i show my USA passport.
    Personally when I go to another country I look for a change of scenery, starting a new life, and to learn more about their culture and language.
    I know someone is going to blast me with “what about the ones who come to Malaysia with honest intentions like me” Well all i can say is if you truly are an honest foreigner and reading this you need to also step up. If you are associated with, or know any majority of africans who are not honest and have lewd behavior you need to STEP UP by turning them in, alerting the authorities, and even calling immigration. Just DO IT!! No If’s And’s and Buts!! Nothing can be done if all we do is sit and complain.
    If and when i do move to Malaysia. If i need to be monitored or whatever when I am in Malaysia until i get my life situated then fine, as long as the same is being done with all of the africans and other foreigners to help deport the excess foreigner rubbish out of my favorite country and keep them out. As bad as it is for me to say I frankly liked Malaysia better when the majority of the population is Malay & Chinese, some Indian, very little African, and even less white. The last time I was there when the population was like that I really enjoyed my time there and did not want to come back but I had to, due to responsibilities I had in the USA.
    All of you citizens and honest foreigners do your part in busting these dishonest africans and other foreigners. Government officials and immigration you should not hesitate to dismiss their student and tourist visas and send them back the first moment they commit a crime or are busted suspicious activities. You should also make it so that 3rd world countries such as many countries of africa do not have easy entry. Their entry to Malaysia should be as complicated as one trying to enter in the USA. Only developing and 1st world countries should have easy entry. Now get to work!

    -End Rant-


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