Flashback – 2010

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Welcome everyone!

It was a good 2 days holidays but not for rest – there were plenty to do for my son and for the house. I am pretty sure that everyone has plenty of things to look out for this year (I just heard my buddies cheated death serious injuries in the first week of 2011).

(One of the most unbelievable trip of the 2010 – me stepping into India for the 1st time despite promising to do in 2003)

2011 would be my 6th year of blogging (first at Blogger, now at WordPress)- could not believe that I held on for that long but wicked politicians from both end of the spectrum do provide enough motivations to continue writing. So, to kickoff things, let’s look back and see how the blog has progressed in 2010

January 2010

  • No thanks to an inconsiderate passenger, my laptop got damaged and caused my screen to turn to red
  • The fiasco with the word “Allah” put a huge dent in Najib’s 1Malaysia but there were other issues that was more important than fighting on who has the right on the name of God
  • Instead of dumping my old car and end up paying through the noses for monthly installments (for already inflated car price in Malaysia), I decided to start my project Car” to get my old car back in shape
  • Someone complained on how our international airport being not so “user friendly” but I begged to differ. Any airport in the world would be unfriendly to passengers who don’t do their homework and who afraid to ask

February 2010

  • It was God send effort to get the oppositions in the country to be united against the arrogant BN but of all the 3, PAS looked more worthy for all Malaysians
  • We may have lost the state of Perak through trickery and obvious disregard to the constitution and rule of law but that should not kept the oppositions from getting ready to win back Perak with a even bigger margin
  • I missed riding in old public buses – something I cherished when I was still small (I could not believe to get the old photo of Srijaya bus on the net!)
  • Major updates to my car that restored it to almost showroom condition but there is still a lot of work to do to get it right and make it more safe
  • My personal experience with hungry Malaysians during a wedding dinner – a hungry Malaysian is indeed a nasty Malaysian
  • There was an issue on whether Malaysians are getting quality, safe spare parts especially my personal experience with spare parts tells me that most of those who sell parts in small workshops in Malaysia are big time crooks – it does not kill you but you waste a lot of money in the process

March 2010

  • Talking about getting the safer & quality parts from the car maker themselves, Proton now has an online site to allow owners to purchase the genuine spare parts
  • Jamie Oliver knocked some sense to modern parents on teaching kids on eating the right food – high time we looked at this seriously with natural food getting “artificial” these days
  • A madman went on rampage in a kindergarten and went after 3 young children – it proves that the devil do exists among humans
  • The movie that was made to a fraction of the cost, Hurt Locker went to knock Avatar off to win the Best Picture at the Oscars. It was a well made movie (well, almost according to actual soldiers in the Middle East)
  • If you have a camera and you were at the right place and at the right time, you catch them in the act and post them online – that will help JPJ with the evidence they need to issue traffic summons
  • The case against Anwar Ibrahim started with Sodomy 2 but there were many who were unconvinced that the arguments to charge Anwar with the crime
  • Earth Hour 2010 descended on Malaysia again but the response this year was lukewarm. The understanding of the threats to the environment has not found a strong foothold among Malaysians and the authorities in 2010

April 2010

  • Najib came out with NEM that suppose to shoot Malaysia into a new level of high capacity country. There were interesting points but many still doubted Najib having the will power to implement NEM in the first place
  • Start of my snippet posts – at least I don’t have to do long posts and be out of time with the breaking news of the day
  • Acid test for MIC and Najib’s 1Malaysia and the promise to deliver the seat for BN. Kamalanathan of MIC came in for BN and Zaid in for PR and both had arguments for and against but at end of the day, BN went on to win the seat.
  • Human rights commission in Malaysia – unfortunately it lacked the bite to get the authorities to uphold the human rights in Malaysia. Hopefully 2011 will be a better year for them
  • There is two ways to get the drivers on the road more disciplined – one is by sudden change of attitude, which is not going to happen in a thousand years and another is by providing a stiffer punishment for law breakers. The Government made the wrong move by canceling RM1,000 fine
  • The new US100 bristling with new technologies and hi-tech security features – certainly it brings the ordinary but most used currency in the world into a whole new level

