Hulu Selangor Poser 3

UPDATE: The link to post at Putera MIC is dead now but the paragraph is reproduced verbatim below. Perhaps someone at Putera MIC noted the “problem” and took it down. But still enjoy the original paragraph below – still a classic.

Kind of waiting for this type of nonsense to crop up sooner or later…

One can flower up their leaders to some extent but I guess this kind of flowering has gone over the roof.

From Putera MIC (please ignore the various spelling errors, all in one paragraph and grammar mistakes by them):-

Why P Kamalanathan is the correct candidate for Hulu Selangor?

Chief Kamalanthan has been active in politics since age of 18 year’s old where grownup from grassroots to a position where he is now. Kamalanathan’s Chief of Putera MIC is equal to a battalion’s of army, he has assist many youth’s to a correct path, helping poor students to achieve their ambition. He is a man who really cares for the people. Being like a big brothers to friends & family s this man has made few program which made most of our indian festival in limelight. He has organized National ponggal celebration, Muruku for charity , Forum’s for IPTA and IPTS students , the most record attempt program was doing kolam at up of the KL tower. Such a program’s made MIC and putera MIC top in flash news. We dont just talk, please see this images and link that we have provided.

Let me highlight what I thought was really weird:-

He has organized National ponggal celebration, Muruku for charity , Forum’s for IPTA and IPTS students , the most record attempt program was doing kolam at up of the KL tower

(The MIC man hard at work – 20 more murukus and you will get to stand for Parliament seat? Ya, right! Image source: Putera MIC)

Is this what Hulu Selangor voters really need? A guy who is good in organising events revolving murukkus and kolams? Nothing else to talk about this man?

Putera MIC bloggers may have good intentions but their act of trying to flower up their Putera leader for the up-coming elections seems to have gone the wrong way. What is Kamalanathan’s achievements when it comes to economic problems, social problems, etc. Telling that he had “assisted many youth’s to a correct path” is too general. I too have “assisted many youth’s to a correct path” – can I stand in for the Hulu Selangor by-elections as well?

Kamala is not a household name for many of us. So, if MIC is intending to introduce the man based on these “achievements”, then I have wish them, all the best. They going to need every scrape of luck they can find.

Looking at this, Pakatan Rakyat’s Zaid have far better qualities than the Putera MIC chief. Then again, with Samy Vellu still at the driver seat at MIC, one is not surprised. Again, it is the question of getting quality representatives for the people and seriously, Zaid Ibrahim has a lead on this.

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Snippets – 16 April 2010

(The one that got screwed for Hulu Selangor by-elections, both Samy and Palanivel – Image source:

Kamala vs Zaid

After some ‘interesting’ delays and threats of sabotage, BN finally decided on their choice for Hulu Selangor by-election (I am pretty sure G. Palanivel did not back off so easily, after all, didn’t the MIC branches in Hulu Selangor threaten sabotage if Palanivel did not contest the seat?).

Kamalanathan is young and one of the newer politicians coming into limelights but he is still MIC and he is still Samy Vellu’s picked man and a win for Kamalanathan means a win for Samy Vellu. This is something that the voters in Hulu Selangor have to consider when deciding whether to give that young man a chance to serve.

PKR MP Resigns

Before we consider the “merits’ of the state assemblyman for Bakar Arang in Kedah, Tan Wei Shu’s decision to resign, one need to consider this – what a PERFECT TIMING to announce the resignation! With 2 by-elections at hand, Tan Wei Shu picked the right time to make the announcement. That in effect puts a bad image on Pakatan Rakyat (see how BN manipulating this news). Good going, Tan!

And just look at reason given for resignation – another internal conflict within the party member (or in his words “certain leaders in PKR had used him for their own interests”). What a cock a mania bull shit is this?

TheStar quote him saying:-

“….saying that I’m incapable and not doing my work, when I have a proven a track record in serving the people for the past two years”

If he has the backing of his constituents, why he just quit talking cock and remained as an ordinary state assemblyman and continue with his ‘good work”? Internal pressure may exist in any environment – you can complain about it to the leaders at state level and if that fails, probably bring it to the leaders at national level but that does not mean you quit the party and cause one seat less in the state assembly.

But then again, this could be a blessing in disguise for PKR to continue with its housekeeping before the next general elections.

(The right message for many motorcyclists who think their helmet-less kids on their bike is crash-proof)

Motorcyclist & Kids

I had encounter with another idiot on the road last night but this time with a motorcyclist who had a child sitting on the front basket and had no helmets.

