Big Boss’ New Boss

The Big Boss finally got his wish come true (and so was ours) and it did not take long for him to be overprotective of the new Boss.

It is going to be very interesting years to come more so after the Big Boss have taken the task of a mentor and have major plans to teach her dancing, gaming and swimming. It is going to be interesting years for us too – no doubt we have the experience now (to know what need and need not to be done) but certainly it will be challenge to repeat the feat especially when my wife will be going back to work in a couple months time after a long break and we have “conveniently” forgotten all those difficult times bringing up the Big Boss in the early years.

But nonetheless it was a good day when the new Boss reported for “duty” last week. The long holidays helped a lot – with fewer cars on the road, it was not a big problem to rush to the hospital and make the follow-up visits during my wife admission to the hospital for a few days after delivery. It was easy to find parking spots on the ground floor too – after all, it was not productive to be on medical leave on  an off-day, right? A couple days after the delivery and after the mother’s and baby’s health have been checked out and bills all fully paid, the new Boss arrived at home with other family members waiting in high anticipation.

Next, we went over to see a priest to check on the names that we use for the new Boss and after getting the initial “starting” names, we just google to see which other “glamour”, short, easy to pronounce (and write) names we can use and then throw the dice to choose the final one. Well, not really – I just took the one I liked the most and stick with it as I got other suggestions from others. In the end, we ended up choosing the one that I picked in the first place.

Choosing the right name for the new Boss is just the first steps in raising the new member of the family and we still have a long way to go and we can’t wait for the challenge. Hopefully it will be a good one and with the Big Boss at our side, we are sure it will be so.


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