Out with 2016, In with 2017


(Close your eyes and think for a second – are we doing the right things? Are we saying the right things? Are we putting ourselves in others shoes? Image source: http://www.coolnsmart.com)

The year 2016 came to a close with a bang – an accident!!

Couple of days before the end of 2016, on my last working day for the year, I got up as usual at about 6.45 am (because of school holidays) and at about 7.30 am, I left the house with a relaxed mind. The roads were clear and I was looking forward on the long holidays for the new year and thereafter. My son had orientation day on the last day of the year and I was looking forward to that as well.

As how I have passed the toll plaza in the same manner I had passed them in the last 10 years or so, I arrived at the toll plaza with almost a clear traffic. It was evident that a lot of people was on leave. I almost reached the toll booth when suddenly I noticed another car from my right. It happened in just seconds – I had no time to slam the brakes or even press the horn. I only managed to twist the steering to the left before the car came in the front of me, slamming on the front of my car with a loud crashing sound. I knew that I had a bad accident. The good thing was the engine was still running, the airbag was not triggered (means the damage was not so bad) and more importantly I was safe & did not have any injuries other than my pride and a minor headache.

Reeling from shock, I came out of the car to inspect the damage – the bumper was almost fell off and the right side of my car’s front fender was badly mangled. The hood was dented and badly scratched. The radiator’s coolant reservoir broke and lying on the road. The headlights were still working but the plastic cover was broken in thousand pieces. The mud guard was half covering the tire and making it hard to move the car. The other car did not fared better. After a brief chat (basically accusing each other in a very gentlemen manner), we had to move our cars to the side of the highway and wait for the tow trucks. Good thing the traffic was still low and I had no problem driving another 50 meters with the bumper half scrapping the road.

To cut the story short, me and the other driver discussed further and finally decided that the other driver will pay for the cost of repair. There was a reason why he could not bring his car to the police station to report the accident (no reasons given) and considering that I can expect my car to be repaired earlier (like within a week compared to 3 – 4 weeks if under insurance claim), I agreed to his proposal. I only had 2 conditions that he agreed in writing – no cost whatsoever to me and all parts must be original & new. He agreed and by 11 am, my car was towed to his friend’s workshop for initial assessment of the damage and to start the necessary repair works. And the other driver kept his promise – my car was repaired within a week and the parts were new & original. By the time I got the car back, it looked almost brand new. Even the drive and handling did not deteriorate despite the accident.

Perhaps I could consider this a bad closure in 2016 but a good start in 2017, so personally for me things was not so bad but we are still a long way from a good start for this country as whole, don’t you think so?

With the “Ringgit” not doing so well at the currency exchange and the cost of living spiralling up, 2017 is going to be a big challenge for many of the middle class families in this country including your truly. Early indications of the high cost of living was very evident when I headed over to my kids’ school end of last year and noticed that the school fees somehow had tripled compared to the previous years and this is even before the official start of school semester. But for good measures, I have decided to increase the daily allowance for my kids – I have a strong feeling that the school canteen is not going to sell cheap to the students in the coming months. Work wise, it will be an interesting year for me as I have added content management under my portfolio. It is a bit like doing “blogging” for the company on a daily basis. And that itself may inspire me to find enough time and space to kick-start my personal blog and maintain it on a more regular basis (I say may as even this first post for 2017 took more than a week to be drafted and posted).

Considering that the general elections may be conducted soon this year (if one follows the rumors lately), it will be challenging for the country as whole – do expect an increase of the unexpected and the dumbest statements & actions by our local “heroes”. On the other hand, the attempts to sweep the 1MDB fiasco under the carpet, well remains futile – not when a couple of bankers have jailed in Singapore and more will be booked in the coming weeks. Things are not right in this country at the moment and there is no clear plan from the leaders of this country to hold the bull by the horns and tackle the real issues. It will be a monumental effort to make the change at the top immediately but we need to start to start somewhere from the bottom. Just look at the majority of us – how many of us demand the highest quality of services and products and takes steps to provide highest quality of services and products. How many of us act and say things that reflects one’s embrace of rule of law and high morals.

It will take time, I know and different people adhere to different standards of morality and adherence to the law. But can we start at the lowest level of standards?

