The Morning Prayers 2

First saw it here but truly, this video is knocking some sense in some of us who like to speed

Take some time to ponder on the underlying message. More info here

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The Morning Prayers


Mana Helmet, Bodoh?

They say a picture paints a thousand words….so does photographic evidence

(Lawless in Tenang or stupidity on the highest level? The fatso in the front seems very happy – I wonder how his parents will feel when this fatso is knocked down by a car and his unprotected head cracks open on the hard surface of the road, turning him into a living vegetable for rest of his life? Image source: NST, Rosdan Wahid – 29 Jan 2011)

Young but extremely stupid – on public roads without helmets and with pillion riders. Will the police take action on these morons or will they close one eyes since the morons are “flying” the BN flags? These idiots on the motorcycle are obviously students – so where did their common sense and education went once they sat on the motorcycle?

And what about their irresponsible parents? Still remember Aminulrasyid Amzah who sneaked from the house, stole his sister’s car, did a hit and run which caused the police to give chase and at the end, died in a hail of bullets? Most pointed their fingers at the police but what about the deceased and his parents?

I really wonder how these parents can allow their children to go off in a motorcycle without any helmets. They must be either stupid (they too don’t wear helmet), careless (don’t really care what happens to their kids) or simply ignorant (the usual “it is only nearby” excuse)

Still think increase of traffic summons unfair?

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Safest Airplane Seat

This may interest the frequent fliers…

(Chances of survival in case of a crash. Pick your seats wisely – it may even keep you alive in the unlikely situation. Note the irony of things – you pay more for Business Class but your chances of survival is even slimmer. Image source: Popular Mechanics)

From Popular Mechanics:-

A look at real-world crash stats, however, suggests that the farther back you sit, the better your odds of survival. Passengers near the tail of a plane are about 40 percent more likely to survive a crash than those in the first few rows up front.

That’s the conclusion of an exclusive Popular Mechanics study that examined every commercial jet crash in the United States, since 1971, that had both fatalities and survivors.

The raw data from these 20 accidents has been languishing for decades in National Transportation Safety Board files, waiting to be analyzed by anyone curious enough to look and willing to do the statistical drudgework.

In the past, I did not really care much on where I am seating as long as I am in the right plane and heading to the right destination. Some of my friends like to seat in front for a couple of reasons – it is nearer to the lavatory (especially for those who have small storage “tank”), it is easier to disembark (since most of the time, you will disembark from the front) and there is a higher chance of getting the available meal (if they are serving fish and chicken – one of this would run out by the time the meal trolley reaches the back).

But over the years, I find that it is more comfortable seating at the back – there are more empty seats at the back. So, I can put my spare items on the empty seats. Further, with empty seats at the back, I don’t have to worry about reclining my seat and inconvenience the passenger at the back when they are having their meals (something that some passengers at the front don’t think when reclining their seats). Ya, by seating at the back, it takes a longer time for me to disembark but it does not make any big difference.

Disembarkation is pretty fast in modern planes – sometimes they even open the door at the back to ensure passengers get off even faster. The real delay is often encountered at the immigration counters and luggage retrieval areas.

(The meal during my Chennai – KL trip in Malaysian Airlines. It was not so bad once you get used to eating “not really fresh” airline meals)

And with most of the crying babies and “hard to handle” kids sitting at the front, it is somehow “quieter” at the back – an added advantage in a 7 – 8 hours flight.

And when it comes to getting your food of choice, it is not really a big problem. These days, I simply log in to the airline website, pick my seat of my choice and can decide to have something different for my airline meals (such as meals cooked for Hindus or vegetarians). This way, you are pretty sure that there is one meal reserved for you no matter where you are sitting. I had special meals for Hindus in my recent flight and I was surprised on how good the meal looked and tasted compared to the usual airline meal which is usually predictable and bland (so much so my neighboring passenger wanted the same meal as mine).

And now with the statistics backing me up, the back seats looks so tempting and safe…

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African Menace in Puchong

(I spent more than 5 months in Africa – culturally it is very challenging but Africans in Malaysia need to adapt to the local culture and law too. When that does not happen, we have a problem. Image source: TheStar)

I don’t support racial profiling and negative profiling on any race is even worse but after recent “close” encounters with some of the Africans in Puchong over the weekend, I think it is high time that the growing number of Africans “students” need to be closely monitored. Are they really students or they are public menace (or criminals like here and here) in disguise?