He was waiting at an inner lane, waiting to cut across the main lane. There were other cars at the inner lane, patiently waiting for the traffic on the main lane to clear for them to cut in. Not this motorcyclist – he was so impatient waiting, he decided to cut in just when I about to drive past this inner lane junction. If I had not braked hard, it is likely that the child would have been under my car, probably squashed to bits.

Good thing I managed to brake hard and the motorcyclist missed my car. Before I could get down and give a piece of my mind, the idiot sped off with the kid still sitting on the front basket.

What is it with motorcyclists and their reckless act of taking children along? If possible, don’t take kids on motorcycle but if that is not possible (especially for some poor folks), at least get the kids children helmets and be extra careful when riding the bikes (no sudden moves).

Myprocurement Portal Boo Boo

Interesting revelations of the information listed in the portal been made by PR’s Tony Pua and one wondered just how much of public fund went down the drain with hiked up contract amount (see the report here).

The Government however reverted by saying that there are typo errors and will be taking the steps to rectify them. That sounds good but where is the typo error? Basic language, perhaps spelling and grammar errors? Or on the contract amount itself? We hope that it is on the contract amount because some of the amount stated is worrying.

Contract amount like this:-

According to Pua, there is another contract worth RM77,920,599.20 which has already been highlighted in the Malaysian Insider, a project to build a hostel for 200 male and female students at SMK Kuala Jenderis, Hulu Terengganu which was awarded to Rafa Sepakat Sdn Bhd. He (Idris) said that, in Hulu Terengganu, it is actually cheaper to buy a RM380,000 luxury bungalows for each of the 200 students

Typo error or is this just a tip of the iceberg on cases of misuse of public fund?

Hulu Selangor Poser 1

(Samy Vellu’s right hand man – G. Palanivel, the MIC man who is likely to stand for BN in Hulu Selangor. Image source:

I attended a “Valaikappu” function for a distant cousin who is an expectant mother last week

I was not involved in the actual function at the relative’s house (after all it is an all-ladies event) but being the unofficial driver at home, I agreed to drive my mom and wife for shopping of the items to be presented to the young Mom for the function. Then in the evening, drove them and one of my Aunties to the house. When reached the house compound, I saw the guys were all sitting under a tent on the outside (signs of things getting boring for the guys inside the house) whilst all the ladies were inside the house with the young mom taking the centre stage.

Thankfully some of the guys who were “waiting’ on the outside were known to me – uncles and cousins. So, things were not as boring as I had expected it to be. The up-coming by-election was one of the topics that we talked about as we waited for the ceremony inside the house to end and dinner can start. Having one of my uncles, who is also an active MIC member, made the topic on the by-election even more interesting (considering the rest of us are Pakatan supporters).

Dinner started rather late but we were not hungry as the conversations outside the house got more interesting (probably due to the fact that one of my cousins brought in crates of beer on the side). My pro-MIC uncle was confident that a MIC politician will be standing for the elections and was even more confident that MIC (and BN) will win the seat. He said that the support to Pakatan has been reducing ever since Najib took over from Mr Slumber and given the recent “changes” that Najib had brought in, things are looking up for BN.

Whilst the rest of us (who are anti-MIC) detest the thought of MIC winning the by-election (for the obvious reasons), we could not ignore that the steps that Najib have taken to consolidate his position. He been promoting on his 1Malaysia concept rather heavily and found many new believers (although the pro-Pakatan supporters still waiting on the fence to see where this concept will lead to) and recently came out with NEM which may turn out to be a killer policy for Najib.

Things has not been looking too rosy for Pakatan either – not when there has been major attacks within Pakatan from the ex-PKR men like Zulkifli Noordin and Zahrain Hashim who maximise the muddling of Pakatan image before leaving the party to be independent MPs. After a long delay and inaction, PKR finally took action against these two but by then, the damage has been done. The good thing is these two characters left the party and provided the party to do a real opportunity to do spring cleaning and ensure only quality people are around to represent the people.

Hulu Selangor may turn out to be litmus test on the people’s confidence on Najib and to his policies. If that happens, Pakatan need to relook into how they can sustain the people’s confidence on them and is able to retain if not win more seats to bring in real change.

Hulu Selangor by-election is scheduled on 25 April 2010 – there is not much time left for Pakatan to get their act up.

