MH370: Oh Wait! Listen to This!

rosmah comforting

(Presenting the Prime Ministerrrrrr, no Najib is the PM, oh well, presenting the First Lady of Malaysiaaaa, errr no as well, the Queen is the First Lady of Malaysia…oh never mind. The fact is this is a very very touching moment indeed but it is an overkill to overdo it. Image source: The Star)

Hmmm, you noticed something?

Wait, before that, go ahead and read this:-

Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor hopes that people will stop speculating over the missing Malaysia Airlines (MAS) Flight MH370 out of respect for the families of the passengers and crew of the ill-fated flight.

“Do not speculate as long as there is no verified information. I hope the whole world will give thought to the feelings of the families of the 239 people who were on board the aircraft,” said Rosmah, who is wife of Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.

She said anyone with credible information on the tragedy should come forward to assist efforts to trace the plane which has been missing since March 8. “Don’t throw stones and then hide your hands behind your back (make wild allegations). That’s cowardice, don’t just talk and not provide solutions,” she said during an interview on Bernama TV’s “Ruang Bicara” programme.


We Malaysian probably by now should be immune to these kind of “syiok sendiri” stunt in the national media. To be fair, the Big Momma may have best intentions in her mind for making the statement but imagine if a foreigner read the above statement.

Firstly, there has not been any light at the end of the tunnel on this tragedy and yet here, we are having a politician’s wife to come up on air and telling for anyone with credible information on the tragedy should come forward to assist efforts to trace the missing plane. Pardon my French but doesn’t that sounds simply, idiotic?

Don’t you think that with more than a month lapsed and the search for the missing plane turning out to be one of the largest in history with more than eight countries deploying their money, hundreds of men, numerous satellites, aircrafts, surface ships and submarines covering thousands of the kilometers of deep ocean, wouldn’t anyone with credible information WOULD HAVE COME FORWARD AND OPENED THEIR BLOODY MOUTH BY NOW?

Oh never mind, I know what you are thinking.

Secondly, it gets worse with this:-

Rosmah also shared with the audience about the telephone conversations Najib had with foreign leaders regarding the matter. “Even before he could finish what he wanted to say, many of the leaders straight away informed him of their willingness to help and asked what they could do,” she said.

Gosh, what this means? That she often eavesdrops on the PM’s official phone calls? Or the PM keeps his wife updated on all of his official phones calls with other leaders even though she is not part of his cabinet or his official advisers? Either way, doesn’t this falls in the same category of leaking of Government secrecy as well? Doesn’t that compromises the decision that the PM may make after these phone calls? Perhaps when the next time the US President calls Najib on something sensitive and confidential, he should ask if Najib’s wife is eavesdropping on the conversation.

Then again, who we are kidding here, right? Perhaps for the hardcore BN supporters, this may mean nothing to them – after all, they hardly made noise when the lady flew on Government jet (paid for by taxpayers) for private functions (some jokers were even tried to justify the obvious abuse of taxpayers money), what more of someone eavesdropping on the PM’s official phone calls.

Anyway, let’s leave the circus show back home for a second and let’s come back to the question I asked at the start – “you noticed something?”

You noticed with every one glimpse of evidence or lead that “emerged” to give the world some kind of hope, in the end, it turns out to be nothing and we are back to square one? It was almost like someone throw a bit of bone here and the everyone runs over looking for the meat and nothing is found and then another bit of bone is found else where and the cycle starts all over again. At the end of the day, the real meat is yet to be found.

Strange, doesn’t it? It is almost like there is indeed a real conspiracy behind the missing plane.


(Is there more than meet the eyes? Are we getting the truth or lies laced as the truth? Are we been looking at the wrong place? More importantly is the Government telling us the truth? The banner seems to say a different story. Image: Google)

Well, think about it.