This is what Malay Mail reported last year:-

The Cabinet has set up a task force to deal with the large number of Africans coming into the country and this has resulted in an increase in crime and social ills. According to the source, the task force was a result of complaints from many quarters over rising crime that included black money and drugs. Immigration figures made available to The Malay Mail show a rising trend in arrivals from the African continent.

From 51,383 arrivals in 2001, the figures jumped to 111,805 in 2008 and, as at Oct 31 this year, 99,769 arrivals from Africa were recorded. The figure includes both tourists and students. Africans found to be involved in criminal activities were mainly Nigerians, the source said. They are known throughout the world for dabbling in black money and using foreign women as mules to carry drugs in false baggage compartments.

Among the 153 Africans arrested for various crimes this year, 69 were Nigerians, while 25 were from Sudan, 16 from Botswana, 14 from Algeria and 10 from Zimbabwe. Seventy-five per cent of the offences were for overstaying, and, up to Oct 31, 38 Africans were prosecuted and 124 were deported. The source said because of lax monitoring, many African students used this privilege to stay in the country and carry out illegal activities.

Over the years, the growing presence of Africans in many urban areas has created panic and uneasiness among residents. The locals complain of fights, drunkenness and rowdiness among the Africans.

African communities have sprouted in apartments and condominiums in several areas, including Damansara Damai, Kota Damansara, Puchong, Cheras and Balakong. It is believed that the next target would be Indonesians, who form some 65 per cent of the 1.2 million foreign workforce and are largely blamed for house break-ins.

Not only are Africans a problem in neighbourhoods but local higher institutions also face problems with Africans but many choose to keep mum.

Let me tell upfront – not all Africans in the country are public menace – there are good ones like one in my cousin’s place (they are friendly, helpful and keep very profile) but there are ones who still think that they are in Africa and law & public order means nothing to them.

Last weekend I went over to pick up my aunty near Pusat Bandar Puchong and drove past Jalan Wawasan when I saw about 10 Africans gathered in front of the shops (those staying at this area would know this place – the Africans often regroup at the same place on daily basis). Seeing a large group of foreigners in front of the shops is nothing new – I have seen Indonesians and Bangladeshis doing the same on the weekends but my aunty who stayed nearby suddenly remarked that the group often drinks and then fight – this happened on a daily basis until to a point the neighbours could not take it and decided to call the police. The police came in one day and rounded the men up and for almost 2 weeks, there was peace. Now the group is back making the place dirty and rather dangerous with occasional fights and reckless throwing of empty beer bottles onto the road. She wished for regular police patrol to keep this group of men away.

After I picked her up, I decided to return home to get some items for the function. On the fast lane, there was this white Myvi driven rather slowly. Couple of cars high beamed them but nothing moved them. The white Myvi stuck on the fast lane and forced other faster cars to overtake them from the left. When I overtook the Myvi, I saw the problem – 2 Africans driving as if they own the road. I say “problem” is because this is not the first time I have seen Africans hogging the fast lane – every time I see an African on the highway, he is hogging on the fast lane or moving into the fast lane creating a crawl on the fast lane (seen different times and on different cars). Perhaps this is why we get accidents like this:-

The four students killed in the traffic accident on the Damansara-Puchong Highway (LDP) just after midnight yesterday have been identified as Africans. The fifth student injured in the rented Toyota Vios was in stable condition at Universiti Malaya Medical Centre. According to police, the students were travelling from Kota Damansara to Bandar Sunway in the middle lane of the LDP.

At Km11.3, near the Kelana Jaya LRT station, they tried to move into the fast lane but knocked into the rear of a Proton Iswara already in the lane.

(Source: here)

What it is with the Africans and the fast lane?

Things then got really nasty. It was late at night when I was driving back from a wedding dinner function in Klang. There was less cars on LDP when reached Puchong. I reached an overhead bridge when I noticed the car next to me was the same white Myvi with an African driver. Not knowing what this idiot would do, I decided to slow down. At the corner of the overhead bridge, I counted my luck when I noticed this idiot cuts from his lane into mine and then back to his lane without any signal or indications. If I had kept my speed, the idiot would have bumped into me. I was angry but from what I heard on how Africans react to accidents caused by them, it was not worth chasing the idiot. I just drove away from this idiot.

