Doing Up Series

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Well, sometimes I am full of creativity juice that I can write a lot – simple “yes or no” email ends up becoming one page detail analysis. I do try to keep things simple and easy but once I get too excited, I do tend to forget to limit my words.

Same thing happens in my blog especially I have come back from a recent overseas trip or some important even have taken place or when I am feeling really, really angry, words comes to my mind very naturally.

Instead of writing one long post, I do tend to break it into several parts for reasons – 1. It is easier to read because it is “shorter” 2. It keeps up the anticipation (there are readers who ask me when Part 2 is coming up) and 3. It covers me when I faced with writer’s block (I don’t have to think of a new post)

Since there are times, I need to continue with the next part of the “long” post or I need to talk about the next version of the same post, I need to do plenty of searches in my blog.

Considering that it will be helpful for me and the readers, I consolidated the series under separate page titled “Read the Series!

Please do enjoy them…


Theme Headache

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Regular visitors to this blog must be wondering on the question – why the theme of the blog keeps changing?

To tell you the truth, I am rather unsettled with the existing templates from WordPress (either that or I am lost for blog content) – there are good ones there but somehow there are always some kind shortcomings in those themes.

The size of the side bar is too large, the content size too small, the font is not right or too ugly, the quote area is not standard, the background colour is too dark or too light and sometimes the layout is just not right – side bar at the bottom instead on the side.

So bear with me until I run through the existing templates and find the right one for me to sit on.

Blog Email Subscription

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For those who has been subscribing to this blog via email in Feedburner, would appreciate if if you could please change the subscription mode to WordPress email subscription as listed on the sidebar under “Email Subscription“.

Click on the “Sign me up!” button for further action. You can post comments as well.


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