At first it was reported that the plane had lost over South China Sea and then someone over at RMAF decided to wake up (this matter seemed to have been quietly closed) and then said that the plane had turned back. So that ends the massive search over the South China Sea – privately pissing off many countries involved in the search. Then there was some days looking for the needle in the haystack over the Indian Ocean before satellite images of “debris” emerged (there was similar claims of debris in the South China Sea as well). And when the surface ships headed to the sites where the debris was thought to be, nothing was found.

Then there were signs of “strong” pings but that too seems to be disappearing into the thin air:-

The latest acoustic signal detected in the search for Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 was unlikely to be from the missing plane and there had been no major breakthrough in the more than month-long hunt, Australian officials said on Friday. Analysis of the signal, captured by a listening device buoy and relayed to an Australian ship on Thursday, was unlikely to be related to the aircraft’s black boxes, Angus Houston, head of the Australian search, said in a statement.


And this:-

And in reality, with all the NSA satellites up there, satellites so sensitive that they can detect the beeper circuit in a digital watch from outer space, the real time is ZERO. And if this entire charade was real, that is exactly what would have happened. But since it’s all a dog and pony show of fraud, two weeks was the number given because then they could look for a little while and say OH, we will never find it now, the batteries are dead.


And now we have this:-

The missing Malaysia Airlines jet was “thrown around like a jet fighter” in a bid to dodge radar after it lost contact with authorities, Malaysian military investigators believe. Flight MH370 is thought to have climbed to 45,000ft – 10,000ft above its normal altitude – before dropping to 5000ft and continuing to fly low at high speed, a source close to the investigation told Britain’s Sunday Times.

The drastic manoeuvres required to perform such a sudden drop in altitude suggest the Boeing 777 was deliberately trying to avoid radar signals and vanish, the source said. The new lead adds weight to the theory Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah hijacked his own plane after tricking his co-pilot into leaving the cockpit and then locking the door.


Another speculation? Another wild allegation? The Big Momma must be having sleepless nights reading these “allegations” on the internet.

Somehow this fuels the notion that the plane has been hijacked and it did not crash:-

Flying in the shadow of a similar aircraft is easier than critics make it out to be, he said in a blog entry. Answering objections such as wake turbulence, visual separation, and altimeter interference, he said he’s heard from dozens of seasoned Boeing 777 pilots who agree with him.

This theory faces one glaring problem: where do you land a 348-ton aircraft that requires an 5,000-foot runway in one of the more remote regions of the world?

But other scenarios seem even more unlikely. If a mechanical breakdown had been responsible for the early change in course, the flight would be safe by now or would have crashed in the Gulf of Thailand. (Or would have flown on for many hundreds of miles after a fire killed the crew but somehow left the autopilot and major avionics systems intact, in a ‘zombie flight’ speculation.)

Taking this aircraft, whoever did it, would require inside knowledge, a professional’s skill at piloting a Boeing 777 — and a complex motive. Anyone like this, the reasoning goes, would have a destination in mind. Intending suicide or ransom, he could have gone to Beijing as scheduled or returned to Kuala Lumpur without attracting notice, or even gone to any of the cities of Southeast Asia or Australia. He could have simply crashed into the sea. But instead, he did something that required him to fly to the west.


The more the days passes without any sign of the actual plane wreckage, the more the so-called wild conspiracy theories is turning into a reality.

Anyway, no harm repeating this – “anyone with credible information on the tragedy should come forward to assist efforts to trace the plane which has been missing”. Anyone? Hello anyone?


Sleepy Headlines

Who in the blue hell is this? The new Transport Minister? The new Prime Minister? Another Syiok Sendiri endeavor?

By the way, talk is cheap – what happen to all those “brilliant” ideas that crops each time we have a bus flying off the highway and countless of life squashed in seconds?

What Subsidy?

No end of short sighted, money wasting people in Malaysia…

(We don’t have money falling out from the sky for white elephant projects – a fact some idiots in Malaysia have yet to realize it. Image source: Lababo)

It is not 1st of August yet for the increase of petrol and sugar price but already there are already calls for waste more of taxpayers’ money

The wife of the Prime Minister, Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor, today opened the Sabah Wisma Wanita here and asked the Finance Ministry to consider allocating funds for a similar building in every state

The Sabah Wisma Wanita was built at a cost of RM18.7 million provided by the state government.


