Damn, I Hate Cats!

WARNING: Cat lovers, walk away right now…you may not like this post


(Cats are evil indeed. Image source: http://www.debate.org)

One of the joy of moving a new house many years ago was the chance to do up a garden.

It was a joy because we used to stay in apartments which does not enough space for a garden (I mean a proper garden where we can dig in and plant things). So when I had the chance to buy a house of my own, I had great ideas on what I wanted to do with my garden, starting with beautiful carpet grass. And when my dad retired and looking for a hobby to spend his time at home, he took up gardening. And he was good at it too – a mango tree at the front, several types of flowering plants and he would spend hours running through the carpet grass to look for weeds. At one point, carpet grass was clean and trimmed and was wonderful to walk on.

And then evil descended at my neighborhood…

I am not sure how they came – maybe an UFO dropped them off in the middle of the night or perhaps the ground opened up and they came out from the hell underground. Soon one fine morning, there were 4-5 cats at our neighborhood. At first, they kept themselves close to other houses and don’t wonder around. Soon they started their nuisance – at first by sleeping on the middle of the road. I lost count of the times cars had to slow down or slam their brakes to avoid those cats. And one day, when I opened the front door, I saw one of the cats sleeping under my car in the porch. I shoo-ed it away but it did not go off immediately. It stood up and gave me the stare. You know about the “stare” right? The stare that seems to be showing me the middle fingers and telling me to f-off and leave the Lord of the Land alone. The stare that implies that humans were born just to serve the cats. When I was pretending to kick the cat so that it will move, the Satan stood it’s ground and only left rather casually.

My experience with cats in the past has not been a pleasant one. When I was small, we only had fish and even dogs as pets but never cats. My old neighbor had a cat but the whole house smelled funny and the whole family (my neighbor) seemed to exist just to serve the cat. The cat goes and comes whenever it want and there was nothing that the neighbor could do about it. Then we rarely had any encounter with cats when we moved to apartments (we don’t have any encounter with rats too).

Many many years after that, we were at the shopping mall and my wife and my son wanted to have fried chicken for lunch and we headed towards the nearest KFC. We sat down and was just about tuck-in our meal when I saw an ugly, sick looking cat inside the restaurant, walking around diners’ tables looking for scraps. I was very angry of the fact that the KFC staff allowed a stray cat in and worse, did not do anything of clearing the cat from the premise. It went to the table where another family was having their meal and the stray cat started to get into their nerves and one of the guy gave a good kick and the cat went flying. Someone from another table commented that the cat was “innocent” and does not deserve such punishment. Another retorted that there should not be any stray animals in the premise in the first place and threaten to report the premise to the authorities. That “woke up” KFC staff and soon one of the staff came over and grab that cat and took it out (I hoped that he washed his hands before handling the food after that).

This is one key reason why we try to avoid some of the Malay restaurants that has great dishes but marred by presence of cats – no wrong assumptions here – we have experienced more than once. Some years ago, as my friend was having her meal, a stray cat (which was a resident in the restaurant) came over, jumped on the table and try to steal the fish from my friend’s plate!! And when we complained, the only response from the restaurant owner was “kesian kucing itu, mungkin dia dah lapar” (pity the cat, guess it is hungry now). Mind you that cats can be very persistent when they need you throw down a good portion of the fish from your plate and to them on the floor. We were surprised with the response from the restaurant owner – he did not see the problem of his cats stealing food from his customers. Needless to say, we walked out and boycotted the restaurant ever since. So these days, one of the first thing we check when we walk into a restaurant is to see if there are any cats around.

Anyway back to my garden and the Satan at the neighborhood. One day, I noticed something on my fine, beautiful carpet grass – cat’s poop!!

Damn, the culprit was nowhere to be seen but I had a good idea “who” it was. I would have skinned the cat alive if it has remained there. The poop attracted flies and it was messy & smelly too. We quickly put some sand over the poop to stop the smell and the flies. Later my wife scooped it (sorry dear) and threw it away. Thinking that it is a one-off incident, we let our guards down but it happened again and at the same spot too. This time, the Satan was seen leaving just moment before we could get close to it. It stopped for a moment and looked at me for a moment before leaving. Ya, it gave me the stare as well. My hatred to cats multiplied many times over immediately because we have small kids at home and I know how dangerous cat’s poop can be.

Cat poop could give you a fatal disease

Remember that T. gondii parasite? Normally, it doesn’t do anything to harm those humans whose brains it calls home (well, except make you love cats) because your immune system knows how to handle it. However, for those people whose immune systems can’t handle it, exposure to the parasite can cause a disease called toxoplasmosis. It can either give you mild flu-like symptoms, mental disorders like schizophrenia and depression, or kill you.