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Extra SPM Papers

Sometimes I truly don’t understand some people and their true intentions especially when one is having politicians in the picture…

(SPM students with their results – Image source:

First read these Malaysiakini news snippets:-

QUIT! NGOs tell MIC, MCA, Gerakan ministers – The NGOs are peeved with their failure to speak up in the interest of the Chinese and Indian communities over the SPM controversy.

Let PM resolve SPM ruling controversy – MIC president S Samy Vellu has asked all parties disputing the Education Ministry’s latest SPM ruling to give time to the prime minister to resolve it.

Vernacular examination not acceptable, says Dr Subra – The MIC vice-president says he is not agreeable to the suggestion by the Education Ministry that schools conduct their own vernacular examinations for SPM students.

Quit! DCM tells ‘deaf’ Education DG – Continuing to see red over the ’10 subject’ cap for SPM, Penang’s P Ramasamy accuses Alimuddin of not listening to the people.

Rally against 10-subject cap for SPM – About 30 Indian-based NGOs will hold a rally on Dec 12 in protest against the government’s decision to cap the maximum number of SPM subjects at 10.

After several years in the making and general complaining, the Government have finally made the right move of restricting the number of subjects that student can take for SPM to 10 (or is it now 12 after some selfish quarters had make noise?).

Hopefully with this, gone the days when we see students with 18As or 20As for SPM who then have tough time getting seats in the local universities or unable to capitalise effectively on their hard earned exam papers.

Don’t get me wrong but forcing students to go all out to sit for all available SPM papers under the sun does not necessary make brilliant students in the end. In some cases, they may end nothing but ‘great memorisers’ or stressed out geeks.

The core subjects are already been covered namely Bahasa Melayu, English, Islamic Education or Moral Studies, History, Mathematics and Science. The students have another 6 papers for other subjects.

Students Point of View

Saying that one got 18As or 16As for SPM may look like that they are some ‘super whiz kid’ for some and seem to be a good excuse to be boasting around for some parents but is it really worth it?

Nut Graph posed this question:-

Why do SPM students take so many subjects? – Quest for knowledge or a race to obtain more straight As?

Would a student with 10As be any dumber compared to the students with 20As? What about their co-curriculum activities? What about their outlook on society and the country as whole? Would anyone care to answer?

(Exams can be very stressful and why need to add with more exam papers – image source:

Think of the stress and available time for revisions and learning of the subjects to be examined in SPM. Shouldn’t students be allowed to spend quality time on other things than just studying to sit for SPM and getting As which may worth nothing but a measure to gain into local universities?

Tamil School Point of View

It is rather strange to see an all-out fight for Tamil papers for SPM. No, it is not strange but rather laughable. It is nothing but very political in nature.

At the moment, especially for MIC, Pakatan Rakyat politicians and those “30 Indian based NGOs”, there are more pressing issues than just worrying of having Tamil as one of the subjects for SPM exams.

If you think about it, which is better for Tamil school students sitting for SPM – better school and facilities or more exam papers for Tamil?

(Classes done in school canteen and without proper chairs and tables – Image source: Malaysian Tamil Schools Blog)

For years, despite MIC gung-ho participation in Tamil schools administration (including one where the land designated for school was rumoured to be under the President’s name), quite a number of schools are still in sorry state – some with lack of facilities and space for students (remember classes held in canteen or cargo container or in some shop lot?).

Instead of shouting for one more paper for SPM, the politicians and NGOs should be shouting out for better facilities and teaching access. There is no lack of brilliant students wanting to learn and better themselves with good education. This is despite the sorry state of their schools and financial standing of their families.

Read this post that states the current sorry state of Tamil schools:-

There were about 10 students who are having transport problem coming to the school. Actually most of the students are from surrounding the estate.

One girl from standard 4, Thevadharshini who has other 6 siblings, whose alcoholic father had deserted them, was about to drop out of the school. Her mother had send the elder brother to a welfare home. Quick intervention from the Headmaster managed to keep her in school.

Everyday a teacher picks the girl up and drives her to the school and drops her back on the way home. I went through Thevadharshini’s records and she has scored nothing less then 90% in most of the subjects.

Throughout the 4 years, she has done well in the school.

