Big Boss’ Rules

Read these first:-

When my son was a baby (a very cute one too), he occupies one third of the bed with me and my wife taking one third each. But as he grew up, I find myself sleeping on the floor as my son takes up half of the bed (and moves around in his sleep) and my wife the other half. Of course, this does not happen all the time as he usually sleeps on the ground floor with his grandmother although if given the chance, he rather opt to sleep on my large comfortable bed and with the air conditioner running on high speed (I don’t mind either – anything for the Boss, eh).

So one day when my brother got married and decided to moved, we saw a golden opportunity to take “ownership” of my brother’s room and give it to my son instead. It was meant for him anyway, one day. We got for him a cabinet and drawers for his clothes, books and toys, a bed and more importantly a table & chair for him to use when he does his revision and homework. His room has a small fan and has an attached bathroom.

He is a big man now (so we told him) and thus we were sure that he needs his space and privacy. Of course, it took some coaxing and words of encouragement before he braved himself to sleep in his own room (it gets worse if he had watched some horror movie before going to bed). Sometimes we allow him to sleep on our bed and when he had fallen asleep, I would carry him to his bed (a feat I could no longer do these days).


One day when I entered his room to clean up, I noticed a hand-written “rules of the room” pasted on his cabinet. The boss must have worked on it when he was alone in his room the night before and when we had told him to do his homework (now I know why he took hours to finish up his homework).

The rules (not sure for who) states this:-

  • Do not jump on the bed
  • Ask permission to play carrom
  • Do not read any private books
  • Make your bed after you sleep
  • Ask permission to play Saidina
  • Do not read any books on the bed
  • Sit on the chair if you are to do homework and read any books
  • Do not jump on the chair
  • Do not sit on the table
  • Do not mess any clothes in the drawer
  • Do not use the gel without permission
  • Do not play with the yo-yo without permission
  • Do not use the room watch to do any alarms
  • Do not play with the tissue paper
  • Do not play with the badminton racquet
  • Use the bookmark to mark the book page

I read the rules of the room a couple of times and to tell you the truth, I was immensely proud – he somehow had took charge of his room with his own “rules” (one of course does not necessarily applies to the Boss).

One thing that the Boss does not take ownership is the cleanliness of his room. Pieces of papers all over the place, books not arranged properly, bed not done up and often his school bag & school books thrown on the bed. Despite my wife constantly reminding him to keep his room clean and use the dust-bin in his room, it simply fallen on deaf ears. We had to tasked ourself to organise major housekeeping operation whenever we enter his room to clean up. It takes me almost the whole day to clean up and organise things in his room.


And recently a strange graffiti had appeared on the wall just behind where he sits.

I asked him – who “drew” on the wall. My son who was busy with his homework, turned around, looked at the wall for a moment and casually and with a straight face said that he did not know who drew on the wall. I wanted to laugh for I recognised his “handy work” on the wall anywhere, anytime. No one else enters his room other than me and my wife. There was only one suspect and he was sitting in front of me, pretending not knowing what is happening.

I asked him again and I got the same innocent answer – “I don’t know who did it”. No point forcing him, I already know who did it. I replied “ok” and told him that I hope that whoever did this, must not do it again and should be more careful to take care of the wall.

Well, my son must have thought that I am referring to someone else because a few days later, new graffiti appeared on the wall. After a while, I decided not to bring this up to the Boss because in a way the room belongs to him and he is free to “decorate” it as he sees it fit. Besides I had planned to repaint the whole wall one day and hopefully by then he had grown up to be more responsible.

And the Boss do have big plans for his room and one day, he did talk to me on his “future plans” – he wanted the room to be painted bright orange (yes all 4 walls) and to add a huge air-conditioner to his room. He also wanted a flat screen TV (for his Play station – whenever he takes his 5 minutes break from doing school work) and a computer with broadband internet (he argues that he will use it for school work and nothing more. Ya right!).

Maybe by then, the Boss would draw up new rules. I know he would…


My golden rules on computing

(Glasbergen’s cartoon says it all – cartoon source:
Definition of a computing – an act of operating & using a computer (I guess soon the word “act” may be need to replaced with the word “art”)

A number of my relatives & friends asked me a lot of things on computers – perhaps because I work in an IT industry or because they are just not sure on how it works and what is needed to use it effectively. Quite a number are just afraid to use it (one example is my Dad).

This is my 10 rules on computing based on what I have encountered so far:-

1. Home computer is for games, games, games and games. Ya, sometimes you can use it for internet surfing, listen to music or doing monthly home budget (rarely) but never, never for office work. Why? This is because you will end up playing solitaire instead of doing the office work. Trust me; it has happened to me like 1,000 times now

2. Surfing the hardcore porn site in the office is extremely prohibited but surfing it at home is excusable (especially for the first timers). When I first hooked internet to my home PC and told my friends about it (years ago), the first thing I got from them was a list of the “best” porn sites.

3. Computers are not like a “good bottle of wine”, getting better as it gets older – upgrading of hardware & software is part and parcel of computing. These days, the technology is moving so fast that fast that a brand new PC can be obsolete in the very next week.

4. Don’t stare at the computer screen the whole day (even if you are staring at Aishwarya Rai’s picture on the desktop). It is not good for the eyes. Take a short walk often – to be away from the computer but not to extend of going for long break to have “teh-tarik” downstairs.

5. Two background applications must be running in your PC all the time when you are surfing the net – anti-virus & firewall. I am surprised to know that there are people actually surfing without even a basic firewall – their excuse: “I only check my email mah”. I am currently using avast for home anti virus and zone alarm firewall – all is free & legal to use too

6. Hard-disc is not like our stomach that “grows” while we eat more & more. When the hard-disc is full, it is full. Period! So, always do house-keeping – uninstall unused applications, burn critical data into a CD and clean-up the “ever-growing” music library. My target always been to maintain at least 50% of free space in my hard-discs

7. Have you heard about this word – “Backup”? Ya, most of us will be aware of it only after our hard-disc has given up on us when we need it at the most critical hour. For sure at that time, one of our colleagues will pop in and ask “Never backup ah?” I keep a small folder of my personal files in the house PC and also on my pen-drive.

8. Try buying a PC magazines once in a while to catch up with the latest trend, tips and news on computers. It only cost about RM10.00 per month and comes with a free CD bundled with trial software. Alternatively, surf PC related websites such as PC Magazine or PC World for similar knowledge. Once you have done that, you can now show off your knowledge at the office or at a relative’s house and be called a “PC expert” in return.

9. Prolong the life of your PC by switching off the PC when it is not in use. This is evident when using the office PCs – most us take for granted that it is “not our PC” to take care and leave the office PC switched on. Only once I saw smoke coming out from one ex-colleague’s PC which was left on for almost a week (my friend took long leave and conveniently left the PC on with all applications running!)

10. When you hit a problem with the computer, don’t be quick to call the Helpdesk. Try to diagnose the problem first and try out several options (shutdown and restart the PC will be a good start). Sometimes, the solution can so simple that someone from Helpdesk will be cursing you when he had found out where the problem lies

This had happened to me once; I got a call from my ex-boss saying that her monitor went dead and asked me to check it. After checking the PC for a minute or two (and after I walked down 5 floors to her office), I found the cause – she forgot to switch on the electricity for the monitor.

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