Feline feces are true safe havens for T. gondii, so you can contract toxoplasmosis by cleaning up your cat’s sh*t.


Further analysis shows:-

People usually contract T. gondii in two ways — by eating the undercooked flesh of infected animals or through contact with cat feces.

The parasite causes a disease called toxoplasmosis. Most people experience mild flu-like symptoms before it goes into a chronic and dormant phase. But the disease can be fatal in people with weakened immune systems and in fetuses, which can be infected through the mother. This is why women are advised to avoid contact with cat litter boxes while pregnant.

Some studies have shown that mental health disorders such as schizophrenia, depression and anxiety are more common in people with toxoplasmosis, while others have suggested that the disease can influence a person’s levels of aggression, extroversion and risk-taking, the researchers from the Karolinska Institute in Sweden pointed out.


We had to stop the cats from entering the house compound but no matter what we do to block their entrance, they always able to come back and mess up the whole place and leaving silently. And when I back from work and find them lying on the lazily and does not move even after my car is very near to them and after I had honked them, running them over with my car did cross my mind. Just think about it – my tires crossing over the cat’s soft stomach and causing the guts to burst open and the Satan ends being a nuisance. A very simple solution, right? However at the last moment before my tires connects with the soft stomach of the cat, I always change my mind and slams the brake and avoid the cats all together. The Satan lives another day to mess up the garden. Ya, damn me.

Perhaps I am being too soft with the Satan. The time had come for me to be a hard cold killer. The time had come to take extreme measures which also included violence (lots of violence if possible). We started off with sharp spikes that we hope that “once bitten, twice shy”, the cats will remind themselves not to enter the war zone unless they want to commit hara-kiri. The sharp pikes – anyway it is not real spikes but rather plastic spikes – I got a few of them from those Japanese themed supermarkets that sells items to stop cats & birds from messing up home gardens. We laid them around the grass randomly, hoping that the Satanic cats will step on them, rather painfully and will remember not to return back to the same place. We were so wrong!!

Couple of days later, there was a load of fresh cat’s poop on the small space of grass that was NOT covered by the plastic spikes. Somehow the Satan have found a loophole or rather, a way around the minefield. I can imagine that it must have taken them several missions to find the way through or maybe they just saw the easy way through from Day 1. Time to reconsider the strategy to stop the Satan from messing up the garden but since it will take time to do the research, we decided to just cover up the place with large wood boards temporarily whilst we look for permanent and feasible solution (laying metal spikes and animal traps that will maim the cats for live did cross my mind)

However laying wood boards, in a way stopped the Satan from visiting the favorite pooping spot. But that also meant we lose the garden and the nice carpet grass that we have painfully cared, forever. I was sad and angry at the same time. Sad for the grass, angry on the cats. Considering that these cats at the neighborhood could be stray cats (means it does not belong to anyone), I decided on another step as well – lodging a complaint with the local council to catch these stray cats. I even posted the photos of the Satan roaming at the neighborhood. They came and search for cats (not sure if they tried hard enough) but they replied that they did not find any cats and went off. It was surprise because those cats was indeed went missing for a few days before making their appearances back to be a nuisance.

Then we learned another trick from another neighbor who also had problems with the cats and basically wiped out her garden full of flowers and vegetables, not to mention leaving a loadful of poops. Short of basically coming out with samurai swords to basically skin the cats alive, she discovered another thing that cats hate and cause them to stay away – black garbage bags. The only downside of using garbage bags is that when it rains, it tends to collect rainwater – a potential breeding place for mosquitoes. We rearranged the wood boards, covered some areas with the spikes and other places with garbage bag (we keep a close eye on the pools of rainwater after it is rains “cats” and dogs).

It has been several weeks since the Satan last made the visit to my house and there is no more of cat poops to handle. The garden – the beautiful garden with it’s nice carpet grass is gone. Now my garden looks more like a construction area and that looks ugly too. My dad suggested we replace the grass with pebbles and transform the garden into a Zen garden instead. I still see the cats around and in front of my house, often staring at me with a strange, angry look. I sometimes catch them gathering in front of the house (no poops though) and I would immediately shoo them away – most will run away except one or two cats who won’t budge an inch. Instead they would just stare at me and seems to tell me to “f-off”. But because I don’t have them pooping in my garden (or whatever that is left of the garden), there is some peace in the world for now. But that does not means I hate less the cats now – my hate remains unchanged – they have destroyed my garden, I am not going to forgive them for that.

The battle won, the war is still on-going…


Feeling the heat

(Picture source: www.antwrp.gsfc.nasa.gov)

I am not sure which is more intense in recent days? The warm weather or the last minute Chinese New Year shopping (simple shopping in Tesco is big nightmare).