Please lah – don’t tell me that all these years, the development and welfare program for women have never taken off without a building? Don’t we have a Ministry and well-fed, back door Minister for that? You need a building before you can do anything ah? We have many under-utilised Government buildings that can be used for the same purpose. What about those under the local authorities?

No need to waste RM18.7 million x 17 states (including 3 FTs) = RM320 million to have one “bullshit” in every state. Before you can say “the fat lady says”, the RM320 million “construction” costs will balloon up and we would have another “palace like mess“. At the end, the taxpayers would be footing the bill and those who proposed these white elephants would have wash their hands off.

Instead, focus on more serious issues that are facing women in Malaysia like this one. Don’t syiok sendiri with just having fancy buildings and having good image on the media.

Enough of wastages! Not when people are already not happy with the calls of reducing the subsidies and on the other side, politicians (including some fat wife of someone) happily wanting to burn off taxpayers’ money like their own.

P.s. Every state includes states under PR? Just asking since everyone knows about  the double standard at Federal level when it comes to PR led states.

The RM0.05 Increase

(Sight of things to come but we wonder where the framework for proper management of public funds is? We want to see evidence of proper controls and enforcement to go hand to hand with reduction of subsidies. Otherwise, we will be back on square one – the corrupt & rich making money at the expense of the poor. Image source: The Malaysia Insider)

Another sneaky increase from BN led Government but this is something we already anticipated since the day the Government opened its mouth on subsidies and the country going bankrupt.

Sugar is now 25 sen more per kilo (new price is RM1.70 sen per kg) while RON 95 petrol and diesel is up by 5 sen per litre (new price for RON 95 is now RM1.85 per litre and diesel is RM1.75 per litre).

Liqued petroleum gas (LPG) is also up by 10 sen. The new price is RM1.85 per kg.


And of course, to ‘sweeten’ the price hike, we get this over-used, over-killed, over-abused statement:-

He added that fuel and sugar prices were still the lowest in the region.

I am all out for reduction of subsidies – it is the right to do – let everyone pay the actual amount. But then again, it does not mean the Government (or rather corrupt politicians and civil servants) can pocket the money saved from subsidies into their own pockets. RM750 million is expected to be saved from this latest price hike but how much of it will be given back to the public?

Any attempt to divert the money saved from subsidies back to the public would also mean we need to plug the leakages that we been having in the system. Have we done that? Are we still looking at corruption, mismanagement of public funds, mismanagement of economy and wrongful allocation of public funds for personal gains?

At the speed we are doing things and the failure to go against those who have misused public funds in the past, it is likely we will still be with multiple leakages for now and in near future. This is why there have been voices of oppositions to the price hikes. It never been on the issue of why we need to reduce the subsidies but rather what we have done with the subsidies saved.

Anwar Ibrahim of Pakatan Rakyat was quoted:-

Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim today criticised the Najib administration’s rationale for the latest subsidy cuts, pointing out that the savings of RM750 million was a pittance compared to the billions spent for other “careless” expenditures.

The Pakatan Rakyat de facto leader accused the Barisan Nasional (BN) government of spending billions to bail out troubled government-linked companies and to foot exorbitant bills from foreign consultancies employed to help improve the prime minister’s international image


Mahfuz Omar of Pakatan Rakyat asked:-

“The government wants the rakyat to change their lifestyles…but it is not willing to change its style of managing the economy.

“The government is wasteful when it conducts direct negotiations (for its business operations) which is expensive. It could easily adopt an open tender system.