(Source: Malaysian Tamil Schools Blog)

There are still many students especially in the estate located schools who do not have proper learning facilities, uniforms, transportation and meals. With almost everyone jumping to be IT savvy, there is a clear need for computers for the Tamil schools

Last Words

During my time, number of papers that we sat for in SPM was definitely less than 12 papers and despite higher passing marks and better quality of syllabus, many of us did not end up in the slums. Not doing more than 12 papers for SPM was not the end of world for us back then and it still should be so for current generation of students.

Let’s strive for quality instead of quantity for SPM and all exams at national level. Get better learning environment for our students. Times are changing – learning not necessary have to be endorsed in exam papers.

With advent of technology and many sources of information readily available at one’s finger tips, are we still going to decide the fate of our students on the number of papers that they sit for?

It is also time to revamp the whole education system in favour for common schools for all students.

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Hindraf Rally Remembered

(Government’s response to Hindraf’s 2007 Rally. Image source:

25th November 2009 marks the 2nd anniversary of the unprecedented street rally by Indians under the now “banned but not crippled” organisation called Hindraf in this country.

From Wikipedia:-

The 2007 Hindraf rally was a rally held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, on November 25, 2007.

The rally organizer, the Hindu Rights Action Force, had called the protest over alleged discriminatory policies which favour ethnic Malays. The rally was the second such street protest after the 2007 Bersih rally in Kuala Lumpur on November 10, 2007.

The rally started when a crowd estimated to be between 5,000 to 30,000 people gathered outside the Petronas Twin Towers at midnight, early Sunday morning. At least 240 people were detained, but half of them were later released.

Read Hindraf rally related posts:-

Hindraf protest – realistic way out?

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Hindraf – a thorn that won’t go away

When Hindraf took to the streets in November 2007, certainly it was not done overnight. Hindraf existed long before that and often in thick of actions when it comes to demolishment of temples particularly in the state of Selangor.

Hindraf is a coalition of 30 Hindu non-governmental organizations committed to the preservation of Hindu community rights and heritage in a multiracial Malaysia (source)

Demolishment of temples under the old Selangor MB, Khir Toyo was one of the catalysts for the organisation to take the matter to the streets.

The case against Hindraf

The rally itself was tainted with accusations of being highly racist (that it only takes care of Indians and not Malaysians in general) and was not helped by the fact that Hindraf was trying to seek help from a foreign sovereign instead of the Malaysian King who in fact is our real sovereign (which many called it as treason on the highest order) and some of the demands in the full list of demands was worded too extreme and unreasonable.

The police at one point even painted that there was a connection between Hindraf and the Tamil Elam Tigers who were fighting for separate state in Sri Lanka but it was a case that was never proven to this day.

Hindraf vs MIC

One of the biggest implications of the Hindraf’s rally, in my opinion, was that it created a room for many Indians to start questioning the role of MIC when it comes to the welfare of Indians in this country. Long before there was general election and long before MIC realised the lost of Indian support in the ballot box, there was already Hindraf movement all over the country participating in prayers in the many temples and getting involved when there are any issues affecting the community.

Hindraf’s role in getting involved in the community’s issues was a role that I think MIC could have played more effectively but with older issues like the Telekom shares remains unsettled, many have lost confidence in MIC’s ability to continue to champion the plight of the community. Hindraf provided the alternative avenue. What more when there was a lack of coordination and solution provided when it faced with demolishment of temples in Selangor? This is why PKR, DAP and even PAS managed to grab the big swing in Indian voters during the general election.

Makkal Sakthi

Another implication that resulted from Hindraf rally and before that with Bersih and protest against toll hike was the high handedness of the government when it comes to dealing with dissent voices of the people. Instead of friendly dialogue, forum or close knit communication, the response was often come in form of arrests, tear gas, water cannon and arrogant discard of issues. The Hindraf leaders were promptly arrested under the ISA and spent almost 2 years in custody. There was a clear lack of engagement between the government with the people and the problems facing all Malaysians.

The cry “Makkal Sakthi” (or People’s Power) became famous battle cry during the last general election and it has impact on all walk of life (not limiting to Indians under Hindraf). As V mentioned in the movie V for Vendetta

“People should not be afraid of their governments. Governments should be afraid of their people”

Next chapter

Admittedly Hindraf is now seen has lost their core objective, mainly due to several reasons such as some of the states where they were very active such as Perak and Selangor have fallen into the opposition hands, there has been more swing towards Indian welfare and focus on the problems faced by the community by the government under Najib’s administration and more importantly, due to breakup of Hindraf itself into many small factions including one who formed their own political party.

