When On A Mission…

At the airport

(My favorite shot – taken when I am at departure gate, coming back home. It is also means mission completed successfully and I have 1 less thing to worry once I am back)

Hold on for a second whilst I l take a moment to dust off the dust from this blog.

Damn, is that been that long since we last met? My sincere apology to all those who drop by this blog to hear my usual rants. When one is in a mission, time is premium. We will only have “x” amount of hours in a day and there are times when I had gone to the bed without shower or changing clothes. To put it summarily, I love blogging very much but I love sleeping off my tiredness after a hard day at work even more. For now, I have no choice but to leave this blog to continue to collect dust but it does not mean it will be the end of my blogging – I assure you. At least for the next few months.

But before that…

I am still away on work assignment and sometimes it feels like I am in a war zone with me leading a small platoon of highly specialised soldiers on a mission deep in the enemy’s territory, eating our rations on the move and sleeping out on the dirt with our fingers firmly on the trigger of our automatic assault rifles. Ya, I can almost taste it in the air. And it was reality when I was in the middle east a few years with my morning pick up consisted of a four wheel drive and a solider with a fully loaded AK 47 for security. And homecoming after such “mission” is simply sweet – no moment is more memorable than seeing my kids and hugging them and then going off to sleep on my own bed.

And since I have not been at home so much this year (and last few months last year), I try to spent as much time as possible at home. The feeling to date has been very much rewarding. A trip to the beach is on my “must do” list and I know just the place to go – one with a view facing the sea and a good spicy nasi lemak in the morning for breakfast.

Oh did I mentioned that when I was about to go back to Malaysia the last time around, my car had problem – it refused to start bringing the bad memories when the car immobiliser had problems and I had to fork out almost RM900 for the repairs. This time it was less painful – the battery was dead and I only had to change the batteries. It was overdue anyway. Tires would be the next in the list – since I bought the car, I am still using the same tires although it has numerous hole patch works and it is getting noisier too. The superb Michelins again? You see, other than seeing my kids, the other thing that gives me the satisfaction is driving my car around. The last thing I need to have problems with the car, if you get my drift.

One new country ventured last year and I may be venturing into 2 new countries this year with an even more challenging assignments. If given the choice, I wish (should be able to) to keep the same “platoon” for the next mission. It has been a winning team for the past few missions. I thank them for being a very proactive team and one takes their work very serious and yet still have time to make good jokes at wee hours.

More missions abroad this year only means more sleepless nights and plenty of junk food and coffee. So I do expect my body and mind to take a considerable beating this year and since I am not getting any younger, I just hope that there will be some room for recovery from the madness. Perhaps it is high time for me to finally agree to my wife’s request to take her to spa with me joining her (damn, I could use a good massage to my knees and to my right feet).

On the country front, the petrol prices have been down but I have not been around long for me to enjoy them. And with GST set to start soon, I doubt things will get cheaper to buy and use – no thanks to the short sighted and dumb politicians at the control.

And speaking of politicians, if you had read the news, Anwar have been found guilty by the Federal Court today and will be spending 5 years behind bars. If you ask me, it is not necessarily be a bad thing for Pakatan. It is not the end of the story. To some who support the opposition, Anwar has been nothing more than a liability – his Kajang Move (one of the dumbest move to date) some how validated that point.

With Anwar out of the way, perhaps there will be greater improvement within PKR and thus Pakatan. It will be interesting to see how things forms up in the next general elections. At the end of the day, we just need a Government that dislikes corruption and wastage of taxpayers and do not practise double standards.

If it is related to the politicians and the ways they take the country and its people for a ride, we can talk about it all day long and one can still have plenty to talk about and this can go on and on. So let’s keep our cool and teach them a lesson they will never forget in the next general elections. The opposition have been at it in the last 2 general elections and they have been eating up the votes from the Government bit by bit.

Anyway coming back to blogging, I wish I could do better and whenever I started to type previously, funny thing happens – I dozed off and filled up the pages with invalid words. So, please bear with me for the time being. I have also been taking less photos when overseas – the Sony Xperia has a good camera but most of the time, I forget that it has one. In the meantime, please be free to roam around my previous posts. I will do up new ones when I am off the mission.

Will see you soon….


Big Boss’ New Boss

The Big Boss finally got his wish come true (and so was ours) and it did not take long for him to be overprotective of the new Boss.

It is going to be very interesting years to come more so after the Big Boss have taken the task of a mentor and have major plans to teach her dancing, gaming and swimming. It is going to be interesting years for us too – no doubt we have the experience now (to know what need and need not to be done) but certainly it will be challenge to repeat the feat especially when my wife will be going back to work in a couple months time after a long break and we have “conveniently” forgotten all those difficult times bringing up the Big Boss in the early years.

But nonetheless it was a good day when the new Boss reported for “duty” last week. The long holidays helped a lot – with fewer cars on the road, it was not a big problem to rush to the hospital and make the follow-up visits during my wife admission to the hospital for a few days after delivery. It was easy to find parking spots on the ground floor too – after all, it was not productive to be on medical leave on  an off-day, right? A couple days after the delivery and after the mother’s and baby’s health have been checked out and bills all fully paid, the new Boss arrived at home with other family members waiting in high anticipation.

