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They must have read my post here

(When it comes to enforcement agencies, we have the means to start things but we sometimes lack the means to end things. We lack the enforcement. Image source: http://www.malaysia-kini.com)

It was delightful to read this, a couple days ago:-

Police have issued more than 10 million “saman ekor” (traffic offences caught on camera) since 2000 and motorists who ignored these summonses risk being hauled to the police station.

Federal Traffic Police chief SAC II Datuk Abdul Aziz Yusof said police could bring those who were issued with warrants of arrest to the stations and they would only be released on police bail.

“They will also be barred from renewing their road tax and driving licences. So it’s best that they come forward and settle the summonses,” he said.


Saman ekor” used to be a mess when it comes to issuing summons to traffic offenders. Yes, there have been genuine mistakes done by the police in the past and since often it relies on the policeman’s oral evidence, it is your words against the policeman’s words. There is no other evidence. That is until cameras were brought in to back up the “saman ekor”. Now it is very difficult to dispute the evidence caught on camera.

Further, not getting the “summons” via post is not an excuse (if you are using this excuse, then you deserve it!). Given the current information age, anyone with internet can check on their “summon” status online (I usually do so after a long trip outstation). I mean if they have time to log in to update their Facebook status, what more on checking whether they have an outstanding summons or not. For those who have no internet access whatsoever (ya, right!), they can always hop over to the local police station (or police counters at major shopping malls) to check on this.

Despite the police making a strong warning for those with outstanding summons to come forward to settle them early, I wonder if the police will make good of their warning this time. There was once the police did make good of their warning to arrest those with outstanding summons (during the heydays of “saman ekor”) and driving somehow became very pleasant.

But since then, despite the threats, nothing much been done to enforce the summons on the road offenders. This is why 16 million summons amounting to RM2.7 billion remains uncollected. Shame on the police and shame on the Government! This is so when the Government is seriously considering reducing the subsidies.

Going after the road offenders will not only allow the Government to collect sizable money for expenses but also teach a good lesson on traffic offenders especially those repeated ones not to break traffic rules and make life miserable for others.

Warnings have been given; it is time for the police to act on this…


Outstanding Summons

No wonder there are still selfish bastards on the road…

(We need more policemen on the road to catch and book road offenders. But what’s the point of giving the road offenders summons when at the end of the day, it is not enforced and the summons ends up nothing but waste papers? Image source: http://www.motortrader.com.my)

TheStar reports:-

Traffic offenders who were issued 16,529,848 summonses from 2000 to 2008 have not settled their summons worth RM2.7bil, Deputy Transport Minister Datuk Abdul Rahim Bakri told Parliament Wednesday.

So, the question is – what the fuck the Government been doing all this while? Shake balls, ah?

The Government had been talking about cutting down subsidies due to lack of income for sometime now. One joker even asked us to change our lifestyles so that the Government can spend less on subsidies. If income is an issue, then why the Government did not force these traffic offenders to pay up? It is not that it is difficult to pay the summons – nowadays you can do it online. We have computerised all the data – it is even easier to track these bastards down.

Get the arrest warrants out, arrest them in the middle of the night with their pants down and put the stubborn road offenders behind bars and blacklist them for life! Continue to do that until you have collected the whole outstanding summons and the traffic offenders have learned a lesson that they will not forget. Do that and you get more disciplined drivers, less traffic jam and less stressful driving!

P.s. Mohamed Aziz, the idiot, suggested that the summonses be annulled – ya, right – doesn’t this idiot know that annulling the summons amounts to rewarding the traffic offenders. No thanks to short-sighted idiots like Sri Gading MP, it is no wonder that we still have queue jumper, road hoggers, traffic light beater and emergency lane abuser.

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RM1,000 fine cancelled!

Another flip – flop and for the wrong reason too…

(A simple question – if there are 2 situations where the fine amount is different – one is RM300 and another RM1,000, in which situation you think will make this offender who is using the emergency lane to cut queue to think twice?)

In the beginning, there was this story:-

The maximum fine for traffic offences will be raised from RM300 to RM1,000 upon the enforcement of the amended Road Transport Act 1987.

(Source: Bernama)

At first, I was kind of happy that maximum fine limit will be increased – logically higher fine should be mean less traffic offenders and less traffic offenders means fewer idiots on the road causing problems to other road users.

Then I think about it and realised that whilst it is good that the fine amount has increased, there is still the question of enforcement that need to be resolved. I mean there is no point if the fine has increased to RM1,000 but the traffic offenders are not being caught red-handed to pay the fine, right?

It may look like we are back to square one but it is not.

Remember, we can help on the enforcement by posting the traffic offenders in action to JPJ for further action. The more traffic offenders are got caught on camera by the rest of law abiding road users, the more traffic offenders will be made to pay the maximum fine of RM1,000 and in due course, instances of traffic offences will come down drastically as RM1,000 is not a small to pay. Meantime, the Government can improve on the issue of enforcement and one of the ways that they are already looking into is Automated Enforcement System (AES).

Then the flip flop happens.

Read this crap:-

The Road Transport (Amendment) Bill which proposes compounds for traffic summonses to be increased from RM300 to RM1,000, will be withdrawn

He (Nazri Abd Aziz) said the backbenchers had written to him, saying that the three proposed amendments were “not people-friendly.”

“Many people have complained to me that the fines are excessive and the amount is more than they can afford,” he (Lim Guan Eng) told reporters at the Parliament lobby

(Source: TheStar)

When I read the “reasons” behind the flip-flop, I was lost for words. What kind crap that the backbenchers took for breakfast? What did Lim Guan Eng smoked before he started talking to the reporters?

We are talking about ROAD OFFENDERS here and not law abiding citizens. Road offenders who pass through “No-Entry” roads on a regular basis, bastards who uses the emergency lane as their private lane when there is a traffic jam, idiots who park their cars rather hazardously in complete ignorant of other road users. These are not ordinary people! These are the scumbags on the road.

If the Government had proposed an arbitrary increase of income tax for example, then we can say that the move is not “people – friendly”. But an increase of fine to ensure that number of traffic offenders will reduce in due course is “people – friendly”.

It is because there are road users who are repeated traffic offenders. No amount of advice, education and cursing can turn them into law abiding road users. They are the kind of people who think that their use of road is more important than other people. They are kind of people who laugh at traffic laws and think that they can get away with it. For some, RM300 is chicken feed – they can afford to pay it on a regular basis. And so, why the law should be soft on them?

Fuck the bench benchers and equally brainless MPs on their calls to withdraw the increase of fine to RM1,000. The increase of fine to RM1,000 is PEOPLE-FRIENDLY. It is only not “traffic offender-friendly’ and screw the whole lot for crying foul.

Lim Guan Eng said that “many people have complained to me that the fines are excessive and the amount is more than they can afford”. I say to these people who “complained” to Lim Guan Eng on this – abide by traffic laws and no one has to pay anything in fine.

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