Let me give you an example – couple days ago, I was coming back from work and it was late at night. At the traffic light, a motorcyclist overtook me and waited in from of me. His rear lights was not working and he had a pillion rider with him and she was holding a baby. Now seeing families with babies on motorcycles is not new but the rider risking himself, his wife and his baby by riding in the dark is not acceptable. How much it takes to change a bulb? And lately I am seeing more bikes and cars with faulty rear lights. Another example that is a pain the neck and it does not cost a thing to get it rectified, is not putting up the indicators when changing lanes. What need to be done for these arrogant people to start putting on the indicators when they want to change the lane? What it will take to recognise what some politicians say or do is dumb, dangerous and is outright lie and voice the disapproval of it? Does it really need one to think and do irrationally when it comes to the issue of race & religion – two simple tools that is often used by politicians and politically charged NGOs?

I am sure that all agrees that the whole system needs a complete overhaul and the longer we drag our feet, the longer we deem low standards as acceptable., the longer we don’t voice our dissatisfaction and say wrong is wrong, the longer we will see this country deteriorates to the worst level. We need to start to make things right and we need to start with ourselves first. We lack the urgency and priority to look at things and see which of it needs our attention the most. In short, we need to shed the “tidak-apa” attitude and start demanding things to be accountable.

That should be our one and only resolution for the new year…


2013 – Expectations & Targets

book cabinet

(The overloaded book cabinet that is long due to get a “partner” – the sign was obvious when we started to see books all over the place. And we have targeted this year to get one and reorganise the area into a mini-library )

Happy New Year to all and welcome! So, what’s I am expecting in 2013?

We will have the big Boss’ 1st year birthday to celebrate this year and compared to the one we did for our son (the other Boss) many years ago (although we made it up for his 2nd birthday), we were thinking of doing it on a larger scale with friends and family and probably save the trouble of cooking for all by just engaging a proper caterer. The problem is to find the right place to have this celebrations – doing it in the house is the obvious option for now but it may not be enough to accommodate all if we are going to “formally” do this one (parking would be chaos too). And if we are going to do one for new Big Boss, we also need to do a similar one for the other big Boss, just to be fair (we might combine the two celebrations to cut cost & time and make it a lot easier for guests too). Anyway we still have a couple of months to decide and plan for this birthday bash – we just need to pull our resources to finalise them. I am sure we will get plenty of suggestions. And we can’t wait to share the new Boss’ experience of growing up in the same manner we had with our son (we still do and we are loving every moment of it).

My son has moved up into the “first class” this year and we are all well aware of the intense competition and high expectations (from the teachers) in that class for the top places. We are also well aware of the fact that if he did not do well this year, he will be moved out from the “first class” to other “lower class” next year. Actually we are not very concern with this “first class” – “lower class” issue. Education can come in all forms and manners and the status of class means nothing to any students who are hard-working, all rounders and well understands the subject matters. And we are more than happy if son gets good marks (to go to college) and the education that will be useful in his future. And we know that he can keep up with his friends in the same class if he wants to if he spends more on school books than on his comic books & games. So this year, a small change of strategy needed in making sure he spends more time on his writing, school books and homework and us spending more time to check on his school work and tutor him if we find any weaknesses.

For this year, we are also intending to add another book cabinet before end of the year and turn the small family area upstairs into a mini library (we already calling the existing book cabinet “the library” but it would be better if we can get the books more organised). My son has been stacking up more books in his room and because we don’t have enough space in our current book cabinet, it is taking up precious space at his cabinet where he is also keeping his school books. And it has come to a stage where we are now stacking up books in 2 rows and on top of each other in the book cabinet. So another book cabinet is a must before we have the 2013 Big Bad Wolf Book sales starts at end of the year (another event to look out for in 2013), otherwise my wife is going to see more books lying all over the place and I know how much she hates me making the house “dirty”. Creation of a mini library would also mean that we need to rearrange the prayer altar for the book cabinets & maybe a couple of soft sofas and work on better lighting to make the reading more pleasurable (to make it an ideal corner for reading).


(2012 may been the Mayan’s end of the calendar year which thankfully did not happen but hopefully this 2013 would be prepper’s year to be one notch better than last year. Picking up from the news report on last year’s doomsday excitement, it should not be the end of prepping and getting ready for disasters in the future)

