2012 Updates: It’s This Week, Folks!

mayan calendar

(The Mayan Calendar ending on the year 2012 could have been due to this reason – who knows – and we are freaking out for no good reason in 2012. Image source: http://www.abovetopsecret.com)

Mayan’s Long Calendar will end this Friday and thus end of the world as we know it, so believed by many doomsday believers.

However, it is very likely that we will make it to next week (and the coming months) without any major incidents. After all, I am sure all of us have made major plans to do things and go places in the coming years and we expect to get things done as planned. We have yet to see any news on the discovery of any large asteroid heading directly towards the planet or the appearance of the mysterious Planet X which will collide with planet Earth on 21st December 2012. And so far no one had pressed the doomsday panic button – not from any Government officials, space agencies, well-known public figures or NGOs. Although we have been seeing more than usual earthquakes and typhoons (such the recent Typhoon Bopha which hit the Philippines and caused more than 1000 casualties) in the past months, that has not been something that we have not seen before (and yes, we have seen worse).

But then again, it does not mean we can just stand-by and take all things in complete ignorance of any dangers to the civilization as we know it (you seriously think that we are all alone in the universe and the planet Earth is completely immune to all types of dangers from in and out? Dream on, brother!). There is always of 0.0001% chance of something creeping up on us when we least expected. It has happened in the past and it can always happen again in the near future. Whatever said and done, we should never stop prepping for the future.

doomsday ark

(The doomsday ark in the movie 2012 – in the movie, an ark ticket was sold for 1 billion Euro. I wonder what would be the cost if doomsday scenario is real and a real ark is built with limited seat for all and whether the smaller, poorer nations will even be eligible for a place in such ark. Image source: http://www.whatsonxiamen.com)

Think this as a possible conspiracy scenario – what if all the heads of Government have been called for a secret meeting and been forewarned of an impending danger to the planet say some 3 – 5 years ago (if you had been keeping an eye for interesting rumours, you would have heard about the letter from a “Norwegian politician”) and a consortium of companies have been selected to built a doomsday ark of sort in secret (with each Government contributing based on their allocation of a place in the ark for their people) and as the ark is being built and the list of survivors being drawn up, they are told to keep the whole thing hush-hush to avoid a massive global panic. Yes, in the same way the Government covered up in the movie 2012. And just imagine watching CNN on the eve of doomsday at your local mamak stall, having your teh-tarik & roti canai when the news of the impending danger is officially announced to the masses and in the background, you catch a glimpse of the Fat Mamma entering the ark with all her shopping bags. It may or may not happen.

Consider the fact that we simply do not have the resources and time to scan the entire sky for any changes to the alignment of the star and planetary system in our galaxy that may have put gravitational force on the planet Earth (that may set mega earthquakes and tsunamis) or asteroids such as 4179 Toutatis that flew past us last week (you were aware of it? we have about 1,325 of them on watch list and the number is growing) or the so-called dark comets that may have been missed previously and is hurling towards the planet undetected. We have probably spent more money into military expansions, mismanagement of the economy and corruption than on astronomy and space explorations. Yes, we have NASA, the European Space Agency, the Russians, the Chinese and not forgetting our very own Angkasawan that manages anything that related to space exploration and astronomy but it does not mean that they have unlimited budget, time and manpower to get their tasks done. Even the powerful, well-funded and equipped NASA is relying on amateur astronomers to look out for asteroids. The question is are we looking at the right spot in space and how much of it is under our radars.

And who knows, perhaps we already have an alien mother-ship hovering on our atmosphere in an unknown stealth technology waiting for some countdown that ends on 21st December 2012 (remember the movie Independence Day?). One can just hope that they have a good appetite for corrupt and greedy politicians and businessmen and they will leave the solar system once they have “cleaned up” the planet.