“It doesn’t seem to understand that every disbursement is public money,”


Tony Pua of Pakatan Rakyat said:-

The question to the government is, given the financial constraints that the government is facing, why isn’t the government targeting the fat cats which are lynching off the tax-payers’ hard-earned monies first, before attacking the livelihood of ordinary Malaysians? (note: he missed another fat cat – the highway robbers toll concessionaires)


Whilst we are concerned with the reduction of subsidies for the people, we get to hear disturbing news like this:-

Anwar, who is also the Parliamentary opposition leader, further pointed out that just yesterday, the House was informed that the PM’s Department’s operational expenditure had reached over RM3.8 billion last year and had been allocated a budget of RM3.9 billion for this year.

“This includes expenses for secretariats for former prime ministers and for Permata, which is handled by the prime minister’s wife,” he said, referring to Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s wife, Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor.

We have yet to get a proper answer for the almost RM1 million advertisement for some politician’s wife and here we have another increase to the Government’s expenses – courtesy of cut down of public subsidies? Where is the “change your lifestyle” at the Government’s end?

And another laughable matter that was reported along with the price hike is the impact on other consumer goods. It is no secret that a price hike in fuel and basic consumer goods is usually taken advantage by certain quarters to increase the price of their goods (and services) substantially. It is time to make the “killing” whenever the price of basic items goes up.

It is understandable if they want to pass on the increase of raw materials to the end consumers but the margin of increase should be reasonable. Instead we have people who not only pass the increase in raw material price to the consumers at many times fold but decides to make substantial profit at the same time. And you need not look far – just hop over and check what the latest price of roti canai and teh tarik (it can be anything from nasi lemak, thosai, wanton mee, etc) is. Does the Government have enough resources (sigh, more expenses to the Government) to make spot checks and enforce the right price?

Tony Pua of Pakatan Rakyat asked the same:-

It is hence shocking to hear the Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Abdul Razak, supported by the Performance & Management Delivery Unit (Pemandu) claim in their subsidy rationalisation fact sheet that the price increases will have “minimal impact” on households in Malaysia.

In the fact sheet, it’s “demonstrated” that the new teh tarik price taking into the impact of subsidy reduction of fuel and upward price adjustment would be around RM1.0155, or an increase of less than 2 sen.

The impact on other popular items such as roti canai was stated as being 0.24 sen per piece, 0.6 sen for rice, 6.3 sen for meat per kg and 1.05 sen for mee goreng.

Pemandu under the chairmanship of the Minister in Prime Minister’s Department Senator Tan Sri Koh Tsu Koon must be living in a parallel universe for having the audacity to publish such numbers which are at best applicable only in a fictitious and theoretical universe, and at worse, showing the complete lack of understanding of real world market dynamics on the price of goods and services.

I challenge Tan Sri Koh Tsu Koon to find me a mamak stall in Malaysia which will increase the price of teh tarik by a mere 1.55 sen or the price of roti canai by a minute 0.24 sen in the entire country to prove the “minimal impact” of the latest round of 5-in-1 price increase.


Tony Pua (short of calling Koh Tsu Koon an idiot) has a valid point here – just how the Government is going to control the subsequent price increases on other consumer goods which is not under controlled items? The Government can ask the consumers to lodge complaint of the substantial increase but what the Government can really do against the business?

The fact that these items (roti canai, teh tarik, etc) are not controlled items (and it should not be) means the business is free to increase the price as they see fit (read in between the lines here). If consumers do not agree with price hike of these items, they have an option to look elsewhere. That is how the market works.

The problem starts when everyone else starts to increase their goods and services prices and the Government will not be able to do anything.

Not with the current disposable income. And here is where the Government can come in because it will be very difficult to get the private sectors (who is governed by net profit at end of the day) to simply increase their employees’ salary and when it comes to public sector, the Government is the employer and can determine how it can structure the salary scale for the public servants.

The Government can also curtail the leakages and ensure the money saved goes back to the public – by means of reduction of income tax (reduced tax due to Government’s expenses is now less), reduction of subsidies paid to IPPs and toll concessionaires (revise what the public need to pay these profit making entities), improve on the delivery system to reduce wastage of time and resources and make annual allowances to those earning below the minimum wages (those who do not earn enough to be taxed but still faced with the substantial price hike).