I also noticed a growing number of Africans near my housing area but unlike the group at Jalan Wawasan, this group has been rather tame and so far kept to themselves. That was when they started to move in. But now they have started their ruckus but it is still at a manageable level. But one thing that we are getting rather annoyed these days is the way they cross the road. Despite seeing an approaching car, they would walk as if they are the kings of the road – often we have to slow down and wait for them to finish crossing. My wife had a shock of her life last week when an African man suddenly walked in front of her car, causing her to slam on the brake hard.

Last night, I was driving on the lane when I saw 2 Africans crossing the road. I did not slow down as I gather they would have crossed the road by the time I pass them. But it was not. The idiots walked very slowly even though I know they have seen my car. One guy managed to cross in time but unfortunately not the 2nd guy. I stopped my car just in time in front of him. He looked surprised and then started to shouting something at me. My wife was inside the car and she too was angry on how these idiots take their own sweet time to cross the road and in the process almost get themselves knocked down by on-going traffic. I decided not to confront the idiots since I have my wife in the car otherwise they would have learned a lesson that they will never forget.

I drove off feeling very angry. I know that it is not going to be the last time I confront these Africans.

There are some foreigners who have forgotten that they are in another country and do not act accordingly. They end up becoming public menace or danger to other road users. We don’t mind having foreigners as our neighbours but once they become a public menace (regardless they are foreigners or locals), we need the swift hand of the law to deal with them.

Chennai Trip – Part 5


Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

(An almost normal situation in India – a priest on a fast bike. I have seen ladies with saree with fast bikes and no helmets as well. Higher resolution shot here)

This is one of the shots that I took in Chennai – a priest cutting in and out of traffic wearing no helmet. Just a simple dhoti covering his bare skin and for the feet, a rather worn out sandals – I wonder how serious his injuries is going to be if he falls down.

Riding without helmet is nothing new even in Malaysia but these risk takers usually can be found at some residential areas where they would be riding in the safety of their neighbourhood to ride bike without helmets. There is very little chance of finding the police on patrol on the neighbourhood and even if there is one, it is easy to escape. There were talks about enforcing the law on these riders without helmet but nothing was done in the end.

Brother Durai records down another accident that happened right in front of him when he was travelling in India – another normal situation – between a bus and a car.

In India, people without helmet can be found on major streets and there is a funnier rule deployed these days – the rider needs to wear a helmet but the pillion rider need not. So, at end of office hours, you will find riders with many types of helmets (blacked out full face helmet seems to be fashion these days) but their pillion rider, often their wife or girlfriends, just sit on the back without any helmet. Some of the ladies would be sitting with their legs on the side (because they are wearing sarees) and they will hold on their dear life by holding onto the bike’s rail or one hand holding the rider at the front.

At the traffic lights, when the light turn green, you will have a shock seeing how some of these riders speed off, sometimes with close call with other motorist without any care on the person at the back. Strange indeed because if case of any accident, the pillion rider stands to incur more serious injuries compared to the rider. But this fact is simply ignored in Chennai (and perhaps whole of India) by people who riding bikes and the Government who enforce the traffic laws.

I had my reservations where our Auto driver was speeding in and out of traffic but at least we had some protective cover (but certainly meant nothing if meet with an accident with a car or truck). When we decided to go out for lunch, I opted to take the car instead of taking my chance on the bike (but even so, I would have insisted on a proper helmet). I have seen a number of times where head injuries (even those incurred with minor injuries) have a long term effect.

To be continued…

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Travel Warning – Indonesia?

(The dance in contention – the pendet dance. Image source: Flickr)

From Unspun’s blog:-

Another indication that the Indonesia-Malaysia spat is getting a bit out of hand is this incident yesterday (see clip from Jakarta Globe below), where ultra-nationalists armed with “sharpened bamboo sticks” stopped cars and motorcycles in Jakarta to look for Malaysians. In local parlance this is called “sweeping”.

Unspun further asks:-

What is the Malaysian Embassy in Jakarta doing about this?

There is nothing reported in our local dailies – all seems to concentrate on the on-going MACC inquest and of course the recent cow head protest. Can we continue to ignore this real threat against Malaysians? It was fortunate that no Malaysians were hurt in the recent sweep by this radical group but it looks like it is not going end there

Although they did not find any Malaysian citizens, Muchtar vowed to continue similar actions and even expand the operation to seek offices and houses belonging to Malaysians. His group has been virulently anti-Malaysian, and had even opened registration for volunteers to wage war against the neighbouring country

The Malaysian Government should voice their concerns on the safety of its citizen to the Indonesian Government and issue alerts to Malaysians in the neighbouring country before things get out of hand

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