Hindraf’s rally for right or wrong, did achieve one thing that it was meant to do – that is to create awareness, both for the government and for the Indians who been ignorant of the issues facing the community.

Thankfully things are better under the Pakatan Rakyat’s administration (except perhaps on the Kampung Buah Pala incident) and to some extent, under Najib’s administration.

It is hoped that the government irregardless it is from BN or PR, to engage the issues with more conviction and effective rather than silencing them in swift harsh actions. Otherwise, Malaysians will be far from being one as Bangsa Malaysia and street rallies like the one organised by Hindraf will be part of our daily life.

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Samy Vellu = MIC

It looks a case of Samy Vellu = MIC or rather MIC = Samy Vellu, forever and ever…

(Read my lips – I will resign if my No 2 man is ready but….. Image source:

Not a big fan of the ‘self claiming representatives’ of the Indian community (a mirage that was scattered by the Hindraf rallies) and whom backsides got whacked left, right and centre in the last general election but recent developments in calling the MIC supremo to stand down has been nothing but comical.

In recent months, if you have noticed, there has been a steady stream of attack against Samy Vellu – from the huge protest in last Maika shareholders’ meeting, the recent posts by Raja Petra on Samy Vellu, the recent disclosure of ‘what really happened’ with Maika shares, how Samy Vellu became the President due to missing votes and of course Dr M’s attacks on Samy Vellu.

What Dr M said about his ex-member in the cabinet was understandable but still a classic:-

‘In other countries, when a leader fails, he resigns voluntarily. In Japan, he commits harakiri (suicide). We are not asking him (Samy Vellu) to commit harakiri’.

(Source: Malaysiakini)

No one could be more direct than Dr. M but some people still don’t get the message, don’t they? Of course, that triggered the call for ‘shoe garland’ for Dr M but only after an overwhelming condemnation, Samy Vellu decided to act – the person who called for ‘shoe garland’ was swiftly disciplined and cornered Samy Vellu decided to throw in a challenge:-

MIC president Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu said he was prepared to hand over the leadership of the party “tomorrow” if his deputy Datuk G. Palanivel was ready to take over.

(Source: TheStar)

Samy Vellu preparing to leave the party was not something new – he have said many times and every time that happens, he is still in the helm of the party (I recall him saying the same thing – if the party members do not want him, he will leave).

The likelihood of Samy leaving with the issue of Maika shares still fresh on many frustrated Indians is very small. Remember Samy keep saying that he has some ‘unfinished business’ in MIC and therefore still hanging on to the post? The question is what is this unfinished business? Is it getting the Indians back on the prosperity or fortifying himself or getting things in order from future sanctions? If there is ‘unfinished business’, why can’t someone else take over and completes it? The argument of ‘unfinished business’ is getting too suspicious.

Well, that is what I think too – otherwise he would have left if not when UMNO’s Dr. M or MCA’s Lim Liong Sik left, at least when MIC got whacked in the last general election  – get the party revamped by someone new.

But no, he remained where he is and there is no sight of any change of guards at MIC at least for next few years.  There was talks of ‘rebranding’ but unsurprisingly it affected everyone else but him.

Then there was even pressure from the PM to get Samy Vellu to leave his seat and get someone else to take over. After all, both UMNO and MCA have changed their presidents since the departure of Dr. M, didn’t they?

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak said he would meet MIC president Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu for the second time this year to discuss the party’s succession plan.

(Source: NST)

But the thing is – no body believed Samy Vellu when he said he is prepared to leave and true to the predictions, Palanivel decided not to take Samy Vellu’s challenge and decided to remain a loyal, quiet pussy:-

MIC deputy president Datuk G. Palanivel has thrown the ball back to party chief Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu on when the long-serving MIC president will vacate the post.

(Source: TheStar)

Palanivel’s action to throw back the decision to vacant the president’s seat back to Samy was anticipated from day 1. After all, he is the president’s main man and next in line – surely he will not wish to ‘rock the boat’. So, while the battle for the pilot’s seat at MIC is still on-going (in the open and covertly), Najib have started to open another channel to reach out to the Indian community:-

The Prime Minister has accepted the invitation to launch the newly-formed Malaysia Makkal Sakti Party on Oct 10. The party, which was officially registered early this year, is a splinter group of the outlawed Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf) which organised anti-government rallies in November 2007.