May 2010

  • A policeman shoots a boy who ran away from hit and run and on a stolen car too but the politicians been harping on wrong side of the issue
  • My first trip to India and I was rock-shocked with the modern city of Chennai – it was not something I had in mind when I thought of the trip in the first place
  • So much money spent to promote a politician’s wife – one strong reminder that wastage and blatant corruption will still be prevalent with BN still behind the pilot’s seats
  • Bought myself a cheap but feature rich, Malaysian made phone but at the end, it proved that it was nothing but a waste of money. Malaysian technology companies still have a long way to go with the issue of quality and robustness (they have the right ideas and enough creativity but that does not take them far)
  • The PM decided to buy votes with promises of development and money – a clear violation of the election rules

June 2010

  • Idris Jala raised the concern on Government subsidies and how the country may end up bankrupt by 2019. It had valid points but the sad part was the Government itself did not know to curtail the blatant use of public funds for unnecessary projects. Often it squeezes the people’s pockets than it’s own.
  • The year 2010 saw one of the world largest oil spill – a reminder that the planet was heading to a bad ending when humans cared less for mother nature. That did not make big news in Malaysia though.
  • Some Malaysians being busy bodies in other people’s backyard – frankly speaking, the Israelis armed forces should have arrested these buggers and throw them into the deep end of the dungeons – why? It is simply because we have been telling others to back off from our internal affairs
  • Foreigners are most welcomed in Malaysia but not when they end up as a menace and create nothing but trouble for others
  • I have been a die-hard fan of Goodyear tires from day 1 but Michelin Energy XM1 changed my mind
  • I decided to compile some of posts that came in series into one consolidated page for easy reference and easy reading
  • There been talk of cutting down of subsidies and curtail of corruption but the escalating cost of the new palace remind all of us that there are people out there who think that public funds need not be managed prudently and is for their taking.

July 2010

  • Plenty of Malaysian drivers who give a damn on long outstanding traffic summons and yet the Government have not come hard on this stubborn road offenders
  • After a bad experience with an over crowded car, I had to state my mind off on this matter but I don’t think it is going to change things further. I still get big size crowd waiting for my small sized car.
  • World Cup comes to an end and surprisingly the favorites, Brazil and Argentina kicked out before the the finals
  • Despite tainted with charges of corruption and public funds used to pay off bribes in name of commission, Malaysians were proud with the Navy’s new submarine but the Navy found themselves with a submarine that could not dive. That is very embarrassing indeed.
  • Some fuckers “fill-in-the-blanks” think that they can put their hands on public money saved from reduction of subsidies and used it for their personal mileage instead of channelizing back to the people
  • The world famous football club Manchester United ended up as an element of the devil and anti-Islam by some religious zealots right here in Malaysia and they still wonder why in some part of the world, the religion has a very bad name with others
  • Sarawak Report piling up on the pressure with the alleged corruption blatant, untouchable Chief Minister in the East and it has opened the second front on the war against corruption
  • I love World War 2 movies and I did a take on the top 5 World War 2 movies that I have seen – some of them are simply classics!
  • What is anti corruption agency in Malaysia and how effective it has been to root out the corruption from all levels of administration in this country? Actually based on the current track record and number of big fish caught, it has been nothing but shameful or we yet to see the best of them?

August 2010

  • I met an African who was flying over to Malaysia for a certificate in English and had all elements of deceit and fraud all over him – why fly to Malaysia when it is cheaper and better to get the same certificate from a nearby country?
  • After 3Idiots, this has to be one of the best, well made, logical Hindi movie made in recent years. It should be the framework on how businesses should be run and how they can close deals.
  • Not enough with stubborn road offenders, now we have stubborn and shortsighted opposition politicians who thinks that higher penalty for road offense is not fair but not fair to who? Law abiding road users or stubborn, hardcore traffic offenders?
  • The endless portrayal of one segment of race in Malaysia as the bogeyman by politicians who have hidden agendas, not a big surprise in the so-called 1Malaysia Malaysia. The slaying of the bogeyman would actually start when we slay race based political parties
  • More trouble in the East – certainly something is wrong in the East and despite overwhelming reports of corruption, MACC remains unmoved and silent.

