Yup, It’s Getting Weirder


(Some things are not weird like the way people like to park their cars, it is just a result of people not taking the time and care to do the right things)

It must be the insane weather, I am very sure – it has been raining cats & dogs for past weeks and yet it feels like one is sitting in a sauna at night. My daughter fared worse, despite having 2 fans and occasionally the air-conditioner switched on, she was sweating like she had just done a 10 km marathon.

Or perhaps it is something we have been drinking (or sniffing), I don’t know. Perhaps it was due to our overzealous with being the righteous one that some of us can see the end is near. Whatever the reason maybe, things are just getting weirder in this country.

Just the other day, I was at Tesco and I decided to go the customer service counter as I wanted to load up. I saw a foreigner at the counter topping up his prepaid and he was paying the RM10 top up with shillings, mostly with 10 & 20 cents. As if the rest of us have plenty of time to spare, I waited for the guy behind the counter to take his time to count the money. Then I noticed an African lady standing next to me and then jumping queue, she asked the staff at the counter on how to apply for a Tesco loyalty card.

It was weird when the staff asked this lady (who was obviously a foreigner) in Bahasa Malaysia on what she wanted. The lady was confused and did not understand the question (for obvious reason, duh). She explained in English and yet the staff at the counter keep talking back to her in Bahasa Malaysia. Of course, watching this from the side, I was wondering myself what the fuck is happening. That was very weird indeed. One should be color blind to race but one cannot be that blind.

Things were getting weird indeed. So, it was not a big surprise when earlier, the whole nation was reading this nonsense in the headlines:-

A group of about 50 residents staged a peaceful protest against a new church in Taman Medan fearing proselytization after the church’s congregation had put up a cross on the building.

The Star Online reported that the group had gathered at the church at about 10am earlier today while Sunday mass was going on, claiming that putting up a cross in a Malay-majority area challenged Islam and could influence young Muslims


And soon after this incident, there was plenty of hoo-haa and blah-blah and by now, this has become an old trivial story. Of course something like this bound to happen when you mix religion, politics and a good dose of stupidity into the grinder and end up with a messy outcome.

Think of the 2 main arguments put forward by the mob?

One that the church has a cross on its wall and the other is that it will “easily” influence young Muslims. I dare not venture into further latter argument that one can easily be influenced by either the other religions / beliefs / arguments making more sense OR their understanding, embrace and thoughts of their own present religion is so bloody shaky that seeing an image on a wall will change your belief in seconds. Pick a reason and go back to your corner. I mean no one stopping you from being outraged if others challenged you in your beliefs but come on, you need to be fair and reasonable too.


(Symbols are nothing new in religion – each of them have its own meaning, history and place. Image source: http://www.stevemcswain.com)

Let’s relook into the former – that a church has a cross on its wall and that is so wrong. Well, that must have been one of the many dumbest statements that politicians that had made so far this year. What is a church without its cross? What is a Hindu temple without the notable OM symbol? Or a Buddhist temple without the famed Swastika? And of course, what is a mosque without the moon & the star? Interestingly we had walked on this very same path almost 10 years ago when some group contented that a cross on cookies a threat to Islam. It looks like we did not matured enough after all these years.

And whilst it has generated quite amount of comments on this issue, one that stood out with the right strike on the nail has to be this from Fake Malaysia News:-

“I think Christians are well aware it is forbidden to go around proselytizing to Muslims,” said an onlooker, “but they need to take more responsibility for their activities and ensure their churches are clearly marked.”

“If only there was some kind of Christian symbol they could display on the Church to warn Muslims so that they stay away!”


Then we had more weird things happening at the famed tourist spot in the city. We had a rather unexpected public strip tease over a meal:-

The Sabah woman who stripped to avoid paying for her meal in Petaling Street on Thursday was high on syabu and had no recollection of what she did. The 32-year-old woman has since been identified as a model and beauty pageant contestant who had appeared on TV reality programmes.

The woman claimed she did not remember her strip tease at the restaurant and strutting down belligerently along Petaling Street, said Dang Wangi OCPD Assistant Commissioner Zainol Samah said yesterday.


At first, I was thinking it was a foreigner who may not feel shame going topless in public (maybe she was feeling hot under the weather) but interestingly with the power of the internet at one’s finger tips, it was not long before someone sent me the woman’s school days and past modelling photos. A good looking lady who could have held the world in her hands but some how ended on the wrong side of the law and high on drugs. It’s a pity indeed and perhaps one of the many tragic stories in this country .

