Before the Elections – Part 1

It has been more than 2 months down the line, the pain in the neck (or rather my arm) have reduced drastically. It has been improving on daily basis after I had started the cervical traction treatment, sleeping without pillows and DIY neck exercise. It has not gone completely but at least now, I don’t have that pain whenever I drive which is great and is a big relief.

Anyway folks, by now, they say when the election is around the corner, strange things will happen. The sky will turn sweet pink and you will see politicians coming down from their place in the sky down to earth and share the way of life and hardships of the people.

(One publicity that back-fired. Image source: World of Buzz)

The often seen publicity stunt when election is around the corner would be politicians living and doing things that the normal citizens would do. One fine example was this cycling stunt with complete police escort and an ambulance. Just wonder who in the right mind would be riding around on a bicycle wearing office attire and causing massive traffic jam in the wake.

Please do expect more publicity stunts in the future as such leaders taking & sweating out in public transports, kissing the babies, visiting the old folks in kampong, helping the villagers to repair damaged houses, bridges, eating by the road side with the village folks, working in plantations & paddy fields, etc.

All the sudden you will also notice other changes – the same politicians did nothing for national unity, fight against corruption & abuse of taxpayers money will don a new skin and talk about fairness, unity, fight against corruption and other ideals that all other Malaysians have talking about and desidered for ages.

INPUT from some 20 series of dialogues revealed young Malaysians prefer to be known as “Bangsa Malaysia” in the next 30 years, Youth and Sports Minister Khairy Jamaluddin said yesterday.

Of course, and not just young Malaysians.

Most, if not all, Malaysians want to be known as Malaysians or Bangsa Malaysia rather than by their racial or ethnic origins.


So if the new generation of Malaysians want to be known as Malaysians or Bangsa Malaysia rather than by their racial or ethnic origins, then why the Government still insist on policies and decisions based on racial origins? Why until today, we still need to indicate our racial or ethnic origins on application forms despite being a blue true Malaysians? Even after 60 years of independance, the coming of the information age and a larger role played by Generation Z, the nation is still tightly governed by segregations based on race and religion and causes sensitive issues that threaten to tore this nation apart.

Then we have the must have buzz word – transformation (the “other” buzz word is “you help me, I help you”).

After four decades, a fresh federal initiative is set to be launched to champion the cause of the Indian community.

On Sunday, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak will chart the path ahead for the estimated 1.7 million Indians in the country with a national blueprint for them.

The last comprehensive economic masterplan for the community, prepared by the MIC in 1974, failed as it was considered to be “too vague”.

The new 10-year blueprint has specific targets and policies set in place to address the plight of Indians.


But look at the statement again – “After four decades, a fresh federal initiative is set to be launched to champion the cause of the Indian community” – only a politician can pull that off with a straight face.

Four decades??

That is 40 years if you don’t know what is a decade means. So for 40 years, nothing fancy happens (no revisions of whatsoever of whatever masterplan that MIC came out in 1974) but now all the sudden they seemed have woken up and now wanted to do something serious about it.

Interestingly no where it was mentioned of another transformation blueprint that was endorsed back in 2013:-

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Abdul Razak today pledged that a special unit will be set up under the Prime Minister’s Office to ensure all promises made to the Indian poor are delivered.

Najib, as Barisan Nasional chairman, had today endorsed demands contained under the Hindu Rights Action Force’s (Hindraf) five-year blueprint to uplift poor and marginalised Indians in the country.

Describing the event as a “historical” moment in Malaysian politics, Najib today signed the endorsement agreement with Hindraf chairman P. Waythamoothy.


Fast forward to 2017 and even Hindraf is singing a different tune now:-

Indian rights NGO Hindraf has dismissed Prime Minister Najib Razak’s announcement in Chennai of a new blueprint to benefit the Indian community as an “April fool’s trick.”

Its chairman P Waythamoorthy said Najib had failed to fulfil a memorandum of understanding for the betterment of the community that Barisan Nasional (BN) had made with Hindraf, despite the document being publicly signed before “millions of Malaysians” through the media in April 2013.

“This is another attempt by Najib to dupe and give false hope and promises to the marginalised Malaysian Indian community,” he said in a statement today.


We also have this nonsense some months ago and this is not the first time, we are getting this kind of cheap stab on the back from the ruling politician – read here for another incident that happened back in 2009.

The Urban Wellbeing, Housing and Local Government Ministry (KPKT) has scrapped approvals for local council projects in non-Barisan Nasional (BN) parliamentary constituencies.

