Tamil Movie Review: Deiva Thirumagal 2011

(One should have expected such a fine, smooth acting as a mentally challenged adult from Vikram, after all, he was great in Anniyan with multiple role and characters there. Image source: Wikipedia)

From the very first day when my wife watched this movie trailer on the net, we have been sort of keeping tab on the date when it will be released on the local cinemas. And when it finally came, it was my son, not my wife who was urging me to book the tickets.

Thankfully we managed to book the tickets earlier (which also meant good seats) and all that effort did not go to waste – it was a very well made movie and the various characters were well acted as well. One movie that deserves to be watched on the big screen with family members. Vikram was great as usual and Anushka was in a better role as well (one that need not show her in a sexy mode).

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