(A sleeping giant that may wake up one day. Image source: http://www.cuttingedge.org)

We still have the time bomb lurking under the vast Yellowstone National Park which some say will wipe most of America out with estimated 100 million dead, leaving the sole super power in the world (to some degree) in ruins and incapacitated. And if you think we all in Malaysia will be safe as we are far away from this hotspot, think again – a cloud of ash & debris will linger on the atmosphere for months if not years, bringing down the global temperature and creating major havoc on agriculture all over the world. Imagine the steep cost of food and breakout of famines around the world. Imagine with the US out of the picture, guess who is going to fill up the power vacuum as far as Malaysia is concerned? Well, be prepared to shed the National language and English from our schools and use Mandarin (or who knows, Hindi) on full time basis instead. With rogue countries like North Korea and Pakistan in the picture, doomsday scenario will be more realistic than ever.

And some scientists are expecting that the planet Earth is long due for a major geomagnetic reversal (for some also known as the polar shift). Will it happen this week or in the coming weeks? The scientific community as whole seems to concur on the theory that changes in geomagnetic happens over a long period and does not change all too sudden. But what if it does? What it means to us when it happens?

If a large pole shift could happen suddenly, the redistribution of land and water it caused would be nothing short of cataclysmic.

In the short term, it would mean earthquakes, strange weather patterns, massive tsunamis capable of drowning parts of continents, and possibly gaps in the planet’s magnetic field — our shield against harmful cosmic rays. In the long term, the redistribution of land and water in the tropics, subtropics and poles would fundamentally alter ocean currents and the heat balance of the Earth, resulting in widespread climatological shifts.

Ice caps might melt and reform elsewhere, or remain melted, driving sea levels down or up.


And most 2012 doomsday websites are talking about the more obvious and realistic danger to the world (and I am thinking the same) – a major solar storm that will bring down the power grids and leaves millions without electricity for months. And for a society that is so dependant on electricity for almost everything that it touches, from running the computers, pumping fuel, running the water supply to homes and businesses, etc, without electricity, this society would simply breakdown. A real doomsday threat, no thanks to our own growth and over reliance in technology. But then, again we had gone through the sun’s 11 years cycle many, many times before and we somehow had survive it without much fuss and danger to our power grids. Will we see the “big one” any time soon?

Think about it – some doomsday scenarios can be far-fetched but does it mean it will never happen? Anyway, it is just a food for your thoughts, considering that all the hype on the Mayan Long Calendar coming to an “end” this Friday. But as I mentioned before, it is very likely that we will make it to next week (and the coming months or years) without any major incidents. However don’t stop prepping and keep one eye opened for any eventuality as the world as we know it will eventually end one day. It may not happen this Friday or next year or next 10 years or not in our lifetime – we just do not know when and how but there is no harm to be prepared and educating our kids to be prepared as well.

Have a good week ahead, enjoy the “fireworks” on this Friday and I will see you next week, same time and at the same place.


Neil Armstrong: 1930 – 2012

(The first man who will step on the moon -Neil Armstrong. Image source: The Hindu/NASA)

“This is one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind”

Although he was not the first in space (that credit goes to a Russian, Yuri Gagarin who unfortunately died of a young age) and as the LM commander (and the pilot), he just happen to be the first to step out, we shall not forget the famed statement that Neil made after stepping on the Moon in July 1969 The moment was historic to all mankind who for ages have been fascinated by the Moon both spiritually and scientifically.

There is certain aura and mystery of the Moon – for one; it is not clear how the Moon was formed. The best theory is the giant impact hypothesis which states that the Moon was formed out of the debris left over from a collision between the Earth and a body the size of Mars, approximately 4.5 billion years ago. And without the Moon, the planet Earth would not have tidal motion which is generated by the gradient in intensity of the Moon’s gravitational pull from one side of the Earth to the other. And the Moon also stabilizes Earth’s wobble, which led to a more stable climate (otherwise we will have extreme weather every few months) and probably helped life evolve. So, was it by chance or by design we have a Moon for close companionship?

And whatever the reason, landing on it seemed to be dream that eluded us for many years until Apollo 11. Man’s exploration of the Moon ended with Apollo 17 in December 1972 and the planned exploration in recent times under the Constellation program have been cancelled in favour of a manned asteroid landing by 2025 and a manned Mars orbit by 2035. The Moon is moving away from Earth at the rate of 3.78cm per year but it will take billions of years before we can feel any drastic impact from this and who knows, perhaps by then we would have already landed humans on the planet Mars and travelled to other galaxies and managed to stabilize Moon’s shift from the planet Earth.