2013 would also be my target year to be a complete prepper where I hoped that we will be self-sustaining on food, water and others (maybe with improvements on security as well) for at least couple of months. Think about it – we barely into 2013 and we already facing a serious disruption of water supply – a basic need for all living things and despite it has been raining cats & dogs for some of the days, there seems to be plenty of finger-pointing as to who to take the blame (in this case, the contention that Syabas should take the complete blame for poor maintenance of the pumps makes a lot of sense). I have a colleague who did not have running water in his housing area for the last 2 weeks and he has 2 school-going children to take care and things are not getting any better even now (the latest news reports states that this situation is going to last way in February – imagine the havoc on Chinese New Year celebrations and then we had warnings of typhoon Sonamu hitting the East Coast states with a possible spill-over to West Coast (so, another round of flash floods?). Anyone recall when was the last time we had major warning on the some tropical storms hitting our shores? And I am not talking about the yearly “musim tengkujuh” warning. Is it going to be sign of things to come? Would prepping be part and parcel of our normal routine in the coming months? With a constant threat of water disruption (and now the weather), perhaps we should start with prepping of water for a longer time period and that is what I am targeting for this year.

Oh yes, we will likely to see the general elections to be held this year and it will be interesting to see on whether Pakatan can still to hold on to the states of Selangor and Penang which BN lost back in 2008. After all, they have been pretty “busy” for the past years since 2008 campaigning Pakatan as a bad choice for Selangor instead working themselves to be better choice for the people. It will also be interesting to see whether BN can regain the lost two-third in the Parliament (a place where they have been kept on their toe by the increased and well coordinated oppositions). However the fact that the Selangor State Government resisted the implementation of AES in the state (with dumb politicians failing to see the bigger picture) is more than enough for me to turn to the dark side and vote for BN. The Pakatan fellows may have their merits in resisting the AES implementation but the longer they resist without a solution in sight meant lawlessness on Malaysian roads will continue with dire results. Whatever it is, we need to be prepared for face dirty politics as part of our daily life until and perhaps after the dust had settled after the general election (we saw the same thing in 2008 – remember the Perak fiasco? I hope you still remember it – it was a case of law of the jungle at the highest order).

One thing is certain at this point of time in 2013 – we will not be a developed country by 2020, not in the next short 7 years that we have (there are too many things to be undone and done and I don’t see the political will-power to take drastic actions), not when we don’t have broad minded politicians who can see the bigger picture (some still living in the Stone Age and insist on others to follow them too), not when we are still lack in areas of enforcement & management of resources and certainly not when we continue to segregate the people by race and religion (unless something drastic happens in this year). The ex-PM, Tun Dr M can go to his grave knowing that his vision 2020 remained as a vision and nothing more.

Counting down into the 8th year of blogging, it has been one a good way for me to relieve stress and provide a good mental exercise (another has been reading a good book). And speaking of stress, 2013 seems to be a good year to relook into the topic of health and well-being. It is something I started at the end of last year – eating less outside and bringing food from home. Since the birth of the baby and until the time is right for my wife to go back to work, (since she had to wake up in morning to make milk for the baby) she decided to prepare food for my daily lunch. Nothing special or difficult – last night leftovers and something simple & hot in the morning and with less oil, salt and carbohydrate and more protein. Money saved from daily lunch (and breakfast) is re-used to buy fresh vegetables and fish (which is not getting cheaper by the way), so in a way I am getting a bigger boost for health from the same amount of money. It is not about me going for dieting (it will not work) but rather eating more balanced, healthy food, something that sometimes is difficult to get in your local mamak stall. The other aspect of getting healthy is exercise and that is something I have not really planned on anything specific other than take up more time to play badminton with my son in the evening on weekends and do more housework (cleaning & painting the house).

Let’s see how things moving on as we proceed further in 2013…

Flashback – 2012

Read past flashbacks

(One for 2012 – the year ended with a blast from DAP. Some call it as lame, some call it desperate and some call it cheap but for me, it is simply brilliant. Forget the political message in the video – look out for the funnier side of it. The scene with the “fat momma” was a gem)

There has been a significant change for this blog in 2012. For one, I have decided to focus more on the content than on quantity of posts per week. But then again, the number of post have been dropping since 2011 but in 2012, I try to do one at least a week. Having not enough time (at most times) to draft up something for the blog was the main reason for this – yes, it would be great if I could one post a day but who has the time when one has 2-3 projects running at the same time (and managing the family at the same time).

The second change has been the shift in focus from politics to prepping. Of course one cannot run away from talking politics especially with the general elections coming up soon but admittedly this is getting a bit tiring with not much changes to both sides striving on trivial issues rather than real one facing the nation (come on lah, surely the issue of a truckload of Nigerian “students” coming over and turning the country into a global drug distribution centre must be far more important than who some aged politicians screwed last night). And talking about prepping, I ventured on it not because the world was ending in 2012 (although it was a good excuse to use) but rather it is fast becoming reality of things especially after we had welcomed a newest member of the family this year.

