Snippets – 31 August 2012

The morning news on the day the country celebrates the independence has been quite interesting.

Mat Rempit to help fight crime

(Well, meet the future crime busters – coming to your peaceful neighbourhood soon, courtesy of the Home Minister and his “out-of-the-box thinking”. Image source:

From our clueless Home Minister:-

Describing the idea as out-of-the-box thinking, Home Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein said the ministry had asked selected non-governmental organisations and groups to enlist the bikers’ co-operation in the fight against crime.

He said the negative connotations given to the mat rempit groups were sometimes unwarranted, maintaining that they too, can contribute to the country.

Mat rempits as crime fighters?

I am not sure what the Home Minister have been drinking before he came up with this out-of-the-mind statement but doesn’t mat rempit are called public menace for a good reason? After all, it is not like they have been doing some good for the society but the society have misunderstood them and called names? This filth of the society are not only involves in endangering other road users with their reckless riding on the road but also involves in other crimes namely theft? So calling upon them to fight crime is akin to getting the fox to take care of the chickens. The idea is not only stupid but it is looking for solution in the wrong places. The Home Minister must be aware that Mat Rempit is part of the problem and never part of the solution.

Assuming the Mat Rempits are innocent (hold on until I go and vomit blood), what they can do? Ride around the neighbourhood and if they spot suspicious characters, to set on them like how they usually do when they attack and rob innocent road users? What happened to the beefing of the police force instead and other improvement to the policing procedures under the Najib’s transformation measures? Citizens are not convinced that crime rates have fallen and yet here we are wanting to engage criminals to fight crime. What’s next? Armed robbers to guard jewellery shops? Loan sharks to help out on the tax collections?

Having motorcyclists breaking the traffic rules was already bad and we have yet to come up with an effective way to reduce the menace on the road and some people now suggesting the same menace to help out on crime busting work.

Janji Ditepati a universal theme, says Najib

(Yes that does look like a promise well kept! The free-for-all in the last Bersih gathering after things got of hand. Image source:

Another is from our clueless Prime Minister:-

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said those who question the Merdeka Day celebration theme Janji Ditepati are people who have failed to fulfil their promises.

“There is no need to question the theme unless the person who raised it never fulfilled his promises,” he said in his speech during the 1Malaysia Aidilfitri Feast at the Darulaman Stadium parking area here.

Najib said Janji Ditepati was a universal and Islamic principle because Islam wanted its followers to remember the promises that they made.

I am not sure if they are aware the true meaning of the word “promise” and “promises kept”? And why it should be related to the independence of this country? And after 55 years of independence, why now? The start of the independence celebrations this year was badly marred by a dumb theme song that irked many and earned itself the title “most disliked Merdeka theme song”. Then there is this slogan “Janji Ditepati” which translated innocently as “Promised Kept” but many others, it means this-

We has kept our promise to rule the country (pssst, it does not necessarily be in the best interest of the people) and now it is time for you to show the gratitude for promises kept by voting for us in the upcoming general elections.

Well, at least that is what I imagine when one shouts “Janji Ditepati”. Even if one talks about execution of electoral lists or the abolishment of the ISA as promises kept, what that got to do with the celebration of the independence of the country? And now the Prime Minister added another twist to it by justifying the use of “promises kept” with the Islamic principles. Is he addressing to the “spiritual side” of the citizens to swallow the half-baked slogan for this independence?

It is obvious that we have strayed far from the original purpose of celebrating the independence of the country. The government works for us and there are no obligations at our end whatsoever to be grateful on what the government should be doing as part of their normal duty in the first place. Interestingly in Malaysia, politicians are getting it the other way around. What should have been part of parcel of their job has now turned into promises kept and gratefulness is required.

This is why our 55th celebration of independence has turned out to be BN’s promises kept election campaign. Keeping a promise may be a universal theme but so is responsibility and integrity. Anyway, Selamat Hari Merdeka to all Malaysians where ever you are and remember to “keep your promise” to pick a better government in the next election.