Flashback – 2012

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(One for 2012 – the year ended with a blast from DAP. Some call it as lame, some call it desperate and some call it cheap but for me, it is simply brilliant. Forget the political message in the video – look out for the funnier side of it. The scene with the “fat momma” was a gem)

There has been a significant change for this blog in 2012. For one, I have decided to focus more on the content than on quantity of posts per week. But then again, the number of post have been dropping since 2011 but in 2012, I try to do one at least a week. Having not enough time (at most times) to draft up something for the blog was the main reason for this – yes, it would be great if I could one post a day but who has the time when one has 2-3 projects running at the same time (and managing the family at the same time).

The second change has been the shift in focus from politics to prepping. Of course one cannot run away from talking politics especially with the general elections coming up soon but admittedly this is getting a bit tiring with not much changes to both sides striving on trivial issues rather than real one facing the nation (come on lah, surely the issue of a truckload of Nigerian “students” coming over and turning the country into a global drug distribution centre must be far more important than who some aged politicians screwed last night). And talking about prepping, I ventured on it not because the world was ending in 2012 (although it was a good excuse to use) but rather it is fast becoming reality of things especially after we had welcomed a newest member of the family this year.

With that, let’s glance through the various issues that this blog went through in 2o12

January 2012

Anwar acquitted from Sodomy 2.0 but still not free from scandals (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
  • It was indeed a year of reckoning in 2012 within the end of the world “scheduled” at end of the year. If it is true, then how we are going to face it in December, would dependant on how we taking the first steps in January.
  • The Opposition Leader, Anwar Ibrahim was acquitted from Sodomy 2.0 and saved him from sleepless nights before the next general elections
  • A review on Shankar’s Nanban – a local version of the hit “3 Idiots” which I personally thought was a poor executed despite it being a complete cut and paste of the hit version in Hindi (p.s. I accidentally saw it again last week and I realize that it was worse than I had initially estimated but thankfully Vijay redeemed himself in Thuppaki).

February 2012

  • Nokia brought the much needed firmware update to its ageing Symbian 3 OS which propelled my struggling N8 to be in par with Android and iOS phones. It was not perfect though, the apps store was in a sorry state and some of the hardware was still of the old specifications but at least it made it worth to hold on to the N8 (it still has the best cameras and it has a great aluminium body) for a couple more months.
  • Award winning singer and actress, Whitney Houston passed away this year
  • The much anticipated MCA – DAP political debate unfortunately turned into a circus show reflecting quite badly on the organizers and MCA

March 2012

  • I wrote about my observations on what I saw after my son insisted on going to the playground and I still could not understand why anyone would bring along their big blurry dog to the playground where some small children running around, playing without any parents in sight
  • Part 24 of the Childhood Memories Series saw a blast from the past on the various radio sets that we had since I was young
Ubuntu’s major update – version 12.04 Precise Pangolin (Photo credit: melenas1414)

April 2012

  • The fact that some matured, experienced politicians can act pretty dumb is not new but the question is for how long we going to tolerate one especially after in 7 years time, we suppose to be a developed nation. Elections is around the corner – forget winnable candidates as the key criteria for picking the right one to represent you. Start with one that think and speak intelligently.
  • Ubuntu released their next major update to their popular Linux distribution (the 12.04 was later upgraded to 12.11). The changes was not so drastic but as in case of any updates, I did the necessary to ensure my “backup OS” have moved up accordingly and learned a thing or two on what need to be done when the internet gets disconnected half way through the update and a reboot shows update errors.

May 2012

  • DAP have always claimed themselves as multi race party but it still lacked a bigger and active participation of the Malay party members and having it labelled as a Chinese chauvinist party by some was not helpful either. It’s catch-22 situation for DAP with them finding hard to get more Malay members and without a large Malay member base, finding it tougher to find to find more Malay members. So when the respectful Tunku Abdul Aziz Tunku Ibrahim to leave the party after a dispute on Bersih 3.0, it was considered as a major setup to DAP’s effort to attract more Malays to its wings
  • Ugly side of racism and religion intolerance shows up in school and it is sad that some of us are still tolerating this nonsense and even worse, instilling the wrong values to our children. When will some people grow up and realise that they don’t have a monopoly on the thing called race and religion.

June 2012

  • Are we better off in Malaysia or another country when it comes to point where we need to prepare for the end of the world as we know it? We do have some shortcomings when compared to some other countries like America (it is not easy to get automatic assault rifles here in case you are wondering) but we should also capitalise on advantages that we have in Malaysia – we have very few natural disasters at hand and politically we are still stable (even though there’s a dire need to clean it up)

    No it is not a picture of Pandas screwing each other but of a Government screwing its people (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
  • No end to wasteful endeavours by the Government – this time, planning to blow millions just to keep some mainland Chinese happy. Ya, ther have a huge economy to tap into but what’s the point spending millions when our own economy is still finding it’s stable grounds. There was no end to dumb politicians as well – telling that pretty girls dislikes indelible ink on their fingers and thus becoming inappropriate to use it in the next elections
  • There were indeed plenty of surprises at the Astro Vaanavil Superstar 2012 – was it due to the participants talents or judges’ misdirection? But still it was refreshing and we can’t wait to see the singing contest in 2013.

