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One for the weekend – Cartoonist Zunar says it all with this brilliant piece. He has missed a couple more brains. Cartoon source: Zunar / Malaysiakini


Be Afraid of….“Undilah”

Certainly it is not the first time they have done something that defies logic.

Interestingly in a country that is bent to promote greater democracy, the above non-partisan, urging fellow Malaysians to register themselves and vote video seems to have been blocked. More story here.

Bernama says that the withdrawal is due to the video yet to get approval from the Film Censorship Board but in Malaysiakini, it is reported “Media reports on Sept 23, quoting unnamed sources, said the MCMC letter to broadcast giants Media Prima and Astro cited two reasons behind the ‘ban’: BN MP Tengku Razaleigh’s admission that Malaysia was facing problems and the appearance of opposition politicians

Whatever the reason may be, it once again paints a bad picture on the Government. What is it that makes them to be very afraid of this video? The same happened way before the start of Bersih 2.0.

This is why Najib’s recent announcement to repeal draconian laws like ISA when elections are around the corner is met with high skepticism. This is why many are thinking that the Government is delaying the reforms to the election process as called by Bersih 2.0. That is why we need to vote for a better Government.

Tengku Razaleigh admitted that Malaysia was facing many problems and said we know what were the problems – I guess, at the top of the list, having too many immature and paranoid politicians and public servants must be one of them.

No matter what, Malaysia is our beloved country – do the best for her.

Con Jobs

(Ya, it is just a joke but the reality of things is conman can come in many forms and can strike when you least expected. Image source: http://punditkitchen.wordpress.com)

Seriously, reading the daily newspaper can be a frightening thing early in the morning these days!

Just read some of these stories:-

A woman who fell for a con artist’s sob stories on Facebook ended up being cheated of RM1.1mil (source)


A syndicate has cheated several companies of millions by placing orders using post-dated cheques and then disappearing with the goods. The cheques, meanwhile, are not honoured (source)


A woman is claiming that she was cheated of RM13,000 by a policeman who promised to secure bail for the release of her two sons, detained for alleged involvement in motorcycle theft. (source)

In the past, in addition to the abuse of tax-payers money by the locals, such con jobs are usually confined to emails from daughters or widows of a purported dictator or some politicians who had died leaving millions in the bank and with “sincere” request for a small fee to get the money out. Reward for this small help can be indeed very rewarding – millions dollars to be shared. Read:-

Ya, I even got an email from the FBI

Perhaps some stories can be too convincing indeed but on the other hand, the question also arises on whether we have been closing one eye to the influx of conmen and criminals into this country?

In the case of the woman who lost RM1.1 million to the conmen, the police acted fast and managed to arrest 2 Nigerians, 2 Bangladeshis and undisclosed number of locals. There was no surprise to note that there were Nigerians involved in this scheme. The Africans masquerading as students has been let loose in this country for a very long time now and you sometimes wonder how these students from poor impoverished countries who at times can’t even speak proper English can be driving luxury cars couple of months after they had arrived here.

The number of the Africans near my housing areas has been steady growing – perhaps they are indeed students but at times, they do show their ugly side of their character.

Then I read this in Malaysiakini which was another surprise:-

Malaysia has begun taking fingerprints from foreigners entering the country in a bid to prevent illegal immigrants coming in using fake papers, an official said today.

After the famed 9-11 tragedy, many governments around the world talked about implementing biometrics validation as another mean to nab known terrorists before they could do something sinister. Malaysia on the other hand probably felt that it is not necessary to the same considering we are in the safe part of the world. But all the while, we have been having problem with illegal immigrants. But why we did not start fingerprinting back then? Whilst we tried other means of enforcement like securing our borders, we never added fingerprinting as part of the arsenal against foreign criminals and terrorists.

However, it is better now than too late even though fingerprinting is only going to run on trial basis. NST quoted the Immigration Department Director General saying that 3% of the 24.4 million foreigners who visited the country in 2010 had been involved in various crimes. I wonder how many of them, the so-called students from the sub continent of Africa.

This measure will not however stop foreigners from committing crimes – we need to buck up on all other measures as well like better policing, better surveillances and investigations, better education and strict banking policies but perhaps we should be more diligent as well. It may sound unfortunate but when it come to dealing with foreigners and money, we may put on the distrust hat and triple check the “way too convincing” stories which if not checked, could make us lose millions. It is ok to be paranoia because this is how the world has come to be.

After all, we are closer to the end of the world

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Quote of the Day: Statesman

(“What is the difference between a statesman and a politician?… A statesman does what he believes is best for his country, a politician does what best gets him re-elected” – Mikhail Gorbachev)

(How to determine who is a real statesman? Cartoon source: http://www.zanetti.net.au)

Who is Dr M, really?

Rocky calls him the Statesman and the DPM even goes on to say:-

“…for us (in the Barisan Nasional), we place priority on human values and give due respect to a statesman who has sacrificed a lot for the country, no matter what his views may be on various issues”


To many of the younger generations like me, Dr M was THE best Prime Minister todate (we did not “experience” Malaysia under the previous Prime Ministers although some would say Tunku Abdul Rahman’s time was still best of all). Pak Lah started off well but he was more known for his in-actions (famously his sleepiness) instead of for his actions.

Najib have good ideas (in fact, he have great ideas and putting Idris Jala in charge of the improvement on the delivery system was one of them) but implementation of those ideas is yet to be seen in real action (all that is needed is for some NGOs to make noise, implementation of solid ideas is scaled back).

So, for many of us, there is no doubt that if one to ask about the statesman who is still alive, the majority of the answer would be Dr M – he has done a  lot of positive things for this country (he has done a lot of negative things for the country as well). But lately, Dr M has been in the news for the wrong reasons (read this and this– it is hilarious), so much so, a reader in Malaysiakini commented:-

We’ll hail Dr M as statesman when he behaves like one…

That made the quote of the day…

It’s good to hear Dr M is out of the hospital but it will do a lot good for the country as whole if he leaves the dirty politics to those in power and work towards a stronger and united Malaysia as a true statesman.

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Subsidy Gone But…Part 3

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This is the exact sentiment on the “ground”:-

If subsidies are removed, there will be more money for the government to distribute to its ‘goons’, says a Malaysian

(Source: Malaysiakini)

This is because there are too many “leeches” still have their money sucking mouth attached to the Government of the day.

What we worry is that once the subsidies are gone, the people are going to pay more and any money saved is going go for the well connected goons’ to sustain their lavish lifestyle (and probably make more millions on the sideline).

Can the Government assure that every single cents saved from subsidies will go directly (or indirectly) into the people’s pockets? Can the Government be accountable and transparent on how the subsidies saved is utilised? Can they?