Certainly, the above list is not exhaustive because what we are seeing is nothing but works of economics in motion i.e. income = expenses. If you faced with a very high expenses (due to wastage, corruption and blatant profiteering) and very limited source of income (now that we have dwindling petrol reserves), there is very little choice but to relook at your spending – can you reduce the net expenses or can you increase the net income or both?

At the moment, the Government is looking at reducing the expenses by shredding off the subsidies paid on behalf of the people but is it really the right option? Shouldn’t reduction of wastages, arrest of corruption and blatant profiteering be top of the list for reduction of expenses?

The Government need not look far on this – they already worked this out in NEM but that model somehow went missing after some quarters made some noise. That is why reduction of subsidies (despite its merits) is dead wrong and highly questionable.

Syiok Sendiri

(This revelation that the Government used public money to waste on an almost RM1 million advertisement had me and many others fuming with anger)

Syiok sendiri (or a variant of it) means self induced happiness or self induced glorification.

It is apparent that nothing is left unturned to make one spouse of a politician to have a bigger head (and status) than of the real First Lady of Malaysia.

(As a taxpayer, I can’t believe that I am indirectly paying for this piece crap. Image source: The NutGraph)

Thus one strong reason why we kick the current government hard on their balls and thereafter out of the system:-

A recent two-page spread in the New York Times, costing thousands of US dollars and featuring the prime minister’s wife, was placed on behalf of the Malaysian government

The response from New York Times executive director of community affairs and media relations, Diane McNulty, reveals that the ad was not placed by private individuals, as suggested by the last line in the ad’s congratulatory message…

….research on previous full-page ads taken out in the New York Times suggests that the cost of such advertisements ranges from US$180,000 to US$230,000. This amounts to between RM580,000 and RM740,000 for a one-page ad.

(Source: The NutGraph)

Firstly what waste of public’s hard earned money? The sum of RM740,000 is not chicken feed in Malaysia (to the corrupt, maybe it is). It is a clear case of civil servants under BN treating public funds as their personal piggy bank and all to glorify someone who is not even in the Government (heck she is not even the first lady of Malaysia and that sounds so desperate).

By taking a welcome ad in a foreign newspaper (no doubt there is a wide exposure) of a someone not related to the Government, of a someone not on official duty, just how that money spent benefits the rakyat – the taxpayers? The same amount of money could have been used for infrastructure upgrade or for schools, etc.

Can the Government if want to show that they have changed, give the breakdown of expenses, incurred by this so-called first lady of Malaysia during her husband’s trip to the US? Just how much was spent on shopping and how of it came from her own 2 pockets, etc? Is RM740,000 for a stupid ad a tip of the iceberg?

Secondly why it was concealed and made to appear as if private individuals have placed the ad when it was not. The ad stated “best wishes from family and friends in USA and Malaysia”. Now it looks like that the “family and friends” was nothing but a sham at the highest level and almost ended in a major cover-up.

The Government knows if the truth was out (and truth did come out), there is going to be public call for someone’s blood. And we want blood; we want someone to be hanged in the highest pole just to teach others a lesson – back off from public funds. Just who approved the purchase of the ad in the first place?

BN may have won the last by-elections in Hulu Selangor and claim that the people’s confidence in them is back but screw the whole lot – we all know what really happened in Hulu Selangor. The latest revelation on how the Government continue to waste millions whilst doing some PR wayang kulit is just the reason why they deserves to be kicked out into the wilderness in the next general elections.

Blatant waste of public funds by some quarters of the Government has been a cancer to Malaysia for a long time now (remember the idiot who wasted RM48,000 of public money for a car number?) and it is leeching away the nation’s wealth. It is high time for the butcher’s knife to be out to cut out the cancerous cells. The way to do that is to make the stand in the next general elections.

Enough with misuse of public funds in the open! Enough with this nonsense!

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