September 2010

  • I got holes in my pocket when a mysterious SMS started to crop up – paid good money for blood sucking SMSes.
  • Well known Tamil movie actor, Murali and a well known singer, Swarna Latha passed away in 2010
  • Despite the threat of higher summons and that offending traffic users would be closely watched, there were still plenty of stubborn road offenders caught on camera – when they will ever learn?
  • An interesting fact on how strong we are attached to the Internet and what happens if we need to reboot the internet
  • 29th September 2010 was declared as World Rabies Day

October 2010

  • I bought some new books for my bookshelf
  • After an almost 4 years away from open source OS, I went back to Ubuntu Linux and I was impressed with the latest version
  • The year would not be complete without some news on unfair toll and compensations, Malaysians are still paying high to use highways either through toll collections or through compensations
  • A tale of 2 restaurants and how a difference in service and quality makes a big difference
  • It was a revolution in Malaysia – one member – one vote but by the time this was implemented by PKR, it was quite clear that PKR was not ready with the logistics and the outcome was tragic – it’s name got tarnished to the core and PKR lost some good men.

November 2010

  • One of the biggest, most expensive and anticipated Tamil movie of the year, Enthiran ended as a big disappointment when it came to storyline. We have learned our lessons – we probably give Shankar’s next movie a big miss unless he improves on the storyline
  • This was from TED on a new way to teach kids Maths and I was impressed how we need to change our ways of teaching and learning. TED keeps coming up with new way of looking at things in a current world scenario
  • Another update to the project “Car”, I added the Ultra Racing rear anti roll bar and my car flies without a sweat on corners
  • Danger whilst on the road does not come from other motorists but also from pedestrians namely low intelligence factory workers
  • I did not expect it but 2010 was the year I went “kojak” and I felt quite good about it although the slow growth of my hair is making me worried a bit

December 2010

  • One of the coolest sight on the highway for a very long time but at some parts, some of them was reckless which brought arguments for and against by the club members
  • 2010 could have been the year where I killed a pesky motorcyclist but I managed to keep a cool head and avoid them in time for my own best interest (I have done so much for the car that I did not risk any major damages)
  • Astro is finally more secured but key services are still not up yet
  • History should be a fact of what had happened in the past but in Malaysia, there is claims of distortion and mistakes in the history books
  • One of stupidest thing done by the Opposition todate – banning 1Malaysia despite being used for many years now
  • Best closure for the year Malaysian football winning the AFF Suzuki Cup

Hope 2011 will be better year…for the people and the country, not for the politicians


Chennai Trip – Conclusion

(Been lagging lately due to work and other assignments and holidays)

(The Chennai International Airport’s departure area – brightly lighted and well furnished but the crowd can still give you an headache. Sorry, no photos of the secured areas – the officers looked too menacing and strict)

I kind of have forgotten to do the conclusion for this post, so here is it…

The trip to Chennai came to a quick end for my wife – she did not have enough of the shopping but as far as I was concerned, I was looking for a safe return back to Malaysia. I already was missing the good, clean food and the weather back home.

The hired 4 wheel drive that suppose to pick us early was no where to be seen and I was getting worried. It was almost an hour drive from the apartment to the airport and I had no idea how was the traffic from the apartment to the airport at that point of time. The last thing I need is for us to miss the flight because we got stuck in a traffic jam. Our Indian relative noticed my facial expression as I kept looking out the window for the ride. The uncle (the head of the family) started to make some phone calls and it was not long before, I saw a white 4WD snaking along the narrow lane in front of the apartment.

Getting our luggage down from the apartment was made extra difficult – compounded by the fact we had extra “kilograms” added after several days of shopping (which is why we had extra but empty luggage brought from home). With the minutes ticking away and in the mid of the Chennai heat, we had to bring down the overweight luggage rather quickly – I think we damaged some part of the luggage. We managed to load the luggage into the car and we were off to the airport without further delays.

Chennai airport was still undergoing renovations so the departure area was still a nightmare. We had to park far away from the actual departure entrance and there was no luggage trolley at sight. Thankfully our relatives walked around and managed to find some empty trolleys. Customer service sucked big time – no porters helping out and the crowd outside looks so disorganized. We bid “goodbye” and “thank you” to our host in Chennai who been very generous and helpful during our stay in Chennai and headed towards the check-in gates. I could see a long queue at the very entrance of the terminal – things were not looking too good.

Out of the many security scanners around, only one was working so imagine the chaos. The many lines converged into one and some of the passengers were rather ruthless – despite seeing small children at the queue, they just push ahead, pushing the small children aside and jumping queue. The security guys near the scanners did not do much to ease down the mess. Anyway, we managed to cross over the line without any “bad incidents” and headed towards the MAS check in counters. Once again, we confronted another chaos here – the local MAS staff did not really cared about the queue, leaving us to fight over to get the right line – kind of reminded me of this.