(Source: TheStar)

Does this means another nail has been struck on the coffin on Samy’s attempts to still clinging on the president’s seat in MIC? Whatever it is, it remains comical to see a desperate man clinging on the post whilst fighting off the call to step down with promises to step down in near future.

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Politician’s Petty Cash

Things seems to be heating up for some seasoned politicians…

RPK has been talking a lot about Samy Vellu and how Indians got screwed in Malaysia Today – here and here (nothing fancy and much revolves around the well known Maika & MIED scandals). The “latest” evidence to surface is not so new – it was given to ACA way back in 1994 and they did nothing. Will MACC do the same?

(Khir Toyo’s 24 million mansion under investigation by MACC – Khir claims it is just Rm3.5 million, MACC  says RM5 million but the rakyat thinks both are wrong! Image source:

Another politician in the limelight these days is Khir Toyo, the ex-MB – one of many politicians who claimed to be squeaky clean from corruption and has done everything in the interest of the people.

TheStar reported

Former Selangor Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Dr Mohd Khir Toyo has been asked to be present at the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission office here to assist in investigations related to the purchase of his multi-million ringgit palatial home

Seriously, I doubt any action will be taken against the ex-MB – there have been many reports and incidents against the ex-MB but the old ACA and now MACC have yet to book him for anything serious. This is compounded by the mysterious letter that surfaced during the Teoh Beng Hock’s death inquest that Khir Toyo is in collusion with MACC.

Can we afford to continue to give MACC the benefit of doubt? Perhaps after the Teoh Beng Hock’s death, they may have buckled up.

At the same time, the issue of Balkis has resurfaced again when the High Court granted order to challenge the legality of the Registrar of Societies’ (ROS) decision to dissolve and de-register Balkis (the Wives of Selangor Elected Representatives Association) on Feb 11. The Selangor State Government may have another crack at uncovering the fishy financial transactions of Balkis once headed by Khir Toyo’s wife.

We all know what really happened in Balkis and so does the current State Government. The only one in the “dark” seems to be the enforcement authorities (MACC, police, AG, etc) and we also know why this is so and so does the State Government. That is why the investigations into Balkis’ affairs are taken through the SELCAT (Select Committee on Competence, Accountability and Transparency formed under the Selangor State Assembly) and not through the usual MACC (which has a lousy track record).

And if one recalls the financial fiasco under Balkis, one of the matters that were raised was this:-

Permodalan Negri Selangor Bhd (PNSB) spent almost RM1mil for a trip to France and Morocco taken by former Selangor Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Dr Mohd Khir Toyo and his entourage in 2004. The entourage included his wife Datin Seri Zaharah Kechik, their three children and Indonesian maid.

PNSB also paid an additional RM9,000 for Dr Khir and his family’s accommodation during a four-day transit in Dubai.

The inquiry heard that PNSB paid RM750,000 for Dr Khir’s trip to the United Stated in December 2007, which included tickets to Orlando Disneyland. An additional RM110,000 was spent on Dr Khir’s seven-night stay at a hotel suite in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Dr Khir and his family also flew first class, said Khairiyah, adding that the entourage visited Miami Beach, Los Angeles and the Kennedy Space Center. On why the trips were conducted during the school holidays, Khairiyah said Dr Khir, then PNSB chairman, had fixed the dates.

Stand back and see these blatant spending of public funds from a view of taxpayers who are working hard to pay rent for house, transportation, food and children’s education (and whatever balance for their savings for retirement).

Taxpayers who are expecting their hard earned money to be used for improvement of schools, roads and transportation, not to be used by some politicians, who thinks that it is their God given rights, to plunder and use the money for their own.

The last thing we expect is for the hard earned taxpayers’ money used by some bastards to bring his wife, children and maid for overseas holidays – flying, staying and dining in the finest places. And when called for accountability, shrugs off the issue and remains unanswerable and unaccountable.

If Khir Toyo had paid for these trips from his own savings, then one would have appreciated it (provided it can be proven) but the fact is it was not. It was paid for using public funds. There was a clear cut of conflict of interest and misuse of public funds. What suppose to be accountability to the rakyat turned into political hide-and-seek and wayang kulit (shadow play) and the people are not happy about this (one reason which Khir was kicked out from the MB seat).

For this very reason, the current State Government should not stop pursuing the missing funds and bring these slime balls in the corrupt out in the open for the public to see, judge and strung them high on a pole. Taxpayer’s money is not an endless money pit to be abused by politicians and get away with it.

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