July 2012

  • The lovable “Sheriff” from The Andy Griffith Show passed away – it was one of the shows that we often see when we were still young
  • Have the number of crimes in this country have really reduced or increased? The statistics seems to suggest that there has been a drastic reduction of crime in the country but that is not what the public perception seems to suggest. The same echoed by the oppositions and it took some time for the Government to understand that whilst statistics is important, public perception is equally important before one can say that the crime rate has gone down
  • This probably a serious indication that the state of Selangor is going to face a serious disruption of water supply leading up to the general elections (or longer if the State remains in Pakatan’s hands). First they said it was lack of raw water, then it rained and now they are saying that it is due to lack of treated water but no matter who is right, the citizens are the one who is going to suffer for it
  • It seems that the season of dumb politicians has not ended even as we near the Merdeka month. One smart politician decided to hijack the Merdeka theme and turn it into a political election song and that did not went well with netizens. It was deemed the most disliked Merdeka theme song ever.

August 2012

Msl20110602 PIA14175-full
The next destination for mankind – the red planet (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
  • Another disguised attempt to control what is being said and done in the net? It seems to be so and the greater concern now is of the presumption of guilt (instead of innocence) entrenched in the act and that could lead to sabotages and control of what is said on the net
  • The famed badminton star and well known sportsman, Punch Gunalan passed away at an age of 68
  • Would this be another step closer to a manned mission to Mars? NASA celebrates the successful landing of its Curiosity Mars Rover, joining 2 other active rovers on the red planet. It is going to be interesting in the next few years as we focus on the red planet as a possible 2nd home for mankind
  • The family welcomed the new “CEO” to the company – now the big boss had another boss to report to and us trying to recall what we did right and wrong when we had the first boss
  • This probably be the last Symbian^3 update from Nokia before it goes full steam ahead with Windows OS for its smart phones. I personally felt bad about this as Symbian was still a robust and easy to use firmware. It’s death was probably fuelled by a serious lack of apps, less powerful hardware and poor marketing.
  • The first man on the moon passes away – Neil Armstrong who said the famous words “this is one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind” opened a new series of explorers and possibilities for all mankind

September 2012

Doomsday Preppers - National Geographic Channel
Doomsday Preppers – National Geographic Channel (Photo credit: audiovisualjunkie)
  • The number of foreigners namely the “students” from Nigeria who come over and run drug business may been due to the loopholes of the current immigration laws and lax in proper screening but given the high number of them caught for drugs and fraud related cases in this country, it is high time for one to look at a more drastic and stronger measure to stop them from entering the country
  • Pakatan proposed a lower cost of cars if they are voted into powers but there seems to be unjustified resistance to the proposal. And it was surprising that the majority of resistance comes from BN politicians who seems to be doing so because they don’t have all the facts or doing it because the proposal came from the opposition and not them
  • My chronicles of being a prepper in Malaysia starts with this post and it is likely to run as a series as my prepping will not end in 2012 but beyond that

October 2012

  • If some people were resistance to the call for cheaper cars, unfortunately there seems to be a similar resistance to the automatic enforcement system that will work to reduce the number of deaths on our roads
  • It was déjà-vu all over again with the new baby wide awake at night and we taking turn to keep watch until the baby go to sleep and we can have our peace and sleep for the night

November 2012

  • MIC’s inaugural street protest against the State Government on the commercial development that threatens the famed Batu Caves back-fired when it was revealed that it was work of their own 3 of their councillors who were involved in the approval of the said development many years before Pakatan came in power
  • The lovable Larry Hagman who played the ruthless, iconic JR Ewing from the 1980s show Dallas passed away

December 2012

Chichen Itza Aztec Temple Mayan Light Beam
It did not come true but we are still faced with disasters that would the end of the world as we know it (Photo credit: Ted Van Pelt)
  • My sister-in-law got married, hence an opportunity for me to do up a post for the blog and for my son to take rein of being the main photographer in the family
  • My most favourite time of the year – the record breaking Big Bad Wolf Book sale and this time, we went on a rampage! We went twice and at a time when most people are sleeping and got ourselves enough books to last us for the next couple of months
  • The end of the world prophecy comes to an end on 21.12.2012 and thankfully nothing happened but it was on a good note that I closed the year as a prepper

Have a good year ahead!


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