The staffs at the counter looked inexperienced and were facing problems with passengers insisting to check in their overweight luggage without the need to pay for it. The staff also looked lost when had to print out the boarding passes for the passengers who are on transit. Pity the young lady at the front of us who had to transit in KLIA and had to take another flight to Australia. That delay caused us to loose some good seats – we did not get seats in the same row but we managed get at least one seat by the window. We sorted out the seats so that we arranged the window side seat for the “Big Boss”. That made the day for my son even though it was a night flight and he cannot see much once we are up in the air.

With the boarding passes at hand, we headed towards the immigrant checkpoint. From afar, we were given immigrant exit form and advised to fill up in full (the word “full was strongly stressed). So, we did as was advised, but not some of the locals who thought their names will get them through the immigrant with breeze. They had half filled forms and tried to talk their way through.

The senior looking uncle at the gate before immigration counters looked fragile and weak but he amazed us when he stopped some people at their tracks and asked them to fill up the form first. He did not even moved a bit when the stubborn locals raised their voice and tried to use their “connection” powers. They were told to buzz off and come back with fully filled form. We later found out that the old, fragile looking man is the head of the immigration at the airport – no wonder he can stand up to the nonsense put up by the locals. The immigration officers were professional and courteous – they even chit chat with my son as he stood in line to get his passport stamped.

(The “Big Boss” managed to get his seat of choice on the return flight and soon got busy with the in-flight entertainment system)

Another round of security – mostly handled by officers from northern side of India and they were very strict about this. Despite the long queue and security check that seems to be taking forever, we appreciated the strict and detailed checking. After the horrors in Mumbai, the last thing we need is some bomb blast by a crazy terrorist in Chennai airport.

The waiting area was jam packed but we managed to get a nice cozy spot. We decided against any purchase of souvenirs at the airport because 1. The price was a nonsense (it was also 10 times more than the normal price) and 2. The “duty free” shop was manned by someone who looked like some drug peddler at some back lane (read dirty clothes and harsh language).

Boarding announcement was rather rudimentary and before we know it, a long line started to form. Good thing was we already anticipated this and stood somewhere at the front of the queue. We had to pass another security checkpoint before we reached our seats – I felt proud to be a Malaysian as the Indian passengers were fast appreciating the clean interior of the MAS cabin and high quality service from the award winning cabin crew. There was some delay before the plane can take off – as usual, some idiots went missing and the rest of us had to wait for them. Then after almost 10 minutes, we were ready to take off.

The big boss soon got busy with the in-flight entertainment system and he rarely slept during the journey back. The flight back home was not that long and the MAS cabin crew service was top notch as usual – pity them having to deal with those Indian passengers who probably taking the plane for the first time. Some of the idiots were so busy drinking away beer and wine throughout the flight and just before we landed, we hit turbulence and these idiots immediately puked on their seats (did they know how to use the disposal vomit bag?). I saw a couple of them, drenched with nasty vomit all over their pants and shoes and thankfully none of them was too near to us – otherwise they would have gotten nasty blow to their head as well. Hmmm, perhaps I should add this to my list here.

That rather messy incident was the conclusion of my very first trip to Chennai (and India) and I must say that it was eye-opening trip. My wife got her shopping done and we all had a great time in time, largely thanks to our Chennai host. And since I have been to Chennai once, I know which pitfalls that I need to avoid the next time around.

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Doing Up Series

(Steve Job’s same style of shirt, jeans and shoes over the years – this looks like a series too. Image source: http://www.fastcompany.com)

Well, sometimes I am full of creativity juice that I can write a lot – simple “yes or no” email ends up becoming one page detail analysis. I do try to keep things simple and easy but once I get too excited, I do tend to forget to limit my words.

Same thing happens in my blog especially I have come back from a recent overseas trip or some important even have taken place or when I am feeling really, really angry, words comes to my mind very naturally.

Instead of writing one long post, I do tend to break it into several parts for reasons – 1. It is easier to read because it is “shorter” 2. It keeps up the anticipation (there are readers who ask me when Part 2 is coming up) and 3. It covers me when I faced with writer’s block (I don’t have to think of a new post)

Since there are times, I need to continue with the next part of the “long” post or I need to talk about the next version of the same post, I need to do plenty of searches in my blog.