This is according to a leaked letter that was issued and signed by the Local Government Department director-general Abu Bakar Johar dated March 17.

According to the letter, the directive applied to all BP.1 projects, categorised as small scale people-centric projects in the respective local councils, including the building and repairing of roads, drains, public toilets, multi-purpose halls, and business premises.

Abu Bakar, in the letter, said the directive was given by the minister Tan Sri Noh Omar during a BP.1 project allocation coordination meeting on March 6 and later in a meeting session with local council mayors on March 9.


Is this another attempt to “slow things down” in the opposition led constituencies?

Can a Federal Minister be so selective in the providing the service and allocations?

What they think this will achieve? That people get angry of the lack of development and vote back BN in those constituencies? It is no big secret that Noh Omar had always wanted to wrestle back the state of Selangor ever since it fell into Pakatan’s hands but to be selective in providing services and allocations based on BN / non BN led parliamentary constituencies is akin to hitting one below the belt. It is understandable if he is doing it within his capacity of a BN politician but it should not be in his capacity of a Federal Minister.

And recently there were further disturbances in the Force and we are seeing more of the Dark Side.

It was kind of expected considering the election will be here soon and those states under the Oppositions are doing pretty good and without any major dispute to their administrations.

PKR vice-president Nurul Izzah Anwar wants the Election Commission (EC) to explain how 28,416 servicemen and their family members could have their names on the EC’s list of demands.

She expressed fears that these additional “postal voters” could help sway the results in GE14 in favour of the Barisan Nasional in some seats.

Nurul said what was an even bigger “mystery” was how all 28,416 voters had gone through the demand process at the EC’s office in Putrajaya.

She said what made it even more apparent that foul play could be involved was the fact that the EC had rejected 8,286 new voter applicants in 2016.

“What reason does the EC have to reject these names? For your information, 88.1% of these rejected applicants were from Selangor.”


Perhaps Opposition run states are just too attractive and well managed for others from other states that 28,000 of them decided to move to the Klang Valley? Maybe but questions have been raised, let’s see if the Election Commission is able to explain the “mystery”.

Didn’t I mention that election is around the corner, strange things will happen?


Toll Hike, Ha, Ha, Ha!


Go ahead, clear your mind and a have good laugh.

Hopefully it will soften the pain that you feel deep down whenever you read Ministers’ statements in this country. I don’t know if they read their own statements before they read it aloud in public. It just reinforces the notion that we need to change the Government from the top, hopefully at least it will wake some people up and get them to use their mind before talking.

Well, take a deep breath and read this:-

The government has decided not to raise toll rates in 2014 to help Malaysians face rising prices. Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin said the government will have to pay over RM400 million in compensation to concessionaires as per agreement with them.

The government is also considering renegotiation of toll concession agreements after a thorough review of existing concessions.

Muhyiddin said the government made the decision not to raise tolls in the light of increasing criticism from various quarters over the rising cost of living, with hikes in prices of goods and subsidy cuts.


Reading Muhyiddin’s statement that the government is “considering” renegotiation of toll concession agreements and the government made the decision not to raise tolls “in the light of increasing criticism” from various quarters almost caused me to choke on my breakfast yesterday. Muhyiddin was talking like the issue of toll hike crop up only yesterday and the RM400 million paid came from his own pockets, sigh. Very caring indeed. The government can always find way to screw the taxpayers on way or another and in this case, there is no difference.

The call for the government to renegotiate the toll concession agreements is not a new one. Pakatan had called for the same thing way back in 2009 and a good number of years had lapsed since then and only now they want to “renegotiation of toll concession agreements”? Sorry, consider to renegotiate. Hoooo, that’s scary. But then again, what the fuck they have been doing for the past few years when they could have done all their studies (with their highly paid consultants) and renegotiate the toll agreements when the toll was cheaper back then? Had their head in the ground and told themselves that everything is alright? They could have save millions of taxpayers money and the road users would have been a lot more happy with a prospect of cheaper toll even when they are stuck in mega traffic jam on the so-called highways.

And assuming this is true, I mean that they are finally going to do something about it instead farting loud in the wind (as usual), another 5 years would have lapsed and the toll concessionaires would still have made their millions either from toll hike or huge compensations. So trust me when you hear that the government is considering renegotiation of toll concession agreements, it will remain in the “considering” phase and no real action would take place (unless until we change the Government).

