Like Father, Like Son

Place: Master Bedroom
Time: Just after dinner

(My son and my favourite mobile game – Image source:

I was lying on bed with my mobile phone, playing a game when my son walked in.

He saw me playing game and quickly jumped on the bed. He wanted to know what game I was playing and more importantly whether I was winning (he always want me to win and this adds pressure).

He then saw my wife’s Nokia on the dressing table and he promptly took it. He navigated to the “games” section and started to play game there. At one point, he had trouble completing the game level so he asked me to help to finish the level. We exchange the mobile phones and continued with the game.

So, there were we – 2 guys with a mobile phone each in our hands, lying on the bed, lost in concentration playing mobile games. My wife walked in, took a long look at us and remarked “I always wanted my son to be like his Daddy but not to this extent!

And true to our nature, both me and my son did not get distracted with my wife making the remarks and continued  playing games.

Happy holidays…(we will be spending it on games)


Hulu Selangor Poser 5

The comedy continues with the MIC Youth Leader…

The quote of the day:-

“Kiss his hand? When did I kiss his hand? Show me where I did that,”

The above quote however cannot match the picture of the day:-

(Image & Story source here)

They say a picture tells a thousand words and in this case, photographic evidence basically killed BN’s candidate’s dismissal of allegations (or are they going to claim that it is doctored as well?).

More on Hulu Selangor posers here.

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Quote of the Week

(The man who told the Government to go and screw itself. Image source:

RPK in his Malaysia Today post:-

It takes stubborn bastards who dare tell the government to go fuck itself to bring changes to this country.

Many wisdom men have kept their silence and have let the country to go to the dogs.

Quote of the day

(Irresponsible science but what about irresponsible language? Poster source:

“I don’t like to see irresponsible English in the emails” – overheard someone grumbling as he was trying to understand a badly typed English in one of his emails.