Considering that it will be helpful for me and the readers, I consolidated the series under separate page titled “Read the Series!

Please do enjoy them…

A Quick Guide to Star Trek – Part 1

“I refuse to believe that the afterlife is run by you, Q. The universe is not so badly designed!” (Captain Jean Luc Picard in ST: TNG episode Tapestry)

Inspired by the Star Wars movies, Star Trek: The Next Generations (ST: TNG) and Star Trek Voyager (VOY) was one of my favourite TV shows in the 1990s.

And in recent times, I managed to get hold of whole 7 seasons of ST: TNG and it was worth watching the show all over again. VOY on the other hand, took viewers on the other side of ST:TNG and had it’s own interesting attractions as the Federation ship that got lost in the Delta Quadrant which requires 70,000 light years to return back home.

Whilst on the onset, both series looked the same (with ST: TNG being more prominent between the 2), there are some interesting differences and my pick between the 2.


(USS Voyager (right) is smaller but better designed compared to USS Enterprise)

1. Type of starships

The crew in ST: TNG flies the more famous USS Enterprise a Galaxy-class Federation starship commissioned in 2363 whilst the crew flies the lesser known, much smaller but more nibble USS Voyager, the Intrepid-class Federation starship commissioned in 2371. Further USS Enterprise is deemed the flagship of the Starfleet and one of the largest among all Federation starships.

ST: TNGUSS Enterprise has 42 decks, 14 phaser arrays, 2 torpedo launchers, 250 photon torpedoes, deflector shields with a maximum warp speed of 9.8 and a crew complement of 1,014

VOYUSS Voyager has 15 decks, 13 phaser arrays, 38 photon torpedoes, deflector shields with a maximum warp speed of 9.975 and a crew complement of 150.

My pick – USS Voyager. For a simple fact, it is faster, more nimble and carries less unnecessary crew. Besides Captain Picard hates it when there are children on board.


(No one can ignore the ‘prominent’ feature of Captain Jean Luc Picard (left) and the powerful stare from him)

2. The captains

Long before playing the role of Professor X in X-Men, Patrick Steward played Captain Jean Luc Picard in ST: TNG and that it was one of the key crowd puller for the series. For Voyager, we had an unsettled first impression but Kate Mulgrew who played the Captain Kathryn Janeway showed that Kathryn Janeway was one tough lady and had all the rights and skills to captain a Federation ship.

ST: TNG – USS Enterprise D is captained by Captain Jean Luc Picard (human). Picard not only witnessed the major turning points of recent galactic history, but played a key role in them also, from making first contact as captain of the Federation’s flagship with no fewer than 27 alien species, including the Ferengi and the Borg.

He also became the chief contact point with the Q Continuum as well as serving as Arbiter of Succession, choosing the former leader of the Klingon Empire, Chancellor Gowron, and exposing the Romulan Star Empire as backers of his chief rivals, later aiding an underground movement of dissidents to gain a toehold on the Romulan homeworld. Captain Picard ‘s favourite drink is hot Earl Grey tea

VOY – USS Voyager is captained by Captain Kathryn Janeway (human). She became the first Federation captain to successfully traverse the Delta Quadrant, encountering dozens of new planets and civilizations over the course of seven years. While there, she and her crew also survived numerous encounters with the Borg. By 2379, she was a Vice Admiral at Starfleet Command. Captain Janeway’s favourite drink is hot black coffee.

My pick – Captain Jean Luc Picard at any given day! He’s bald and yet he is cool and one that had stood up to Q on almost equal terms

ist officer

(Both have the right looks of a first officer but Commander Riker (left) is more experienced with Federation starships)

3. The 1st officers

Captains cannot work effectively without having a fine, dedicated, skilled crew and first in line are the ‘number ones’ or the next in command. When the captain is unable to take helm of the ship or is away on missions or trapped in some alien world / ship, number one have the control and final say. Number ones also take care of job assignments and staff evaluations and other operational issues.

ST: TNG – USS Enterprise D’s 1st officer is Commander William Thomas Riker (human). He was perhaps best known for his long assignment as first officer under Captain Jean-Luc Picard aboard the USS Enterprise-D, and later the USS Enterprise-E. In 2379, he finally accepted a promotion to captain and was assigned to the USS Titan. Riker was a jazz aficionado, and his favourite musical instrument was the trombone.