With that, let’s glance through the various issues that this blog went through in 2o12

January 2012

Anwar acquitted from Sodomy 2.0 but still not free from scandals (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
  • It was indeed a year of reckoning in 2012 within the end of the world “scheduled” at end of the year. If it is true, then how we are going to face it in December, would dependant on how we taking the first steps in January.
  • The Opposition Leader, Anwar Ibrahim was acquitted from Sodomy 2.0 and saved him from sleepless nights before the next general elections
  • A review on Shankar’s Nanban – a local version of the hit “3 Idiots” which I personally thought was a poor executed despite it being a complete cut and paste of the hit version in Hindi (p.s. I accidentally saw it again last week and I realize that it was worse than I had initially estimated but thankfully Vijay redeemed himself in Thuppaki).

February 2012

  • Nokia brought the much needed firmware update to its ageing Symbian 3 OS which propelled my struggling N8 to be in par with Android and iOS phones. It was not perfect though, the apps store was in a sorry state and some of the hardware was still of the old specifications but at least it made it worth to hold on to the N8 (it still has the best cameras and it has a great aluminium body) for a couple more months.
  • Award winning singer and actress, Whitney Houston passed away this year
  • The much anticipated MCA – DAP political debate unfortunately turned into a circus show reflecting quite badly on the organizers and MCA

March 2012

  • I wrote about my observations on what I saw after my son insisted on going to the playground and I still could not understand why anyone would bring along their big blurry dog to the playground where some small children running around, playing without any parents in sight
  • Part 24 of the Childhood Memories Series saw a blast from the past on the various radio sets that we had since I was young
Ubuntu’s major update – version 12.04 Precise Pangolin (Photo credit: melenas1414)

April 2012

  • The fact that some matured, experienced politicians can act pretty dumb is not new but the question is for how long we going to tolerate one especially after in 7 years time, we suppose to be a developed nation. Elections is around the corner – forget winnable candidates as the key criteria for picking the right one to represent you. Start with one that think and speak intelligently.
  • Ubuntu released their next major update to their popular Linux distribution (the 12.04 was later upgraded to 12.11). The changes was not so drastic but as in case of any updates, I did the necessary to ensure my “backup OS” have moved up accordingly and learned a thing or two on what need to be done when the internet gets disconnected half way through the update and a reboot shows update errors.

May 2012

  • DAP have always claimed themselves as multi race party but it still lacked a bigger and active participation of the Malay party members and having it labelled as a Chinese chauvinist party by some was not helpful either. It’s catch-22 situation for DAP with them finding hard to get more Malay members and without a large Malay member base, finding it tougher to find to find more Malay members. So when the respectful Tunku Abdul Aziz Tunku Ibrahim to leave the party after a dispute on Bersih 3.0, it was considered as a major setup to DAP’s effort to attract more Malays to its wings
  • Ugly side of racism and religion intolerance shows up in school and it is sad that some of us are still tolerating this nonsense and even worse, instilling the wrong values to our children. When will some people grow up and realise that they don’t have a monopoly on the thing called race and religion.

June 2012

  • Are we better off in Malaysia or another country when it comes to point where we need to prepare for the end of the world as we know it? We do have some shortcomings when compared to some other countries like America (it is not easy to get automatic assault rifles here in case you are wondering) but we should also capitalise on advantages that we have in Malaysia – we have very few natural disasters at hand and politically we are still stable (even though there’s a dire need to clean it up)

    No it is not a picture of Pandas screwing each other but of a Government screwing its people (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
  • No end to wasteful endeavours by the Government – this time, planning to blow millions just to keep some mainland Chinese happy. Ya, ther have a huge economy to tap into but what’s the point spending millions when our own economy is still finding it’s stable grounds. There was no end to dumb politicians as well – telling that pretty girls dislikes indelible ink on their fingers and thus becoming inappropriate to use it in the next elections
  • There were indeed plenty of surprises at the Astro Vaanavil Superstar 2012 – was it due to the participants talents or judges’ misdirection? But still it was refreshing and we can’t wait to see the singing contest in 2013.