The other part of the morning joke by DPM was this – that government made the decision not to raise tolls in the light of increasing criticism from various quarters over the rising cost of living. Wow, how grateful we are but hold on, you mean to say that the government actually had a choice on this matter? I thought another Minister of yours said that they have no choice on this matter despite the same “criticism from various quarters over the rising cost of living”?

The toll rate hike next year is unavoidable as it is an express condition in the concession agreement between the government and highway concession companies, according to Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Abdul Wahid Omar


Oh wait, now I get it – the government made the decision not to raise tolls (due to criticism) but they still whack the people with huge compensations. Something is not right. You are not taking money from people who actually use the highways but then take money from all people who may or not use the highway and pay the compensation. And come up to the stage and say that you have been very caring.

Anyway, have you watched the video and laughed? If that does not make you laugh, I am sure that the statement from DPM above will. There is no toll hike but the taxpayers get screwed anyway with RM400 million bill and who knows what will happen after the Kajang by-election fiasco had ended. After all, didn’t they promised to reduce the toll before the last general election but right after the general election, they threw that idea out of the window and said that they have no choice but had to raise the toll?

Have a good weekend ahead and remember this in the next general elections.

Kangkung Factor



(Among the many funny things posted on Najib’s statement that the price of kangkung had gone down, this stands in my mind as the funniest bit. I just love Ronald’s face on the second photo – it looks like he had answered too many phone calls asking for McKangkung. Images source: Facebook)

If you have missed out on the joke on Najib, look again – it’s on the front page of BBC, rather cheekily titled “Laughing Stalk“:-

Malaysia’s prime minister is being widely lampooned on social media for a comment he made about the price of kangkung, or water spinach.

Food is a faux pas minefield for politicians, especially when it’s perceived as being used in a get-down-with-the-people kind of way – think of British Prime Minister David Cameron’s pasty moment or Chancellor George Osborne’s “posh burger” tweet. The almost inevitable response seems to be ridicule. That’s where the Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak finds himself right now. With the government under fire because of price hikes in basics like fuel and electricity, he chose to push back by highlighting a reduction in the cost of the leafy green vegetable kangkung.

Kangkung – also known as water spinach, morning glory and Chinese spinach – is widely eaten in Malaysia, and is cooked as a stir-fry with a little garlic or chilli paste. But it’s cheap, grows wild alongside streams, paddy fields and drains, and is not considered a staple. Moments after a video of the prime minister was posted making the comments, the sarcasm and jokes began to trend on social media in Malaysia.

There have been hundreds of thousands of tweets, a Facebook page set up – with 10,000 followers already – a YouTube re-mix of his comments, the lyrics to popular and traditional folk songs have been re-worked, and “Keep calm and eat kangkung” T-shirts have been made and rushed to market.


Thanks to Najib, the whole world is laughing at Malaysia!

But certainly it is not a laughing matter. All items that was promised (during the election campaign) to cost lower went the other way around. And just when you thought that these idiots would have learned a thing or two from the whole kangkung incident, they decided to go on an overdrive and make a fool of themselves many times over:-

A special Cabinet committee formed to tackle the high cost of living will look at the root causes of price increases to check unreasonable or arbitrary hikes. The committee, representing various ministries, understands that not all price increases stem from government fiscal consolidation measures. Some are due to market structural issues, including supply and sale, with unscrupulous businessmen exploiting the situation, said Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin.


What, only now the Government want to set up some shit and want to find out “why” the cost of living had gone up!

You mean to say that they have been sticking their head in the ground all this time? Issue with market structural issues, including supply and sale, with unscrupulous businessmen exploiting the situation sprang up only now and without any warnings? Don’t you think it is a bit too late now especially the issue of price hike was actually raised and discussed in detail long before Christmas last year? Still remember one kangkung Minister telling off the consumer that if they feel that the price of chicken is high, then don’t eat chicken? Back then, this seemed to be the only best solution that they can come up with when consumers hit back at the Government on the drastic price hikes. One idiot went aboard with the “leave Malaysia if you don’t like BN” call which left many speechless. Perhaps all of them were aiming for the grand Kangkung of the Year award. 

Anyway why you need a special (ahem!) committee when you know they are only going to waste time and a lot of taxpayers money and in the end would still be clueless on why there has been a drastic price hike of essential things? At the most, they will come back and say that the increase is justified, it cannot be controlled and thus the Government have done its best and should not be blamed for it. Perhaps they will even justify the kangkung statement from Najib. This is what will happen at the end of day. The reason is this is simple – we had a handful of committees all the way from Pak Lah’s time too but nothing positive came out from these committees.

