An Inspiring Devoted Husband Blog

(Their story is not a common one but one that makes us to wake up and take note. They may not be the Romeo and Juliet that we have read of but their love story does not go far from the great love stories that we have heard of. Image source: Abil’s Facebook )

Truly inspiring! The kind of story that I want to see on Monday morning and it humbles me a great lot:-

A husband who quit his job to take care of his coma-stricken wife has started a blog to express his thoughts and experiences.

Abil Fikri Ahmad said that he created the blog in the hope that his wife Fauziah Muhamad would one day recover. A sudden asthma attack more than a year ago has left Fauziah in a vegetative state.

Doctors have told Abil that Fauziah, 38, would most likely remain in a vegetative state for the rest of her life, but he still wakes up every morning hoping to hear her call out his name. Abil’s life now revolves around looking after Fauziah who requires round-the-clock care.
His daily routine includes feeding her liquid food through a tube, bathing her, changing her diapers and giving her medication, while reading and talking to her. “She is my wife and it is my responsibility as her husband to care for her no matter what,” Abil said in a telephone interview.

Abil quit his job, mortgaged their house in Kuala Lumpur and moved back to Seremban to take care of Fauziah. He is on a strict budget and is surviving on his savings. Readers of his blog and followers of his Facebook page called “Dana Sinar Fauziah” have offered financial support, which Abil said is “just enough to get by”.

Asked what his plans are, he said: “There’s no telling what the future holds. But as long as she lives, I will be by her side,” he said.


We share the pain and the hope that the devoted, loving husband, Abil has on his wife, Fauziah who is in coma after an asthma attack. Head over to his blog here and the Facebook page here for support and prayers. We hope to see Fauziah back on her feet soon and brother Abil, hang on there. We share your hope too.


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