July 2012

  • The lovable “Sheriff” from The Andy Griffith Show passed away – it was one of the shows that we often see when we were still young
  • Have the number of crimes in this country have really reduced or increased? The statistics seems to suggest that there has been a drastic reduction of crime in the country but that is not what the public perception seems to suggest. The same echoed by the oppositions and it took some time for the Government to understand that whilst statistics is important, public perception is equally important before one can say that the crime rate has gone down
  • This probably a serious indication that the state of Selangor is going to face a serious disruption of water supply leading up to the general elections (or longer if the State remains in Pakatan’s hands). First they said it was lack of raw water, then it rained and now they are saying that it is due to lack of treated water but no matter who is right, the citizens are the one who is going to suffer for it
  • It seems that the season of dumb politicians has not ended even as we near the Merdeka month. One smart politician decided to hijack the Merdeka theme and turn it into a political election song and that did not went well with netizens. It was deemed the most disliked Merdeka theme song ever.

August 2012

Msl20110602 PIA14175-full
The next destination for mankind – the red planet (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
  • Another disguised attempt to control what is being said and done in the net? It seems to be so and the greater concern now is of the presumption of guilt (instead of innocence) entrenched in the act and that could lead to sabotages and control of what is said on the net
  • The famed badminton star and well known sportsman, Punch Gunalan passed away at an age of 68
  • Would this be another step closer to a manned mission to Mars? NASA celebrates the successful landing of its Curiosity Mars Rover, joining 2 other active rovers on the red planet. It is going to be interesting in the next few years as we focus on the red planet as a possible 2nd home for mankind
  • The family welcomed the new “CEO” to the company – now the big boss had another boss to report to and us trying to recall what we did right and wrong when we had the first boss
  • This probably be the last Symbian^3 update from Nokia before it goes full steam ahead with Windows OS for its smart phones. I personally felt bad about this as Symbian was still a robust and easy to use firmware. It’s death was probably fuelled by a serious lack of apps, less powerful hardware and poor marketing.
  • The first man on the moon passes away – Neil Armstrong who said the famous words “this is one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind” opened a new series of explorers and possibilities for all mankind

September 2012

Doomsday Preppers - National Geographic Channel
Doomsday Preppers – National Geographic Channel (Photo credit: audiovisualjunkie)
  • The number of foreigners namely the “students” from Nigeria who come over and run drug business may been due to the loopholes of the current immigration laws and lax in proper screening but given the high number of them caught for drugs and fraud related cases in this country, it is high time for one to look at a more drastic and stronger measure to stop them from entering the country
  • Pakatan proposed a lower cost of cars if they are voted into powers but there seems to be unjustified resistance to the proposal. And it was surprising that the majority of resistance comes from BN politicians who seems to be doing so because they don’t have all the facts or doing it because the proposal came from the opposition and not them
  • My chronicles of being a prepper in Malaysia starts with this post and it is likely to run as a series as my prepping will not end in 2012 but beyond that

October 2012

  • If some people were resistance to the call for cheaper cars, unfortunately there seems to be a similar resistance to the automatic enforcement system that will work to reduce the number of deaths on our roads
  • It was déjà-vu all over again with the new baby wide awake at night and we taking turn to keep watch until the baby go to sleep and we can have our peace and sleep for the night

November 2012

  • MIC’s inaugural street protest against the State Government on the commercial development that threatens the famed Batu Caves back-fired when it was revealed that it was work of their own 3 of their councillors who were involved in the approval of the said development many years before Pakatan came in power
  • The lovable Larry Hagman who played the ruthless, iconic JR Ewing from the 1980s show Dallas passed away

December 2012

Chichen Itza Aztec Temple Mayan Light Beam
It did not come true but we are still faced with disasters that would the end of the world as we know it (Photo credit: Ted Van Pelt)
  • My sister-in-law got married, hence an opportunity for me to do up a post for the blog and for my son to take rein of being the main photographer in the family
  • My most favourite time of the year – the record breaking Big Bad Wolf Book sale and this time, we went on a rampage! We went twice and at a time when most people are sleeping and got ourselves enough books to last us for the next couple of months
  • The end of the world prophecy comes to an end on 21.12.2012 and thankfully nothing happened but it was on a good note that I closed the year as a prepper

Have a good year ahead!