It does not take rocket science to know that there is a cascading effect on the price of basic items once you hike up the petrol and toll charges. The other part that causes unreasonable or arbitrary hikes is corruption, unnecessary  spending (what happened to that 2nd private jet that was rumored recently?) and lack of enforcement (if you say that the business owners raises the prices arbitrarily – then why they are not booked?). You still need a special committee to investigate the root cause? Why not entrust the related Government departments to do up the study and propose immediate action plan to the Government? Or this too has been curtailed by the billion ringgit consultants? Don’t you think with this, even the best kangkung jokes seemed rather pale?

Think about it and in the meantime, enjoy this video (ya, more kangkung jokes and it only shows that the Malaysians are always step ahead of the low thinking politicians):-

Have a good weekend ahead and make sure you take up a lot of kangkung (last I heard, it was cheap, very cheap)…


It is that time of the year when things come to a crawl and one looks back the last 350 plus days and wondered whether one had made any positive change on oneself, friends, environment, colleagues, family and the country. It seems everyone is waiting for the new year to start – perhaps for renewed personal aim, mission, energy, purpose in life, etc

So, here’s one for 2010 before we move on to 2011 – it has not been a great year but at the same, we have managed just fine

(Sometimes, in order to “tone” down the word, we use the word “screwed” instead. Image source:

When I was in law school, I still remember my first week. We were herded together in a big room and we had this principal of the school coming in for the first time for a lecture. The principal looked serious (we found later that he is the funniest of the whole lot), so we kept silent and looked serious too.

Somewhere in between his lecture which started serious as well, he mentioned the word “fuck” and immediately someone at the back of the class expressed his shock (which was not a big surprise since we have not heard the “word” mentioned so open in public, more so in a school). The lecturer stopped his lectures and looked at us. He looked angry but actually he was not.

He smiled and then he started to laugh. He shook his head and asked why we were so disturbed with the “word”. As law students, it was one of the earliest lesson we learn on questioning on what we have learned todate and taking the courage to go against what has been established as “standards”.

He said that in downtown Harlem where he had visited once, the word is so common that it exist in almost all sentences. He then went to act like an African American from Harlem and start to speak with the “word” in almost all sentences. (adding other so-called “forbidden” words in between). That broke the ice and brought us into a new state of mind.

Now enjoy this revelation on the “word” – supposedly by an Indian lecturer (WARNING: due to the nature of the “word”, it is not considered as “safe for work”. Please do keep the volume down)

P.s. I got this one from a buddy of mine but there is no detail of the source and the story behind the recording but it is indeed a classic.

Anti Piracy Pirates

One of the best jokes around…

As you all know Rajini’s latest movie – Enthiran has been released (read the seedy review here).

It has been said that this is one of the most expensive movie to be produced by the Indians. And due to this and to the main actor’s die hard fans, there seems to be a dedicated effort to stamp out piracy. After all, in the age of Internet, broadband, torrents, file sharing sites and plenty of cheap external hard space, watching the latest movie in crystal clear copy is not something hard to get.

Remember several years ago when the pirates (in good old Malaysia) even “release” Steven Spielberg’s movie in night markets even before the movie was completed? So, with this expensive movie, the producers must be biting their nails to get back their huge investments with a loadful profit too and free downloads (whilst may not stop genuine movie goers from watching it in the cinemas) may create small dent on their profit margin.

So, the fans (and probably the producers) came up with a brilliant idea – to report those links that is providing illegal downloads and to block and stop the download. And they have been successful to some extent – the more established file sharing sites like Rapidshare and Megaupload have taken note and have taken the files out from their servers. But the pirates have enough sites from where they can host the files and open up for download.

But here is best joke of all – the links from where the pirates are hosting the illegal files are being identified and kind of “promoted” by…..the very fans who wanted to report them and stop the illegal downloads (although some sites have managed to cover this loophole after the initial blunder). Talk about irony of things!

P.s. as for me, I am waiting for at least a month before watching the movie in cinema (to get best seats without the crowd) unless my son get the better of me and get me to get the tickets early….

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MACC in “Action”

I have read about it but nothing beats watching it in video…

Just watched “Malaysia’s Funniest and Tragic Court” video and it was hilarious to see the “experienced” 24 years MACC lawyer trying very, very hard to prove a point in the case.

Watch out for Part 5 – the juicy part is there but then again, the comedy starts in Part 1 itself.

