Sleepless At Home

Just a quick update for this week….

(The new Boss’ feet on a Giant’s palm – still a long way to go before we can allow the Boss to be independent and does not need us to keep a close eye all small things at night)

This blog was started long after our Big Boss was born otherwise this post below would have been a repeat. But then again, whilst the post is not a repeat but the actual experience is.

For the first few days, things was not so bad – with the new Boss in town, we had plenty of people “volunteering” to take care of the baby when it is time for sleep. But we knew that sooner or later, the tasks of taking care of the baby will fall entirely on us. And that means sleepless nights with the baby “waking up” every 3 hours for milk, change of diaper and sometimes a mere excitement. But before that, there was a need to rearrange the sleeping logistics for me, my wife, the baby and the Big Boss who in recent months have decided (without our prior approval) to sleep with us for a simple reason – it was warmer at his usual sleeping place.

At first, we decided that my son had to sleep in his usual sleeping place with the bed reserved for my wife and the baby. I decided to sleep on the floor with a thick blanket & a small mattress (which was surprisingly rather comfortable). We then thought of setting the alarm so that we will wake up on time for feeding and in between we were hoping to catch some sleep. Disruptive sleep for at least a few months was something we had long anticipated from the beginning and had mentally prepared for it. It all sounds good on paper but we soon found out that the baby had other ideas for the night. At first, the baby had been sleeping all evening long and just when we decided to go to sleep; the baby is so wide awake.

At first we thought it was the same as our son when he was an infant who often stay awake at night but keep silent and take his own time to sleep off. Our second baby was different – not only she is wide awake but also get restless once we switch off the main lights and turn on the smaller lights (it was too dark and she was not used to the sudden change of light in the room, I guess) and when we switch the main lights again, it was too bright for her to sleep off. It was tough to balance the ambiance in the room and this was the case for a few days until we had an idea and decided to switch on the bathroom lights and leave the bathroom door slightly opened. This leaves just enough light which balanced the overall lighting in the room – it was not too dark and not too bright. And we put a softer bed spread which did the trick – the baby sleeps off faster and somehow was less restless now.

But this does not happen all the time and to ensure an even “quieter” environment for the baby, I decided to sleep in my son’s room which helped a bit. I am sure in time, the baby will get used to my sleeping musical notes (aka snoring) just like how my wife have done (so I like to believe) but not for now. Damn, the baby is super sensitive and wakes at the slightest sound in the room – my deep breathing, pulling of the blanket loudly and even a simple turn of the body on the bed causes her to wake up and searches for the source of the sound.

But for now, a little peace and quiet and a dim light should be enough to lullaby the baby to sleep but the frequent waking up to check on the baby, to prepare for the feeding and lack of REM sleep does cause a major havoc in the morning when I wake up to go to work. I usually can wake up at the first ring of the alarm (sometimes even before the alarm rings) but now with 2 – 3 loud rings, I am still deep in sleep and only with “accidental” (if you can call it) awakening, I opened my eyes and realized that I was late for work and rush to shower. But it somehow felt “OK” when I opened the bedroom door to get ready for work and I see my wife, the Big Boss and more importantly, the baby is fast asleep. At least they are resting well now.

The saving grace of the whole affair is that I don’t work on the weekends and with most of us at home are available to keep an eye on the baby, we can afford to wake up late (although it is not for long) whilst the baby under the care of other family members. Yes, it is still a long way to go before we can march off the new Boss to sleep on her own bed but until now, it is night duty for some of us.


Missing Photos

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Had a good laugh over OutSyed The Box’s post titled “Rais Yatim’s Chicken Sh*t” and since the name Rais Yatim came up, I thought of checking the net for Pak Lah’s infamous sleeping photos and guess what I found. Pak Lah’s sleeping during meetings trend does go along way.

After all, a photo speaks a thousand words don’t they?

Childhood Memories – Part 20

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(The kind of sleep that every one of us longing for. Image source:

I must admit that I have been feeling very sleepy at work for the past few weeks ever since I was back from overseas.

At first, I thought that I could recover from the jet lag and difference in sleeping time but things have not improved for the better. There is not enough time in the day for a comfortable 8 hours sleep and as age catches up, it looks like I cannot afford to sleep for 5 hours like I used to do.

When I was in my “college age”, I can afford to sleep for less than 5 hours everyday and can still be active, energetic and sharp thinking from morning to night. When I started to work to pay for my studies, things just got worse. 5 days of work, 2 days of classes and daily revision hours took most of my “wake hours”. Such careless deprivation of sleep however comes at a price and I know that I must, somehow, have to repay my sleep debts. Sunday was my off day and it is in a literal sense – it was time for me to shut down my body and go to sleep.

But sleeping at home was a bad idea for my Mom expects us to wake up at the usual time and spent time cleaning up the house or helping out on the cooking or help to buy sundry items. There is no such thing as sleeping and waking up late at home. But because we have been so busy during the weekdays with lack of sleep, my Mom affords us to take afternoon nap but that’s it – she does expect us to wake up in time for our bath and dinner.

But it was not enough for me to repay back my sleep debts. So, it was time to make my way to my Grandma’s house where I am treated like a King and no one bothers me with household work. After my college on Saturdays, instead of coming back home, I would make the long trip to Puduraya to catch the bus to my Grandma’s house. By the time I reach her house, it will be late in the evening, just the right time for me to take shower and an early dinner.

Quick shower, quick dinner and a short watch of TV and once done, it was time for me to hit the soft comfortable bed and seconds after that; I am already in the la-la land. Actually not much of a difference with home but the difference comes the next day.

The next day, I would open my eyes and see a dark bedroom. I wondered what is the time. Looking at the dark room, I would gather that it would probably be between 10 am to 11 am but then again I could be wrong. Still feeling sleepy, I would try to hear whether I could hear any sound on the outside. It will be pin drop silence, as if everyone else was still sleeping but I know they were not. The household rules that my Mom enforces at home – she actually learned it from her Mom. So, it is not a big surprise that my Grandma also enforce the same kind of strict rules at home. I of course was the only exception to that strict rule. When I was sleeping, the bedroom is made more comfortable, the bedroom is darkened, the fan switched on and my noisy cousins (who also lived in the house) are asked to be hush-hush so that no other noise wakes me up.

Getting bored with sleeping (the only time I gets bored with sleeping is when I am at Grandma’s house), I slowly wake and force myself from the bed. I open the door, still feeling drowsy (to the point I sometimes wondered where I am) and walk to the living room. I look at the clock on the wall and realised that the time is about 3 pm. Wow, I have been sleeping for more than 20 hours! I gathered that it should have been more than enough to repay the outstanding sleep debt (my record is 24 hours – weeks before the exams).

As I go off to take my shower (and to brush my teeth), I realised that breakfast or rather lunch waiting for me. And after lunch, I would be lazing around, watching TV or join my cousins in their activities (which I must say worth joining). By 5 pm in the evening, it was time to go back home – so it was another long and tiring journey before work the next day. But at least, I still arrive at home still feeling refreshed and no sign of any sleepiness.

Monday, it was back to routine and losing sleep over the weekdays. That is until Sunday when it was time to go back to my Grandma’s house for a good night sleep.

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