The heat wave has hit Malaysia a few weeks ago and I guess it has just gotten worse in the last 2 days or so. Some of the plants in my garden are dying out and is in constant need of watering. The Government even asked the people to start conserving water. Almost everyone in the family been drinking plenty of water and it is still not enough. Taking afternoon showers and sitting under the fan helps a bit but only for a while – it gets hot after 5 minutes. I guess it is the normal thing to do when things gets too warm.

The thing that I found to be irony is the part where the good old Government is asking the people to start conserving water.

Don’t you think it is useless kind of advice? More heat and sweat means more water is going to be used. Fine, even if we are going reduce the usage of water by doing less washing of our cars or turning down that small fountain in our garden. The question is how much more you can expect to reduce? What else can be done to conserve water at home? Taking fewer showers? Doing less washing of clothes and household items? Or worse, drinking less water? How practical it is going to be? Yes, there can be minor saving of water but as far as that is concern, it is only helpful in the short run. Perhaps until we weather out the expected drought. I am not sure how much factories and commercial businesses can do save water. I don’t think there is much to save unless it means reducing their production or overhaul the production process. So, is the blame to wasteful water falls back on the end users?

How about this for a change?

How about if the government starts worrying more on getting the old pipes changed to minimize the leakage of water in the system? How about building up new water pump and treatment station? Or being one step ahead – how about getting the developments on the hillside and water catchments to be stopped. Khir Toyo who was good enough to be advising the people to conserve water seems did not act that “concern” when reports of development in Bukit Cahaya were reported. For him, it was “semuanya OK” (means everything is all right) until the PM decides to see for himself and only then Khir became very active in taking the necessary steps to curtail the development. But whether the right follow ups were made is yet to be satisfied. So, now that the State is experiencing the effect of mismanagement of its water catchment area, instead getting the right action in, all he did was to give cheap advice.

What about getting new water supply from the sea?

Malaysia is surrounded by sea and it seems only practical to start looking into harvesting this source into drinkable water. We laughed at Singapore’s New Water but we being blessed with enough land and resources did not bother to work on new sources of water. We might learn something there from those Singaporeans – after all, aren’t we pro Singaporean these days? What is needed for the some bureaucrats in the Government to wake up and start working? As the head of OIC, I am sure Malaysia will not have any problem in getting the know-hows from its friends in the Middle East. The technology and the cost to build desalination plants & to maintaining them may be high but I am sure that if the Government spends less for “leasing” new jets, for the political party’s wasteful projects, collecting unpaid tax from tax evaders and many more, we can get the funds right and managed it well.

It is warm now and everyone is feeling the heat. The question is whether the Government is feeling it too to start acting for a long term solution.

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Wake up and….

Wake up and smell the roses!

I recently added a yellow rose to my collection of roses in my small garden and it has been refreshing to wake up in the morning and to head straight to the garden and smell the fresh perfume fragrance of the rose.

I have a couple of roses in my garden – white with red edges, a full red and a full flame color (a mixture of red and orange) but none of the them have a strong rosy fragrance. So, I hop to my usual neighborhood nursery to look for a strong fragrance rose plant. When we reached the place, we noted that there was no one around at the nursery. A look at my watch revealed that it was already 11.00 am (not too early, not too late), so I walked around and saw the owner of the nursery in the office on the phone. I walked in and told him that I wanted to buy some rose plants. He walked out and he looked around for something. Apparently he was looking for his Indonesian workers – whom were missing at that moment.

He gave a couple of shouts and turned around and said that he does not have any strong fragrance rose plants for sale. He said he has normal rose plants (similar to the ones I already have in my garden). I turned down his offer and proceeded to look at some pots for my garden. Just then, one of his Indonesian workers came to our place and the owner started to scold the guy for missing from workplace. Leaving them aside, I started to pick the pots for the garden. The Indonesian worker came to where I was and helped me to pack the pots. The owner went back to his office, so I asked the worker whether they have any strong fragrance rose plants and immediately the answer I got was an affirmative yes.

Both of us headed to the back of the nursery where there were several pots of roses planted. The worker was not sure which of it has strong fragrance, so both of us proceeded to smell each of the flowers to pick the right one. We must have smelled at least 15 roses before found one. Apparently there were only left one plant left in the whole nursery and it was a good one too – the plant with bright yellow roses. I quickly got the worker to pack it up and place it in my car together with the pots that has been picked earlier. The rose plant cost me RM6.00 but it was worth it. It is not that often we get yellow roses.

My next target for the garden is to get red roses (with strong fragrance of course) and I have short listed couple of nurseries to check. The more roses I have, the fresher the morning will be – when I wake up and smell the roses.

More angle of the rose at BJ Photos – click here (there were 2 but I have cut one off for the altar)

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