The possibilities are endless – all we need to do is to take that one giant leap.

Earth Hour 2010

(Image source: http://www.earthhour.org)

It is the time of year again when all lights will be switched off for 1 hour. The date is on 27th March 2010 – this Saturday.

Visit Earth Hour website or the local site for details

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End of Mankind?

(The surrounding on Earth in thousands years looked something like this but it was darker and more sinister. Weird! – picture source: lasp.colorado.edu)

I was down with a fever & a bad cold (after my trip to Taiping). I popped up my medication (quite a strong and drowsy one) and went to bed early (no time to draft my blog). Man, that night, I had the weirdest dream – even to myself. Good thing I remember it vividly when I woke up this morning (funny, normally the dreams with “4 Ekor” is very sketchy)

This is what I dreamt (edited with Indian spices, of course)…I was part of an International Team to be send to the future to study how mankind will go extinct (I know I know, sound very funny but it was not funny in my dream especially having some grumpy looking “Mat-Sallehs” handling the mission control). There were 5 of us – 3 males and 2 females (good looking ones too). Sorry to say that I was the only Malaysian selected (of course mah, it is my dream mah). So, we were launched by NASA into space in a big space ship (the only thing I remembered before we were in space is the countdowns 3, 2, launch!). I was at back of the ship, chit-chatting with one of the female “astronauts” (very typical of me). We went into hyper-drive and circled the Earth several times. We could see that time was moving into the future.

After several circles, we stopped and flied down to Earth to “check-out” things on Earth (my head was “spinning” at the same time – must reduce my medications the next time).

We have moved few hundred years to the future and guess what, things have not really changed in the last few hundred years (I did not see any Proton then so I guess the Government must have wind up the company). The nasi lemak shop at the corner was still there but the human is replaced by a odd looking robot. We, the “astronauts” were of course invisible to the Earthlings and protected by an invisible shield which was a good thing because we still saw the “Mat Rempits” racing in KL.

Felt boring, we flew up and circled the Earth couple of rounds again (just to be sure) and flew down again

Couple of hundred of years passed by – yes, there is a change. The females of the Earth have become the more predominant gender and were basically in charge of things in Earth. The males are left to do the house-work, do sundry shopping and taking care of babies. The ladies in the spaceship were seen shouting “Yes. Yes” but we guys (being a typical one) just ignored them. The cities were modern and they actually have cars that fly. I guess women run things better than guys did.

We flew up and circled the Earth couple of rounds again and flew down again

The cities were gone and what left were small villages. The surrounding was pollution free and males & females live in co-existence peacefully. My Captain jokingly said that the males must have arisen to free themselves from the “slavery” and ending burning down the cities. Years have passed by before they decided to live together with the other sex (no prizes for guessing what they were doing for their “malam jumaats” before this). We stopped by one of the house (had a large farm beside the house) and had breakfast (you guess it right roti canai with thick dhal). The residents were amazed by us and thought that we were aliens. We lived there for couple of days, acting God for the weak, innocent humans. We in power then (of course, large stick is no match for super duper ray gun). Anyway, we got bored and we were back on the mission (although I did not agree – it was too good to let the easy life pass by)

Now it seems like mankind will live forever. Once again, we flew up and circled the Earth couple of rounds and flew down again

We were shocked – the Earth has truly changed. The landscape was similar to the one in Mars. What happened to peace loving villages? We were speechless and as we flew down, we were attacked by a huge bird. Luckily I managed to kill it with the laser gun that we had (once in a while, have to be the hero also mah). As we landed, we noted that it was a waste barren land. There were huge storms but no soul to be found. We were still in the spacecraft when one of us detected movement under ground. We flew down to a deep canyon and yes, we found the Earthlings – all were naked and weak (ok, not exactly naked, they still had some patch of clothes to cover their sensitive parts – Malaysian Censorship Board at work again). One of them managed to crack open the ground and immediately all were swept by an unknown virus, turning them into ash instantly. There – it was the end of the mankind as we know it.

I was still drowsy (with bones aching) when I was typing this blog – go figure.