VOY – USS Voyager’s D’s 1st officer is Commander Chakotay (human). Chakotay didn’t use the holodeck often, but enjoyed reading instead. He occasionally took the time to embrace his artistic side, such as creations using colored sand while trapped on ‘New Earth’ and carvings of Native American symbols. Chakotay was a vegetarian; one of his favourite meals was mushroom soup.

My pick – it is tough choice between the 2. Both had their own strengths and weaknesses but I guess Riker have the edge over Chakotay – he already been offered captain-ship several times but opted to remain Jean Luc Picard’s number 1.


(Geordi (left) is blind and needs a visor to see things in a very different way)

4. The chief engineers

The heart of Federation star ships is the warp propulsion system and without the right person at the engineering, the starship, no matter who is in charge, is in deep trouble (they can loose speed, shield and weapons). Since the time of Scotty Scott and Captain Kirk, the role of the chief engineer has become more complex, as starships gets bigger and more technologically innovative.

ST: TNGGeordi La Forge (human) held the rank of lieutenant commander and was the chief engineer of the USS Enterprise-D and USS Enterprise-E, both under Captain Jean-Luc Picard. As a junior officer, his specialities included antimatter power, dilithium regulators, holodeck programs, and climate-control computers. His intense focus enabled him to master the complexities of warp engineering and other starship systems.

VOY B’Elanna Torres (half-Klingon, half-Human) served as Chief Engineer on the USS Voyager. Torres was initially assigned the provisional rank of lieutenant junior grade. Torres had difficulty getting along with the temporary chief engineer, Joe Carey.

She was recommended as a replacement chief engineer by Chakotay. However, Kathryn Janeway opposed this decision. After Voyager became trapped in a quantum singularity, Torres proved her skills to Janeway and earned her respect. Janeway then made her chief engineer over Carey.

My pick – Between 2, Geordi is better simply because he is more prominent when it comes to new innovations to the warp propulsion system and key starship systems. And without a “Klingon DNA”, he is often more adapting to handle critical situation without losing control or temper.

(Key data and pictures for this Star Trek post sourced here)

To be continued…

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CSI: MY (ala Gerak Khas)

(We all learned something from watching the CSI series. Image source: http://shrineodreams.wordpress.com)

After we had CSI, CSI:Miami and CSI: NY, I am pretty sure that our local production houses will one day try to have our very own CSI version promptly known as CSI: MY or PJT (Penyiasatan Tempat Jenayah). There will be major variations (of course) to make it a more localized version:-

1. The role of “Gil Grissom” is played by Datuk Yusof Haslam. The rest of the CSI team will be made up from the “Gerak Khas” team. Why? Because Yusof Haslam is one who made the most “cop” shows in Malaysia, so it is not a surprise that PJT will be under his production as well

2. Some of the crimes to be investigated such as snatch theft at Puduraya, armed robbery at Pajak Gadai Ah Chai, death at the local Dangdut Night Club in Setapak, the gang fight at the PJ Indian Pub and road bully incident at North South Highway.

3. At some of the major crimes / tragedies, we will have the local politicians at the crime scene to view the area and give their normal 2 cents words “kita akan menyiasat dan kerajaan akan mengambil langkah langkah dari trajedi berulang lagi

4. Actual post mortem will not be shown to meet the local censorship board guidelines. The “body“ will be shown being brought to Hospital Besar Kuala Lumpur and the scene is then cut to PJT’s office where “Dr Halim” will be briefing the PJT team on the post mortem findings in a office meeting room.

5. CSI: MY or PJT is unlikely to be shown in AXN (home of CSIs) and as such will be limited to TV1 (home of local dramas). After several episodes, “CSI: MY – The Movie” will be produced and shown for Hari Raya.

6. Despite of several leads & clues, the case will be solved when the suspect turns himself in or appearance of a “last minute” key witness. Part of the investigation will be done by the “Gerak Khas” team who makes (too frequent) special appearances in CSI: MY.

7. There will be some kind of “pengajaran” ala “pendidikan moral” in each episode. The actual “CSI” work probably constitutes 20% of each episode. A Galak will be the main mediator during crisis between the CSI team members.