Prepping in Malaysia Part 1

Oh no, another doomsday post before the weekends…!

(Still think that EMP or Electro Magnetic Pulse is a distinct threat? The above was captured a couple days ago and if the sun storms are threatening satellites flying couple hundreds of miles from the surface of the planet, just think of the risk if sun storms gets more violent in the coming months as predicted by some scientists? )

I always think that tomorrow would better than today but at the same time, I also believe in preparing for tomorrow, today. If you are thinking the same and you are actually doing something about it, you can call yourself a prepper.

If you had been watching the “Doomsday Preppers” over at Nat Geo Channel (if you have not, you should), you will discover how some people will go to the extreme to prepare for worst case scenario and some people have been “prepping” for many types of eventuality (hyperinflation, collapse of the economy, end of the world scenario, major power blackouts, natural disaster, etc) for more than 2 years now. In Malaysia, we have yet to go on such large scale when it comes to prepping. Perhaps since we do not face any natural disasters and our nearest hypermarkets always well stocked and cost of good have always been cheap, we are taking things for granted.

But we also must keep in mind that we are not completely safe from events that are happening around the world – events that could and would disrupt our daily activities and turn the world upside down for us. One such event in the horizon is this:-

A new respiratory illness similar to the Sars virus that spread globally in 2003 and killed hundreds of people has been identified in a man who is being treated in Britain. The 49-year-old man, who was transferred to a London hospital by air ambulance from Qatar, is the second person confirmed with the coronavirus. The first case was a patient in Saudi Arabia who has since died. Officials are still determining what threat the new virus may pose.


Add the above to the list of known & unknown viruses that are flying around on a global sense on daily basis, a number of WW3 hotspots around the world and out of the norm natural disasters, it makes more sense that we need to have some kind of “Plan B” in our pockets.

You need not take extreme measures. If you want to prep for any emergencies, you will know that it is not easy to be a prepper in Malaysia. As such, it would be interesting to share ideas and read on how others do their prepping for emergencies in this country and mind you, not all are preparing for end of the world. I am preparing for an unusual blackouts expected due to the predicted solar storms in the next few months (the sun is undergoing it’s 11 years cycle and scientists had predicted it to peak year end).

Prepping has been a challenge for me too (and it still is) and the first thing before we proceeded to anything was to find the space for storing. The obvious choice was the small storeroom in the house but it was full of items (mostly junks) and it seemed a nightmare to even think of cleaning it. But as one would say, a journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step, after I had spent a considerable time to clear out the storeroom in the house (we did not realize how much unwanted things can take up so much space in the little storeroom and it does nothing but collect dusts. It took us almost 3 rounds of cleaning before we managed to clear them) and then get it painted and stocked it with proper shelves (it was on fire sale at Tesco, so I bought 5 at one go), it was easier to start on the actual prepping tasks.

The first things that we bought for our “doomsday” storeroom was canned food and the obvious one in our list was canned sardines. A whole lot of them! It was not really cheap (there were cheaper options but we have never about that particular brand) but expiry date was in 2014 (which meant at least 2 years of shelf life) and it is something that we had for dinner on a regular basis. And slowly we added other canned items – canned chicken curry, canned green peas, canned peas in tomato sauce and canned tuna. It is easier to store (just need to stack them up) and it is safe as well. We wrote down the expiry month and year on the cans and we stack them based on the expiry dates (the earlier dates at the front).

Two 15 litres water containers was the next item on our list and with another 3 other containers of boiled filtered water meant that we have about 75 litres of drinking water at given time of the day. Experts recommend about 1 gallon (about 3.8 litres) per day per person during emergency and at least for 3 days. At the current stage, the water storage is enough to last the family for 3 days but certainly this is not enough on a long term basis. The next stage would be to increase this water storage capacity and I am planning to purchase large water containers to hold raw tap water. Rainwater harvesting system is another option for a renewal source of water in case the taps goes dry but as I mentioned in my previous posts, this option is not feasible in Malaysia if you don’t have the space (most of us don’t). You cannot simply have a large ugly expensive containers lying on your porch. There is still some work to be done here.

We then refocus back on our storeroom prep and we knew that we needed more than canned food. An incident a couple of days before the Hari Raya holidays reminded us on the stark reality of things to come. We went to our usual hypermarket and after we have fill our shopping cart almost full, we headed towards the counter when my wife remembered that we need to buy cooking oil. We walked towards the area where they had the cooking oils stocked and what we saw was rather shocking, the whole shelf was empty. Not one oil cooking bottle was available other than the more premium non-palm cooking oil and we had no other choice but to buy the premium non-palm cooking oil. But what will happen if this goes empty too?