Of course nothing beats the scale of weirdness that surrounds the political world in this country. Never mind the on-going spate between Dr M and Najib which has been rather one sided – Dr M shooting off all the valid questions but only to get the minions responding back with bizarre responses. There has been only been too many implication of misadventures under Najib’s administrations from the over paid consultants, too frequent overseas trips, rather over lavish lifestyle and expenditures and the list seems to be continuing. And the silence by the PM remains an indication that not all things are going all too well.

And now it is getting worse with the latest expose from Sarawak Report (the localised wikileaks and one that have been digging up a lot of information):-

Investigators into the Malaysian development fund 1MDB’s 2009 joint venture with the company PetroSaudi International have concluded that the partnership lied to its banks and Bank Negara Malaysia.

The papers in Sarawak Report’s possession show that the investigators have identified at least three separate occasions on which these and other transgressions were made, which appear worthy of prosecution.


If these news are false, it is strange why 1MDB have not sued Sarawak Report for the matter and put a lid on all these uneasiness for once and for all? If we have been living in another country, well, never mind let’s not go there. For now, let’s just blame the weather for all things going weird in this country.


“Thank You”

(A post prompted by what I experienced over the weekend at a shopping complex)

(Thumbs up instead of the middle finger is always welcomed on a stressful drive home, more so after doing a good deed instead of being a nuisance to fellow road users. Image source: http://www.car-life.co.za)

How many times you have said “Thank You” to someone else today, two days ago, a week ago or a month ago?

Let me illustrate 2 incidents that happened last week as I was in Tesco doing my usual weekend shopping.

1. I had to buy a small bulb for the altar at home, so I headed towards the electrical section. I took the smallest bulb on the shelf and screwed it to the testing panel and pressed on the test button. Nothing happened. I thought I must have taken a faulty bulb. At that moment, I sensed someone standing next to me.

It was an elderly man, holding a bulb of his own, waiting for me to finish the test. He noticed my predicament and smiled. He held the bulb and properly turned the bulb in and asked me to test again. This time, the bulb light up without fail. I turn to the elderly man and thanked him. He simply nods his head and smiled.

2. We then moved to the household cleaning section where in front of me was a man, just slightly older than me, pulling (instead of pushing) the shopping trolley. He was looking at the items on the shelves and was not looking at his shopping trolley. It was not long before trolley got stuck on some items stacked on the floor. Perhaps the fact that this man was pulling his trolley should have indicated something.

Instead of stopping and untangling, this man simply kept pulling the trolley, achieving nothing but causing a small “traffic jam” along the shopping lane. I took hold of the trolley and helped him to untangle it. To my surprise, he then just kept pulling his trolley and continued with his shopping. No murmur of thank you, no smiles, no nods, nothing whatsoever to acknowledge the help.

At most part, I don’t really expect others to say thank you when I do others a favor – sometimes I hardly give it a thought too. At times, by helping others, I am helping myself too (like the incident No. 2 above, by helping to untangle the trolley, the so-called traffic was dispensed and it was easier to push my own trolley away). For other times, I am pretty sure that my “karma  will take note of my good deeds.

But think about it for a second. Someone do you a favor (it does not matter what the underlying motives are) but nothing is done to acknowledge the favor. It is as if it is your solemn duty to help these people. Yes, it may be trivial for some. For others, that very act may be considered as arrogant and rude.

In one of questions raised in the popular magazine, The Reader’s Digest several months ago, a columnist said that one of the important subject that need to be taught in schools would be the subject of courtesy. Yes, we may have “Pendidikan Moral” in our schools but are the lessons in good morals left aside once we left school? Sometimes it does seems so especially when you see how some drivers behaves themselves on the road – queue jumping, road hogging, tail-gating, etc.

But there are some fine exceptions – where there is traffic at the junction and the driver puts up his hand, requesting leeway to cut into the main traffic and once done, puts up his hand again, thanking the other driver who has slowed down. That happened once where no one slowed down to allow the other lane to cut in (despite the driver on the other lane has put up his indicators). I saw the long queue at the back and I slowed down to allow a couple of cars to cut in. Despite the stressful driving, I felt happy when one of the drivers who managed to cut in after I slowed down, put his thumbs up, thanking me on my act.

Acknowledgment promotes more to help others more frequently and is one good booster if you ask me – a simple gesture of “thanking someone”. Perhaps a lack of acknowledgment is what makes others to look the other side when help is needed.