Watch out for the frustration and disbelief of the other lawyers in the court, especially Malek Imtiaz and Gobind Singh, to the extent the coroner have to re-correct the MACC lawyer on what Dr Pornthip had said earlier (but Abdul Razak still insists on what he thinks Dr Pornthip had said despite court records says otherwise).

Tamil Movie Review: Thamizh Padam

If you thought Venkat Prabhu’s Goa was funny, well, let me tell you – you have not seen anything yet!

(The hero in the first hero song – I loved when the dance master joins in to dance and get chased away – spoof from many of Vijay’s movies. Image source: Indiaglitz)

Goa was good and funny (I hated the movie makers for trying to pass Langkawi as Goa) but it did not match Venkat Prabhu’s Chennai 600028 which I thought funnier and more original (Goa could have been better if Venkat had kept ‘gay scenes’ down and more funny scenes up). That is when I got the chance to watch the excellent “Thamizh Padam”.

Finally a movie that keeps us entertained from start to end!

We have heard full length spoof movies from Hollywood and we may have seen snippets in Tamil movies but the movie “Thamizh Padam” is one the first Tamil movie that portrays full length spoof from start to end.

The Plot

Read the full plot here

(The hero departing with his “vehicle” after unable to pay Rs2.50 bribe – spoof from the movie “Sivaji”. Image source: Indiaglitz)

The Storyline

Storyline is nothing new here, a very typical Tamil movie storyline – hero fighting for the poor, hero meets a beautiful girl, sorry – rich beautiful girl, not surprisingly girl falls for the hero after the hero pulls a stupid stunt (in this case, dancing), rich father objects to the relationship, rich father throws a challenge to the hero, the hero takes up the challenge and wins and…oh ya, there are some bad guys somewhere in between for the hero to fight.

But making the movie storyline more interesting is the number of Tamil movies spoofed in this movie (watch out the spoof from Mouna Ragam).

From the very start where the credits roll on, the background was spoofed from some of the movies in the 1980s. We have the colourful background, the scenes in negative print background and a simple old wallpaper background.

Then the introduction of the hero is made – ala Rajinikanth’s Chandramukhi style with the hero staying on one feet and another rose up in a kicking style. As the camera moves around, we then see that the hero’s pants are torn due to this difficult posture (we wondered the same when we saw Chandramukhi).

Getting 3 old actors to represent the hero’s young friends is brilliant! They look young, they talk young and yet we know that they are old.

(The bad guy visiting his man at the hospital after a fight with the hero – spoof from the movie “Thalaphathi”. Image source: Indiaglitz)

The Music

Adding to the funny storyline is a brilliant music and funny lyrics. Despite the movie being a full length spoof movie, the quality of the songs however has not been compromised. Music director – Kannan have done a good job here.

There 4 main songs or theme in this movie – song to introduce the hero (Pacha Manja), the must have romance song (O Maha Zeeya), song for the hero’s comeback / working to be rich (Oru Sooravali) and one “kuthu” song for the bad guys (Kuthu Vilakku).

The timing of the songs itself is just perfect – doesn’t all Tamil movies have the same theme / timing? Out of the 4 main songs, O Maha Zeeya is probably the first Tamil movie song that has lyrics that does not have any meaning to it. I still remember the great poet Valli saying that in those days (1950s – 1970s), lyrics of the song need to be meaningful but the current songs can have lyrics that means nothing and yet can be a chart buster.

O Maha Zeeya makes fun of this aspect.

Indiaglitz commented:-

It is a song that aroused great curiosity even before the album was released. It was said that this number can neither be remixed in future nor can be sung again by Hariharan himself. Yes of course. Listen to the song and you will endorse it.

A hilarious number with funny lyrics from several earlier numbers that topped the charts make up this song. Hariharan and Swetha sing it with utmost sincerity. You would laugh as you listen the song

Great music with interesting twists

(The hero and his 3 “young” friends – spoof from the movie “Boys”. Image source: Indiaglitz)

The Acting

No big names in the movie but there are no small names either. Shiva who plays the main character is perfect in his role and goes by the scenes rather fluidly. Acting in funny movies is not a new thing for this actor who is also a radio jockey – he acted in Venkat Prabhu’s earlier 2 movies (but missing out in Goa). Other characters including the heroin was nothing to shout about except for the hero’s 3 friends (played by M.S.Bhaskar, Manobala and Venniraadai Moorthy) and of course, the grandmother acted by the excellent Paravai Muniyamma.

Final say

The plus points: Brilliant spoofing, music and punch “dialogues”

The negative points: Not enough to satisfy us (we need Part 2)

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