So we added cooking oil into our storeroom items (unfortunately cooking oil is have very short shelf life) so we have to consistently keep an eye on it. We also added packets of rice although it does not make a good item for “doomsday” store as it finishes rather quickly and we have yet to try keeping rice in vacuum sealed packets which would keep rice fresh for 20 years or more. Then the usual stuff was added on the list – packets of maggi instant mee, chilly sauce bottles and biscuits. The next plan would to add “MRE” like food (although it is quite tough to find them in Malaysia) and of course, more canned food.

To be continued…


12 thoughts on “Prepping in Malaysia Part 1

  1. 80% of it is pure imagination but I take it seriously. I start my prep month ago. I always been thinking, something is going to happen short after GE. Political views is not my concern. Just in case, if there is certain situation where BN is at losing side but very narrow. BN leaders will strive hard to sustain his power. Then … something unimaginable might happened. Chaos, curfew, some burning, road blocking may cause us to be in home for few days.

    In serious situation there will be no fuel for our cars and bank counters stop services for few days to weeks.

    I am already prepperred for around 3 weeks with stock of waters and food stuff and 2 tank of cooking gas but I have problem in informing others to do the same.


  2. Good day, B.Joe.
    I am a writer from Berita Harian, local newspaper. I would like to ask is it ok for me to quote your view on the doomsday preparation. I come across your blog, and i am looking for prepper like you and write about your preparation on the predicted doomsday on 21st Dec, this Friday.

    Pls let me know, and thank you so much, i really enjoyed your writing and looking forward to read more of it. Have a great day ahead.

    Iza, Kuala Lumpur.


    1. Hi Iza, thanks for dropping by. Yes, please go ahead to quote the blog post on prepping.

      P.s. If you have any queries, drop your queries via comment box and I would be happy to answer them (instead via emails).


  3. I have been prepping for past 5 years in Msia and I have to say that it is not hard to be a prepper prepping for survival essentials. Few big plastic boxes (Felton brand from tesco) for food (including cooking and eating utensils), water (including treatment), clothings, hygiene, medicine, FAK, fuel, batteries and other should suffice.

    However, most of us tend to forget the important trio: bug out location, gears and skills.

    Bug out location aka BOL: the place you are looking for short term avoidance from disaster. Any idea? If no, try considering mountain areas (that you have to spend many many time to be familiar with the good campsite for shelter, water and safety).

    Gears: BOB, BOV, Emergency shelters, Urban survival gears (not limited to but pepper spray and crowbar would be handy) and wilderness survival gearS. The capital “S” meant a lot of money to buy them and a lot of times to learn to use them!

    Skills: Shelter making, more than 2 fire making skills, water treatment, bushcrafting and the skills to use the gearS$.

    Prepping is a serious topics and better be prepared than sorry. The old saying of fail to prepare are prepare to be failed were originated from prepper. The listed skills are those that money cant buy and it will take years for us to be prepped!

    P/S: BOB migh not be realistic in Msia. Consider your own car as BOV to your bug out location would be more challenging than prepping for food, water and surviving essentials.

    P/S2: It’s nice to know that people start to prep and are not taking things for granted. Perhaps you can host a TT session for this. Don’t forget to email me for the TT.



    1. Hi Malcolm – thanks for the great tips especially on getting the right skill – something I missed in my previous posts, thanks for bringing that up. Better be prepared than sorry have been proven right many times before and yet, I still see people taking things for granted.


  4. Hi BJ,
    Just read the news describing that crowds starts to horde the supermarket in Pahang, scavenging for food and other daily require items, the shop owner can’t do anything except getting reply from Police stating that they need to guard their shop themself, even to the extent that the shop owner call Bukit Aman and get no help at all. All this while I thought this is just going to happen in the states during the katrina incident but now its happening here.
    This incident force me to speed up my prepping stuff cause it worries me a lot.I do hope that there are more preppers like you around to start sharing prepping ideas and skills.


    1. Stocking up weapons in self defense may work in countries like USA where it is legal to own weapons. In Malaysia, it has to be something less lethal and legal. Alternatively able to hide the stash effectively would be another method to ensure there is enough for own during a crisis.


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