One for 2011

(One short post before the end of 2011 and start of 2012)

(Given the right conditions, shots taken with Nokia N8 can be damn good too. Click for higher resolution photos here)

2011 has been a slow year for this blog and I hope things will pick in 2012. On the onset, it looks like 2012 is going to be an interesting year – Mayan predictions aside, we expect to see a couple of things to happen next year. General elections is one but provided there is less of dirty politics on both sides (the critical question would be – can PR still retain Selangor and do better than 2008?), Anwar’s Sodomy 2 verdict (if there is no disruptions to the on-going trial and mayhem created by street protests), a possibly Bersih 3.0 (if the authorities screw things up before the elections), Proton launching their new global car (plenty of spyshots at Paul Tan), a couple of must-watch movies – I am waiting for The Dark Knight Rises and The Avengers (ya, count The Hobbit as well), a couple of trips overseas (likely to be work related but educational I am pretty sure) and within Malaysia (planning for East Coast in particular), perhaps MACC catching a couple more of the big fish (the sea of NFC looks too tempting for catch of the year), my son going for swimming classes (finally, his wish comes true), a new addition to family, etc

In the meantime, happy holidays and Happy New Year for all – hopefully 2012 would be a fulfilling and rewarding year compared to 2011

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2010 Reflection: Sorry, I’m An Idealist

No, I am not but looking at the state of the country, I am trying to be one

(Doing something ideal means different thing to different people. Image source: http://sentense.me/)

This year, instead making the usual New Year resolutions (which I know I would have a hard time keeping), I thought of doing something different. I have my own set of rules that I live by day in, day out and I fully aware that no one is perfect (I would be a fool if I claim to be one).

So, I don’t impose my personal rules on others (I have my shortcomings too) but it is whole different thing when it comes to rules of the office / work. There is a fine line between what I think you need to do and what I say you must do. At most times, I tend to close one eye on things but sometimes it gets too obvious (until it gets noticed by others and questions & accusations start flying around). For example, punctuality – for me, it is OK to come in late, once in a while, and with a good excuse (the usual like car broke down or had to bring family member to the clinic) and have something to eat so that you have enough energy for the day. There is no difference with what we did in schools – try walking in to the class after the bell has rang and you find yourself in detention class. So, what’s the indifference at work?

But enough about others (I am pretty sure that they have good reasons) – this is post is more about me than others. What I will be telling myself as I drive out from home in the morning? What are the “checkpoints” for me to make the day a great day? Certainly certain things that was said and implied in 2010 was said and implied in the wrong way but after a long breath (over several days, arghhhh!) I decided to take it up in a more positive way. What more a better way to kick myself in the butt for improvement than waking up to the underlying truth of my weaknesses and shortcomings from those in the “observation posts”. Thanks a lot to those who gave me the “list” of my weaknesses – in my endeavor to be more idealists, I intend to work even harder on this (keyword – intend).

One thing I definitely need to work on in 2011 is keeping awake during “the day” – it has become a routine that in the morning for couple of minutes, my body tends to simply “shutdown”. A cup of strong coffee in the morning has been the temporary permanent measure that I have “deployed” in recent months to ensure I remain “perked” up at least in the mornings (somehow evenings are the best time to work). And in 2011, since my son need to wake up early for school, it has been crucial for me to go to bed early as well (otherwise my son will use this as excuse to sleep late and have a hard time waking up in the mornings). Hopefully I catch up on some sleep early at night.

Another thing I need to work on in 2011 is control of my temper – not so prevalent at workplace but definitely show the uglier side when I am on the road. In 2010, I lost count of the times; I decided to ram some pesky idiots on the road that earlier had endangered me and others on the road and give a damn about it. But somehow common sense and unfounded restrain comes in at the very last moment.

Else where, motorist discipline on major highways have improved – perhaps with more people armed with cameras and the Government opening up an online submission of evidence but the city roads are still crawling with idiots who don’t deserved to be on the road in the first place – cutting into other’s lanes without any indicators, using no-entry roads as quick exits, jumping queue at the toll plaza, riding motorbike without any helmet and sometimes without any front and rear lights. For that very reason, not all who been a road-bully victim are angels. Anyway, it is better to stay cool on the road than becoming a “pest controller”.

At home, year in, year out – at the beginning of the year (and every time now and then) I often get a short lecture from my HEO (House Executive Officer) on what she expects from me when I am at home. The list is too exhaustive to be posted here (ha, ha). But perhaps with my son need to get up early and my wife is taking care of transportation before she leaves for work and weekends is as tight as weekdays, I might as well put more effort into house work (hope my HEO is not reading this – this does not mean I am putting my “commitments” in writing).

As I said, I am not an idealists (at least it is more realistic than being a perfectionist) but I am trying to be one – I guess the journey is more important than the destination, at least, for now. There is plenty of days in 2011 to make this happen.

P.s. It is ok if the post above does not make any sense whatsoever to you – it is still early into 2011 and my mind still tied to 2010