Next, we went over to see a priest to check on the names that we use for the new Boss and after getting the initial “starting” names, we just google to see which other “glamour”, short, easy to pronounce (and write) names we can use and then throw the dice to choose the final one. Well, not really – I just took the one I liked the most and stick with it as I got other suggestions from others. In the end, we ended up choosing the one that I picked in the first place.

Choosing the right name for the new Boss is just the first steps in raising the new member of the family and we still have a long way to go and we can’t wait for the challenge. Hopefully it will be a good one and with the Big Boss at our side, we are sure it will be so.

Selamat Hari Raya

(Hari Raya is a celebration for all Malaysian too. Image source: http://mssniqub.wordpress.com)

Damn, most of us were counting on Thursday being day one of Raya (better luck next time, Anil) but still, we are looking forward for a short break for the week and a drive up to North.

Selamat Hari Raya to friends and readers, have a good weekend ahead and be safe on the road.

World Blood Donor Day

14th June 2010 is World Blood Donor Day.

From World Blood Donor Day Organisation:-

Millions of people owe their lives to people they will never meet – people who donate their blood freely and without any reward. However, the overwhelming majority of the world’s population do not have access to safe blood.

Over 80 million units of blood are donated every year, but only 38% are collected in developing countries where 82% of the global population live.

In addition, many countries remain dependent on donation by the families or friends of patients who require blood and, in some countries, blood donors still receive payment.

Yet evidence from around the world demonstrates that voluntary unpaid donors are the foundation of a safe blood supply because they are least likely to transmit potentially life-threatening infections, such as HIV and hepatitis viruses, to the recipients of their blood.

It is to these unsung heroes that World Blood Donor Day is dedicated.

Throughout my life, I have donated about 14 times – 450 ml per donation, thus about 6 litres in total. Human being has an average 5 litres of blood in their body – so over the years, I have donated enough to cover the complete blood storage of one person.

But that is a lousy record if you ask me. For one, I start donating rather late in my life (I got really serious starting 2006). I should have started earlier but better something than nothing – least I started. There are friends and family members who still dread the very thought of having needles poked into their body and a small amount of blood taken. For these people – I have to say what Russell Peters have said in his comedy – “be a man!”

Another is the lousy frequency of blood donation – one is eligible for blood donation every 56 days (normally we round it to 3 months) but if you look at my blood donor’s book, there are frequency that extends 6 months. If I am on overseas projects, I can forget about blood donation and by the time I come back, it will be months before I go for blood donation. As I said, I have a lousy record when it comes to blood donation  but I trying to maintain a consistent one lately.

But whenever possible, I go for blood donation once the 3 months is up – the benefits are numerous (extracted from various sources in the net):-

  • In Malaysia, it allows for free medical and admission (to second or first class wards) in Government hospitals. The actual time frame of the free medical is usually stated at the back pages of the donor book.
  • Free Hepatitis B vaccine injection (if you do it in private clinics, it will cost you more than RM100)
  • Free breakfast and parking (just in case you are in the hospital for some other business and you want to get a free parking and meal)
  • Reduced risk of heart diseaseDr. Harvey Klein speculates that giving blood regularly reduces the amount of iron in the bloodstream. While iron is an important element and necessary for human life, too much iron may actually damage the heart and circulatory system. Dr. Klein and others believe that reducing blood iron through regular blood donation is a healthy way to potentially lower your risk of heart disease
  • Reduction of cholesterol in your blood (this is my own reasoning – if Dr. Klein talks about iron in the blood, the same can be said about cholesterol in the blood, right?). Another source states “donating blood in regular intervals helps in controlling the level of cholesterol by escalating the process of plasma creation within the body”
  • You burn 650 calories when donating 1 pint of blood – easy workout whilst lying down and watching the TV
  • It allows the body to replenish with new red blood cells – why work with old, aged cells when you can do better with new cells?

Of course, the biggest benefit is an opportunity to help someone in distress. Blood donated can be used for critical surgeries, emergencies cases and also for burn victims. It saves lives and it does not need us to spend a lot of money and in the same run, it is healthier for us. So, don’t have second thoughts on wanting to donate blood.

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Flashback – 2009

It is the time of the year again for a quick review of the path that this blog have taken throughout the year 2009.

(The maestro finally grabbing the Oscars for his music for Slumdog Millionaire in 2009 – image source: http://gudies.wordpress.com)

Read past flashbacks:-

January 2009

February 2009

  • The lopsided agreement is out in the open
  • Nagesh, the veteran comedian passed away
  • The state of Perak and Malaysians as whole got screwed
  • Call for Elizabeth Wong to step down after comprising photos was leaked in the net
  • Dr M said Malaysians cannot be Malaysians unless they think like Malaysians
  • Slumdog Millionaire won 8 Oscars!

March 2009

April 2009

May 2009

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September 2009

October 2009

November 2009

  • In the anticipation for NaNoWriMo 2009, I managed to complete my 2008 story in full
  • Hindraf rally was remembered
  • After 50,131 words, I managed to pass the NaNoWriMo 2009’s finishing line

December 2009

Hope to have a good year in 2010

Happy New Year and Happy Holidays everyone!